dying daily

Posted: 10/17/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Four days of sectarian violence has killed 91 people in Balad, elsewhere 60 more Iraqis have died in the violence and 16 tortured bodies have been found. 58 of our military have died so far in the month of October, it seems we must change something to quell this violence going on over there, the G.O.P agenda seems to be 'stay the course' which is not working and most Democrats want a timely withdrawal, well at least a timely withdrawal is better than just keep on keeping on if the strategy is not working, even us that are not well educated like the higher elites are know that if a plan don't work it is time to try something new.
Check out this poll in USA Today it is saying that 61% of Iraqis approve attacks on U.S forces and that is up from 47% in January, sounds to me like the Iraqis have been liberated enough and want us to exit the country. This is I will point out in contrast to the central government in Baghdad who want us to stay, apparently they feel the government will topple if we leave. One thing is clear to me if we continue to stay what is a time line or has that ever been discussed? Have we began building any of the infrastructure back in Iraq? CNN put out an article that the 'coalition' has lot 3,000 military personnel we have lost over 2,700 of that number.
The northern oil city of Kirkuk was shut down Sunday after a wave of car bomb attacks, 12 died and 56 wounded one explosion was outside a girls high school killing two students. earlier last week the Sunni militant groups had declared an independent Islamic state inside Iraq stretching as far north as Kirkuk, and yet what seems to be as political upheaval going on in Iraq no one is ready to say that Iraq is in what amounts to civil war. For number one it would seem that the Sunni and Shiite are in a political struggle as well as a religious one?