The G.O.P 'keeping the faith'

Posted: 10/14/2006 by Floyd in

Adding more fuel to the fire is a book, put out by former White House insider David Kuo, suggests that Karl Rove referred to fundamentalist Christians as "nuts," wow talk about energizing your base. I think that the evangelicals are starting to figure out that they are used merely like a voting block and this book seems to be saying that behind their back they are talked about like dogs.I would say the G.O.P is doing everything it can to keep this out of the main-stream media, if you want to know who Mr. Kuo is I will tell you, Mr. Kuo was the deputy director of the White House office of Faith-Based initiatives and the book he wrote is called 'tempting faith.'
For so long the G.O.P have courted the political right in an effort to hang onto seats that might otherwise be in jeopardy, the religious right has been a good voting block for the G.O.P to continue its reign. It is hard to say whether this book will make any impact on the voting in November, because like I say so far the main-stream media is kinda mousy about talking about it. This book was written by an insider that has been there around the campfire so to speak, a lot might say he is just spouting off and that could be the case, or another scenario is the guy got upset and decided to say what was really going on.
Whether or not the Christian right takes this the wrong way or not it seems to be a long line of trickles that are coming out a little at a time, but a trickle is better than nothing and it is known that since July a lot of evangelicals have left the ranks of the G.O.P but of course there is a strong majority there.
It has also come to my attention that Rep. Christopher Shays, who is in a tough election fight, believes that the Abu Ghraib incident was nothing more than pornography, it was outrageous he admits but it was 'not torture' and goes on to elaborate that it was something of a sex ring going on here, the National Guard troops who were involved in a sex ring and they took pictures of soldiers who were naked.