The 'Frist' District

Posted: 10/06/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Harold Ford Jr. A conservative Democrat in Tennessee has now closed the gap on Bob Corker, a Middle Tennessee State University survey released Tuesday, showed 43% for Corker and 42% for Ford the poll was conducted on Sept 19-30 with a sampling error of 4 percentage points. Ford and Corker are vying for the seat now held by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, 16% of the voters were undecided. More about Harold Ford Jr.
A poll released today from Gallatin News shows Ford with an edge, 50% for Ford and 45% for Corker, on the governer side the poll shows Democratic Phil Bredesen with a commanding lead holding 66%, with Republican challenger Jim Bryson holding 26%. In the Senate race Corker has raised Millions of dollars more than Ford, although Ford is making this an issue of change and is doing rather well beating back the money Juggernaut of Corker.
I have harped on this subject time and again, money is most helpful in campaigns but you must have the numbers to go with that and I think America is getting most tired with this do nothing congress and the rubber-stamp that goes with them. Ford and Corker will hold a debate on Oct 7Th and on the 10Th and on the 28Th, back in September when Ford was visiting the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) he even signed the petition to debate Corker, anytime and any place that Corker wanted. In Memphis Tenn. on the 7Th. C-Span is to broadcast the debate, which is to take place at the WREG television studio in Memphis, 7-8 p.m.EST.
Ford which has gained a lot more momentum going into this debate should be able to hold his own very well, I have heard his speeches and he is a very good communicator in relating his thoughts and pointing out the differences between him and his opponent. Frist will be retiring his post and is thought maybe Even to have inclinations of running for President in 2008, but with Frist's voting record in the Senate the last thing we need is another 'Frist' occupying that seat. I wish Harold Ford Jr. the best of luck in this election.


  1. i hope your debate went better than ours...judas fucking can 4 people be so damn stupid...they had been on about 15 minutes of the alloted hour and i was screaming at the tv set...'you dumb fucks..i wouldn't vote for you for dog catcher of west, motherfucking texas....oh man..i was so embarrased that anyone of of these dipshits was going to be running my was tweedle dum and the 3 stooges...fuckity fuck fuck fuck

  1. Floyd says:

    I did not watch the debate, but am glad that Frist is retiring. I know both of them would be toeing the line because this is a conservative district, however, I think that Ford would cast more moderate votes than Corker, with Corker you would just have another Bush drone.
    I can't believe he is even in the race there, but he is leading, it is conservative there big-time, but the last thing we need in Washington is another drone.

  1. fc says:

    Top of the day to ya... surfin' BlogMad first time since the 50 credits for all thingy and yours is the first blog I recognize... grin...

    Keep up the good work...

    - fc ( fatcat politics )

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey thank you Cat it is sure nice to hear from you again, and I will try and keep up the work there is enough scandals out there to keep a person busy for a long time.