Is our vote really safe? Part-2

Posted: 10/29/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Just the other day a posted a somewhat lengthy article concerning the voting machines used in this country to count our votes, namely the Diebold machines. I have since read an article in the New York Times concerning the Sequoia voting machines used by about 17 states and the District of Columbia, Sequoia is a subsidiary of Smartmatic, which is in Venezuela, the country alone makes ones ears seem to perk up doesn't it?
Sequoia and smartmatic have so far denied that the government of Venezuela has nothing to do with the company aside from contracting it for electoral processes. But reading further into this article, we find that seven months before the a Venezuelan financing agency invested some $200,000 dollars into a smaller technology company owned by the same people as smartmatic. In return, the government agency was given a 28 percent stake in the smaller company and a seat on its board, which was occupied by a senior government official who had previously advised Mr. Chávez on elections technology.
In its first three contracts with Venezuela smartmatic made in the neighborhood of $120 million dollars and eventually aacquiredSequoia Voting Systems of Oakland California, right here in the good ole U.S.A., The Times went on to say this and I quote; Government officials familiar with the Smartmatic inquiry said they doubted that even if the Chávez government was some kind of secret partner in the company, it would try to influence elections in the United States.
In Chicago in March Sequoia machines were blamed for delays and so called irregularities and in a hearing the president of smartmatic acknowledged that Smartmatic workers had flown up from Venezuela to help with the vote, it was later blamed on a software component made in Venezuela that transmits the voting results to a central computer.
In other words or in layman's terms you might say they trust the government run by Hugo Chavez,,would you? I would not want Chavez in any form or fashion that even remotely was involved in something as major as voting machines, a spokesman for the Treasury Department would not comment whether a panel was even conducting an investigation, you remember the port deal awhile back that was looked into by this committee, it investigates things concerning national security, it would seem to be that any ties to this government of Hugo Chavez should have major concerns especially when it comes to software concerning the election of individuals in the country of the United States. More reading on Smartmatic;
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