Posted: 10/14/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

An article just came out concerning the British troops in Iraq, the Shiites in Basra apparently want the troops to go home, but, what really caught my eye was that in these words in the article was that it includes of course the Sunni bombings and Shiite on Shiite violence also, according to the article this is for a competition for political control, which leads us to believe that Iraq could be in a Civil War and that is what it is looking more like now than at anytime. Politicians in Basra have said that the presence of British troops along with the U.S and others are no longer desired there.
The government in Basra says it seems capable of running its own affairs, this is in contrast to the central government in Baghdad which wants American and British troops to remain to quell the violence,and train the Iraqi military personnel, while Basra and much of the population itself seems to think that the presence of troops is adding to the unrest.
In another article coming out on CNN saying the United Nations said that over 1.6 million Iraqis have left their homes because of the war and increasing sectarian violence, and Iraqi asylum claims have increased 50% during the first of this year in comparison to last year. The top military commander of Britain clarified somewhat on the remarks he made the other day but stopped short of his statement that the presence of the troops, exasperates the violence in Iraq, by soon he said what was meant was the troops need not stay for years and years.
Gunman attacked a group of Shiite women yesterday that were picking vegetables, killing six adults and two young girls, they also kidnapped two teenagers, this taking place a little south of Baghdad and in a nearby town, police found 14 beheaded bodies, they were thought to be from a group of workers who were kidnapped Thursday on the way to another town, which is mostly Shiite, many residents have fled the area to escape sectarian violence. A U.S soldier was also killed bringing the monthly total to 45.
As we watch the news and read through many of the papers we find that scores and scores of Iraqi citizens have been leaving the country trying to escape the violence that has befallen them, the death squads who roam within the city has no pity on how young or old the victim might be and so the Iraqis either have to live in this day to day existence or leave entirely and leaving are what a lot of them have been doing, one article I read in the Times stated that even picking up garbage was a deadly affair and the worker states that he had to phone his wife on a regular basis just to insure her he was still alive, this being one of the most dangerous jobs in Iraq due to the insurgency hiding bombs in the debris and would kill to keep them hid.
Iraqis are left with little alternative than to leave the country with this kind of violence going on at every turn in the road, the big exodus of Iraqis to the bordering countries and beyond is taking its toll on these also, it is estimated that over a half million Iraqis have fled to Jordan and close to a half million in Syria with thousands more distributed in other countries.