From Rush to Racism

Posted: 10/26/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Rush has made it back in the news by attacking a disabled person namely Michael J. Fox, it really just shows the immoral of the far 'right' while preaching morality to us they embrace the down grading of individuals with disease, right now Rush and Bill O'righty is running neck and neck for the idiot of the year. I don't know why they do not put their talent together and run for Congress, sounds like a mighty good ticket to beef up the base with, and Rush you know the old saying don't throw stones if you live in a glass house and Rush definitely lives in one of those. As the winding down begins in this mess that is Washington you will have every rat in the sewer coming out on the attack, why is that we may ask? The answer is simple my friends they want to hold on to power and continue the stagnation in Congress and that is why they are showing their true colors, each and everyone of us knows that Fox has had this disease a long time and for Rush to say something of this sort only proves the desperation and despair the neo-cons have attained, but a lot of main-stream conservatives are not buying into this, they have better morals than this I would believe, most being Christians, these neo-cons in affect have destroyed conservatism in their ignorant views. Well we can't leave out the Sociocons who want everyone of us to go their way and if we don't then we are labeled non-American, it's either their way or the highway they have a supreme insight into how things should be and we either back them up or else we get the label, these are the ones bent on taking away women's rights, against divorce, or homosexual rights to name a few and like I say during the drawing close on their power grip they will pull out every dirty trick in the book.
Another good example came out from the Corker campaign in Tennessee and this one has tom-tom's in the back-ground. There was an earlier ad that Corker was using that showed a Bimbo in it and relating to Harold Ford Jr. I think everything has been done that can be done in this race for Bill Frist's seat and the 'right' has lived up to it's bigot views very well, but really they do need control of this seat due to the Frist stagnation and for some reason the 'right' continues on it's quest to put the average American in the gutter, while the rich reap the benefits of our labor. This would also be a good example of the race issue involved in this campaign down in Tennessee, this race is a close one folks and the G.O.P will use all the power it can muster to dissuade the voter's from choosing someone to get rid of the stagnation of the Senate, on CNN Corker said that he wanted the ad pulled concerning the Bimbo but Harold quickly pointed out that the head of the agency who put the ad up rides around on the campaign trail with Corker and I might ad that the ad is supposed to be pulled but one that is worse is supposed to take it's place, it has something to do with abortion pills, I have not seen this one therefore I can't give an assessment on it, from what I have heard it concerns the abortion pill and children surely they would not run an ad like this?


  1. Brad says:

    Bush stormed into office on a ploy of "uniter not a divider," but all he's done since taking office is divide: blacks and whites, "with us or against us," gays and straights, on down the line. That's the only way they can win, and they're pretty good at it.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for stopping by Brad, yep that was Bush's motto alright and they really got our goat when they came up with the 'contract for America' plan,a little earlier to wrest power, that one really snow-jobbed a lot of people.

    You know Brad I believe the left would have done better, to come out and stand with them toe to toe and present their case. But it seems the main-stream media is to absorbed with the scandals of the 'right' to worry about it, I mean any plan is better than none at all. And it is obvious to the average American when the Repugs gained power nothing got done, so really the average American knows that nothing got done with the Repugs in power, so really nothing they say should mean anything.

    The 'right' are dividers I would agree, we need only look and read and watch to see how the race card is played in these elections, America I think is starting to wise up to the ones in power and see them for what they are. But like you say that is the only way they can win, that's for sure, they can't win on their record.

  1. Jim says:

    Bush has united all terrorists and most world opinion against us.

    I was thinking Harold Ford could show how plain stupid the jungle drums commercial is by producing his own commercial about Corker. When Bob Corker's name is mentioned, he could have the sound of a jew's harp rise up in the background. Bob Corker - boing-be-boing-boing. This would show how imbecilic this kind of thing truly is.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey there Jim, in my scouting around Corker has gained about a percentage point in his racist card, this one is going to be a toss-up and I hold hope that Ford will pull it out, these guys after all the mud are still neck and neck, if you could get everyone to the polls this would not even be a contest.

    I am curious to hear the new ad I don't know if it is out yet? I am going to watch the local T.V tonight just to see if it is, I think it is something about abortion pills and children I have just heard sketches of it so I don't know, but put it this way, I would not put anything past the neo-cons who want to hold this power, you know they like to keep women bare-foot and pregnant.

    The PM of Iraq knows that what is being said about an exit strategy in Iraq is just politics, he actually came out and called them on it, so I guess if folks want to keep the war going on just vote Republican. And if they want another plan to get out of this mess then, vote Democratic.