G.O.P Hastert hanging on as dead weight

Posted: 10/06/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

This Foley scandal is taking over the main-stream media and I will not bore you with specifics, after this post. Hastert came out swinging again and blaming everyone from Bill Clinton to ABC news on this scandal of disgraced Representative Mark Foley, it is the same old same old and like I said in earlier posts, that dog won't hunt. Dennis Hastert has now become an Albatross around the neck of the G.O.P and it is a heavy one to say the least.
The Christians are weakening on this and I would not blame them, what is going on in this circus now is hurting the Republicans and it is doing that by one of the main thorn in the side Mr. Hastert. The circus has become almost laughable at this point especially the speech today blaming the media and Bill? O.K we know you did it Bill so just come clean, this statement is absurd to say the least. A lot of the Baptists out there and other evangelicals are just not on board of supporting Hastert and the blaming of everyone but the kitchen sink sure don't improve relations, this is cutting into the base of their party and they don't even see it coming.
An article out of the USA Today said thousands protest nationwide on issues concerning the Iraq War, global warming and others, it seems America wants change as well they should as big a hit the middle-class has taken these past few years. So at least this is some news other than the Foley scandal witch dominates prime time.
But it seems everyday mistakes are made constantly and one of the biggest seems this Foley issue, and the swirling controversy surrounding the Speaker, but everyone out in blog-land has seen the news enough it is on 24/7 on this issue and does not look like it is letting up anytime soon, one day you watch and Hastert is being eaten alive and the next day he is veered as a saint and I was just wondering are they going to pick one or the other they (G.O.P) can't have both either ask Hastert to step down or throw the dice, personally I hope they keep the 'ole boy' dag nabit, it would make me feel even better. A lot of Republicans are distancing themselves from Mr. Hastert and in one debate in Indiana Foley's name really ever came up, and Hostettler the incoming Rebublican seemed to be distancing himself from the speaker also, he is in a very close race and fighting for survival himself, he is getting a run for his money against Democratic challenger Brad Ellsworth who is county sheriff.
So now we come back again to what the G.O.P is going to do about Hastert? Well it looks like the the dead weight will continue to be on the back of the G.O.P, because as usual it looks like a decision will not be reached, that is a big surprise isn't it.


  1. them fuckers have no shame...

  1. Floyd says:

    Everyone seems to be distancing themselves from Hastert, it seems they were all putting the ball in his court now they go the other way, the G.O.P has become a party of flip-floppers.

  1. Jim says:

    The Republicans are behaving in a way designed to make them lose even more seats in the upcoming elections. They blame each other, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, the young pages...

    The best outcome for those of the Democrat persuasion would be if none of the scandalous steps down. Then we can always have them to point to.

  1. Floyd says:

    You are right Jim but I believe behind closed doors they want Hastert out. But Dennis won't go easily he will keep on keeping on, and that as you say works to the advantage of the Democrats.
    This coming out and trying to blame everyone else does not work with America anymore, it is starting to get old, the fact of the matter it really shows weakness.