Cola produces high blood pressure

Posted: 10/01/2006 by Floyd in

A study followed 155,594 women for 12 years and they found this; All the women had normal blood pressure at the start of the study 33,000 developed hypertension during the follow up years. They do not believe it is caused by caffeine, but believe it was caused by to much cola and they found that diet as well as regular had no bearing on the results. So if you want to have a good cup of coffee it does not hurt you like soft drinks do, and now a little story of my own;
I used to myself be a high cola drinker and I am male and this is not a study but rather what did occur to me personally, I drank probably up to five cans a day and when I went for a check-up I was found to have high blood pressure and was put on medication. I took two blood pressure pills per day and did this for a period of two years and at that time I cut back on the soda and was eventually taken off the meds. Now I had high cholesterol also and that I know would be a factor, however, I still do but after cutting back to almost no soda a day my blood pressure went back down.
So judging from this I would think that soft drinks played a big role in upping the blood pressure, later I altered my diet considerable but my blood pressure was already down before I started on that. After reading this article it does not suggest that coffee is much of a problem, you know the wake-up juice. I still drink quite a lot of coffee but it has not caused any problems as of yet like the hypertension thing, but I don't use a lot of it like I did with the soft drinks, and if you have high blood pressure it would not hurt to at least try this to see if it helps any. If you want to read this study here is a link, read more at; Netscape News.


  1. soda is also bad for weomen as it is bad on their bones..dont know why but it is.....

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  1. Floyd says:

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    Cola did play a role in my blood pressure, after I almost quit drinking the stuff it improved a lot.