Haunted By Corruption

Posted: 10/03/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

It is turning out that the Foley scandal could compound worries for the G.O.P. Foley could be only the tip of the iceberg with a cover-up looming on the horizon. There is an article I found today that is interesting to say the least, it is coming out of the Washington Post and relays that some social Republicans have even called for Dennis J. Hastert to resign. What is also of interest here is that the majority leader John A. Boehner said the replacement candidate that is to take Foley's place in Florida was more or less doomed because voters who wanted to vote for him because of ballot procedures in Florida, would have to vote for Foley, who is going to hold their nose and do that? Meanwhile for Virginia senator who was a shoe in has turned into a dead heat.
Ronnie Reagan's former Navy Secretary Jim Webb has turned up the heat on the Republican incumbent George Allen or Allen turned up the heat on himself concerning mainly a racist slur made by him and former class-mates saying he used the "N" word a lot just isn't helping him out much either. This Congress is nothing new to scandal that has been happening for a long time now, that and the fact they sold out the middle-class, what I truly believe is this maybe they should try a different strategy go back to the old days when you could hear'em preaching out loud about standing for smaller government and less spending.
I mean it worked when they were the minority it just could work again, you have to have a good slogan if you don't have a good slogan well you're about done. You know the Bible says you are known for your works and boy do we know them good now how about this big slap in the face to Medicare, Medicaid among others to finance the failure of this wild spend free Congress. who looks at our tax money like an endless well springing water into eternity, so has anything been learned from this mess? No, I don't believe things will change if our vote does not change things it will simply go back to business as usual. And that is taking from the middle-class and poor of this nation and every one who is trying to make a living and paying for the reckless spending that has occurred under this congress, from what I have read the past few days Foley could even incur some jail time for his actions with pages, but the apple don't fall far from the tree and you can bet there is a cover-up in the wind. Getting back to the Florida race, on the situation room last night Foley's replacement got some free air time, you could have guessed that. The polls yesterday showed close Senate races in three pivotal states that include Montana, Ohio, and Tennessee. So the main-stream media will continue its spin on these issues as election day draws near, newsflash,,scandals do matter to us.


  1. the goddess works in mysterious ways

  1. Floyd says:

    Yep. Hopefully this November we can get rid of some of these dead beats.

  1. Jim says:

    Speaking of polls, Floyd, today Newsweek has Dubya at 33% ! The polls are getting closer to my opinion, perhaps 32% too high still.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hi Jim, thanks doe the info. They are getting closer to my opinion also.
    You know what is funny Jim is this 32 or 33 percent agree with him, I think some people will agree with a candidate no matter what they do to them.Those 32 or 33 percentile of people who thinks everything is rosey, must be the ones not watching T.V talk about out-of-the-loop.