Foley Scandal, Who else knew?

Posted: 10/04/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

An article in NPR where the question is becoming more about who else knew of Foley, the rep. of Florida and circulation is becoming more fruitful as now it seems that the speaker Dennis Hastert knows more than he is saying? John Boehner of Ohio explained that he was aware of the concerns with Foley and that he passed this information on to Hastert, listen to the audio.
If it was a concern to Boehner who is the majority leader at this time and him mentioning this to the speaker, then it would lead me to believe that Hastert should have acted in some way to take care of the problem? Mr. Bush has came out to defend Hastert and seems to be vouching for his character, however what Foley has done is broken the trust of the people that elected him. It has also come out that the page program should be desolved, it has been around since Daniel Webster in the 1800's.
From what I got from Boehner the matter of the e-mails that he told Hastert about was to have been resolved, Foley was also involved in programs relating to minors there is even one photo circulating with him beside of John Walsh. Instead of concentrating on the upcoming election Republicans are trying to contain the Mark Foley issue and trying to distance themselves as far from him as possible, but this scandal continues to be a thorn in the side of the G.O.P based upon the principles they stand on, in other words this Foley scandal is immoral, and this cuts to the heart of the base of the G.O.P, Hastert came out swinging on October 2nd, implying that none knew of these e-mails that Foley sent to pages. Whether Dennis Hastert knew all of the e-mails or some of them, he should have acted on the information that was relayed to him, if under-age kids are involved here he should have checked further into this and I don't think that staunch conservatives are going to be pleased with the scandal especially involving underage minors, that are sent to Washington in a belief that the environment there is safe, and the ones who come out in support for Hastert may regret it come November.
CNN has just put up a story that a former congressional aide has stated that Dennis Hastert's office was alerted to Foley as far back as 2004, that is two years ago it seems everyday a little more information trickles in. It looks as though people seem to know more than they are saying namely the speaker of the house.
Republican Ron Lewis has said that he has cancelled a fundraiser featuring House Speaker Dennis Hastert, this coming from Louisville, Ky. This continues to show that Republicans are distancing themselves from Hastert and it is concerning really the time-line as to which Hastert found out about the problem concerning Rep. Foley and the capital hill pages. Lewis told the A.P that he was taking the speaker for his word, but until this is cleared up Lewis said he wanted to know the facts. I think the G.O.P will be taking a very close look at Hastert and what he knew of the whole Foley incident and Foley himself will more than likely face charges.


  1. read earlier that as far back as 2003 they were told by some page about him...just makes me he says he's a drunk and he's gay..neither of which has anything to do with being a pedophile..

  1. have been really blogging great stuff here...Really shocking eh??? ( or maybe not)

  1. Floyd says:

    yellowdog granny, yep they knew and what is so stupid is they continue to suport Hastert when he is hurting the base of the G.O.P, you are right again to say that Foley is blaming everyone but himself, and now the speaker came out today on CNN to blame ABC news and the Democrats, he, he, don't they know that dog won't hunt.

    Thanks enigma, I switched to this blogger beta and it messed my feed up for awhile. I had to go into feedburner and correct the feed, if anyone switches to blogger beta you have to change your feed. If not it won't work, these blogger beta templates are neat you can switch one to the other and it retains what you have in side-bar.

    Thanks for stopping by guys and I am glad that all of us puts out the truth, it is what the media needs more of these days and a little less spin, I mean when the story of Foley broke Tony Snow was basically making a joke of it.