Posted: 10/21/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

In a move to smother the media and keep out of the public eye the mass deaths and destruction going on in Iraq, the prime minister has ordered that medical authorities stop providing the United Nations the Iraq death toll. This occurring after a spike upwards in deaths and wounded individuals, so lets get this straight, here in America the playing down of an unpopular war is helped at least some by not allowing our media to see the dead returned home.
So in Iraq if they you know kinda sweep the killings under the rug no one will know, you see, the more they keep you in the dark that will keep knowledge from you, let is not even think we might get knowledge and start to question what is going on in Iraq and see daily that the process is not working, what do they want to hide? Boy when you start hearing this makes you wonder, what are they trying to cover up?
This war needs more coverage it seems that Vietnam had a lot more coverage than this war, some of the pictures were very graphic coming out of there. It would seem Nixon did not censure the media as much, or maybe we were just more free then? Some of the scenes coming out of Vietnam when we were there showed the destruction of war, we need some of that coming out of Iraq showing the devastation war has on children and families. People need to know how badly this war has become and seeing things totally out of control, Iraq has become nothing more than a killing field and now they want to sweep it under a rug.


  1. Jim Hudson says:

    It's a fact that Bush, Rove, and Company have increased the top secret designation on a huge percentage of government info.

    Currently at least one Republican senator wants CNN to remove all embedded reporters because CNN showed a sniper shooting and hitting one of our soldiers. I'm certain I don't want to see our people die, but I also think it shouldn't be hidden. The answer is to leave and let the Iraqis shoot at each other.

  1. Floyd says:

    Well said Jim, I don't want to see even one more of our troops die, but I also agree it should not be hid from the world, the Iraqis for the most part are shooting each other and us in the process.
    As far as the reporters they have a dangerous job also, but those who choose to go and put out some of what is going on should be commended for that, during this election Republicans are distancing themselves from Iraq and if I were them I would to.
    Iraq is an itch they can't scratch and it seems they can not handle it very well either, it is time to let someone else figure this out and I think the American people have realized this.
    It would seem they need more troops to maintain control of the situation, but they will not admit it, I don't think America would stand for a draft? So they have to make do and tell Joe Public everything is alright and then pray he believes it.

  1. I also agree that the embedded reporters should be withdrawn from Iraq.

    However, I think they should board the same planes as our troops as they leave Iraq forever.

    They never should have been there to begin with. Removing a tyrannical dictator abroad makes little sense when we keep a tyrannical dictator here at home.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for stopping in Josh, and very great comment I might add, you are right to say we never should have been there, and you are right again to say the reporters should board the same planes as our troops and leave Iraq forever.
    You are also right on the tyrant, all the Congress and administration has been good for is treat us like 'mushrooms,' feed us s*** and keep us in the dark.

  1. Jim says:

    Update: I've since learned that although there were 770 embedded reporters when this Iraq war began, there are now only 9 spread out over 150,000 troops. Maybe it wouldn't be any big deal if CNN reporters were kept out.

  1. Floyd says:

    Judging by the figures I can see your point Jim, 9 left to cover all this killing and mayhem.
    Look at the troop number Jim, those are fighting a fierce insurgency and sectarian violence among the people.
    Thanks for coming by Jim I did not know what the real number was for reporters left there, I knew it was low due to the sparse coverage I have been seeing.