Get into Halloween

Posted: 10/01/2006 by Floyd in

Firefox users there is a new theme for the browser out now, well I have had this one for a while and it is quite popular. This is a Halloween theme that is 5 stars all the way and thought I would just blog about it a little, all my stuff works well with this theme and it seems a little quicker than a lot of the themes I use, so if you are not in the 27,000 plus that has downloaded this go over to the fox and check it out you won't be disappointed. Link to; Halloween Theme by Firefox.


  1. i have to shut it down and then back on for it to come up? duh!

  1. Floyd says:

    When you get there just click down-load and after that, in your theme menu you have to click on the theme and just click "use theme" at the bottom then close browser and restart. It is a neat theme for Halloween, there have been a lot of downloads to it and I have used it and have not found any problems so far.