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Posted: 10/24/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Yet another bleak report has come out concerning the Iraq war, the report was drawn on by experts and covers up to April of 2006. The report does not cover the last few months of heated sectarian violence that have erupted in and around Baghdad, the former secretary of state James Baker is actually the chairman of the committee that relays Iraq strategy to the administration.
The policies to deal with the situation appears to be in the long run.
The contents of Baker's report are not due out until after the mid-term elections, but in an interview last week Baker was saying that the panel would more than likely depart from the 'stay the course' methodology. October has turned out to be a most deadly month in the Iraq War as the sectarian violence has escalated more and more, Iraq has more or less became a war within a war, due to the militias of the Sunni and Shiite factions.
Not many have even tried to calculate the affects of the war on Iraq itself, but Colin Rowat has come to some conclusions on the affect it had on the economy, he put the figure at about 40% , an average cost of about $900 per Iraqi and the rough estimate for Americans over a 10 year period is about 1 trillion dollars. the actual debt we have heaped on our children is in the neighborhood of close to $29,000 dollars, this figure is not from just Iraq, this is a figure for our accumulated debt.
A General has came out and said that he may call for more troops in Iraq, in reality it will take many, many more troops in Iraq to turn the tide. The General has went on to say that the priorities are to clear the 'gang thugs' out and then the 'build' phase could take hold, involving, hundreds of millions of dollars for reconstruction. I am to assume these hundreds of millions of dollars is going to come from the sale of Iraqi oil?
Also of note sixty five active troop members to ask Congress to end the war, three of the service members are supposed to have a press conference Wednesday and are said to explain their decision on the issue, these are active military troops. This would be the first time since the invasion that troops have done this.
The appeal to Congress by the active military troops has started to gain some names, they now have over 200 names, and was not publicly launched until Wednesday. What they are saying;
"Staying in Iraq will not work and is not worth the price. It is time for U.S. troops to come home," and that is about as clear as anyone can make it. Another quote from this article puts it this way; "The occupation is perpetuating more violence," he said. "It's costing way too many Iraqi civilian and American service member lives while it brings us no benefit."
These are not just us bloggers these are personnel active in the war itself saying these things, they have been over there and assessed the situation for themselves and I for one am glad that they have the courage to call this mess for what it is. It is good to hear an assessment of what is really going on in this struggle from fighting men and women in the war zone, here is a link to their page on the web and their message; Appeal for Redress..


  1. Tumerica says:

    Like your blog, Floyd. Thanks for linking to my blog on BlogLinker. By the way--weird coincidence, maybe--but I saw on your PhotoBucket a pic of an obscure restaurant I know--It's called "Spirits of the River." It's on Swannanoa River Road, right across from Bi-Lo. They offer alligator and other unusual repasts. In Asheville, my home town. Do we know each other? Weird, huh?

    I'll bookmark your blog and come back to visit. Thanks again,


  1. Floyd says:

    You are absolutely right on Spirits of the River in Asheville, the other photo's are Biltmore estate and looking glass falls, I have lot's of photo's only put some in this stream.
    When I ate at the restaurant I had the Buffalo burger these photo's are in the Asheville area, I was wondering who would know about this restaurant.

    I want to go back soon this was a great vacation, I ran out of film I did not get to take one of Mingo Falls, or Chimney Rock, come back and stop by anytime.

  1. Jim says:

    I fear for our people when al Sadr's militia is able to take over a whole town.

  1. Floyd says:

    Yep I heard that one Jim, took over the whole town. It is getting worse and worse when over there and now the active duty military is trying to get Congress to listen.

    The media as usual is trying to sweep under the rug the going on of a lot of happenings over there, if we don't get a lot of folks in the House and Senate to bring this under control I am afraid it can only get worse.

    The only agenda the 'right' has managed to drum up is a failed plan, and destruction of the middle-class the erosion of our middle-class life style and torture and lies, sounds like folks we want running our government.