Iraq 'In for the log haul'

Posted: 10/20/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

What used to be a selling point for the radical 'right' to drive their message to the ears of us lowly citizens, has turned into an albatross they can't shake loose. The Iraq War in the previous weeks has basically turned into a killing zone and the deaths of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians has constantly been on the rise, Rove's idea to make a strong point out of a weakness is looking more like Mr. Rove just might have spoken to soon on the issue.
A strong selling point for the 'right' has been the idea that they are the only ones to make us safe and the handling of the war in general has been short of the mark, of convincing voters that this is ringing true and the recent polls suggest that Americans feel the Democrats can handle the Iraq War better than the G.O.P, the regular conservative is not mentioning the war much at all on the stump lately. Except for Cheney when interviewed by Rush said, that the war was going remarkably well, it appears he is totally out of the loop anymore in just what is going on or, he is trying to portray a rosy picture of Iraq, either way it is a rather absurd statement.
The selling point for this war is slipping badly in the mind of the public, because the news coming out concerning the war, frankly is no good at all. October is turning out to be one of the most deadly months since the war began and it looks like the trend will continue, it is not only America the war is becoming more and more unpopular with the Brits and Japan and Australia also is voicing it's concerns when last week a move there to censure the PM failed. I believe right now Cheney may be the only one who thinks everything is peachy-Dori in Iraq, a great majority of Americans are not buying into believing things are really good there now, now that we have been involved in Iraq for a few years we should see something good on the progress we are making there and believe me if progress was being made they would be capitalising on it right now instead of back-tracking.
The media continues to play up the Foley incident as maybe keeping voters away from the polls, I mean it was a scandal of enormous proportions but so was the Jack Abramoff scandal and for the media to keep dragging this issue around is bad also, the priest who molested Foley has of course denied that he ever done that. Either way it don't justify what Foley himself done, Foley has blamed everyone but himself. I think Iraq if I was guessing is number one or close to it on the minds of the voters and they know the currant plan is not working and they also know just how hard headed the higher-ups are at adapting to change and the approval of Congress has basically hit rock bottom and that I think we all can agree on, this Congress has went off in la la land and in my opinion it is out of touch with most people who feel or call themselves conservatives, most conservatives are for smaller government and they see the Congress as simply a rubber stamp, I would venture to say that this is a lot of the reasons you are seeing the kind of poll numbers you are seeing. Read more on Americablog about issues with the Christain conservatives.


  1. Jim says:

    To me it just seems that the people in power now don't care that our soldiers are dying. There's really no escaping that conclusion.I can't imagine any group of so-called leaders doing worse than the Bush Crew.

  1. Floyd says:

    I would say Jim that your thinking is a lot of in tune with others, the majority of the people are not buying the B.S anymore.
    And Jim I can't think of any doing worse either, thanks for coming by and drop in anytime.

  1. Only someone who dwells inside of a cold, isolated crypt like Dick Cheney could say that things were going great over in Iraq and keep a straight face.

  1. Floyd says:

    my thinking exactly Chad, I think what is hurting the most right now is the lies, you have corruption it seems like everywhere but then, the lies start coming.
    I think me and you probably know more of what is happening in Iraq then Dick Cheney, I know sounds funny but look at what he says sometimes. Good to see you again Chad, stop by and see me anytime, one more thing since I'm on Iraq, Bush is supposed to meet with the leading generals of Iraq, to discuss strategy I guess what I am wondering is why this did not happen earlier? This should have been happening on a continuing basis, not just in late October in an election year.
    I am looking at it like a big public relations stunt.