Britain wanting to pull out of Iraq

Posted: 10/13/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

An Army chief has came out and said that the presence of U.K troops worsens the conditions in Iraq and says they need to get out soon, the chief seems to be suggesting that U.K and American troops was increasing Islamic militants. He is saying in affect that they have out stayed their welcome, the General also criticized the post-invasion planning by the U.S-led coalition.
This 'stay the course' has been preached for some time and none seems to be listening, you can hear tid-bits of news daily on this and frankly these G.O.P's in danger of losing their jobs have stepped up the pressure to no avail.
Britain has lost 119 troops during this war and we have lost over 2,700 and thousands of wounded, it seems no one has got a grip on the figure of the wounded. And now that November is nearing we start hearing the band start to ring in our head, the cold hard fact is I don't believe any of us know how to get out of Iraq or what our goals should be. What probably would get Iraq under control is to throw thousands and thousands of troops there and put them on rotation, but we don't want to hear that and I know I don't, so the other alternative is figure out how you can stabilize a situation that is growing more out of control everyday. It would be a very hard thing to do taking in account that most Iraqis want us out of there.
We have poured so much of our military into Iraq we are stretching now into the breaking point, but it is nearing November so the G.O.P must now put all its efforts into winning this election so we can continue the stagnation process. An article put out in the later part of January stresses the point of the troops that are fighting in Iraq, and are constantly being deployed back to active duty in the war zone.
On the U.S. side it is of note that General Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has came out to say that the strategy in Iraq is under review, which also includes the linchpin of U.S exit strategy and relying on Iraqi forces to take up the fight. This coming after the last few weeks of tough and strenuous fighting in Iraq along with the increased sectarian violence, that seems to becoming a way of life and today it has finally been confirmed that North Korea had indeed tested a nuclear weapon.


  1. Uh, you do understand this "war" will be fought for many, many yearsto come over seas and at home. Soory if not geting instant gratification bothers you, but it's part of the GWOT.

    We should not now, or in the near future even be discussing "getting out" of Iraq. Makes no sense.

  1. Serra says:

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  1. Floyd says:

    When we began this crusade it was basically started because of the WMD'S that were supposed to be stockpiled in Iraq, this has since been proved as simply 'bad intelligence'.
    Poll after poll shows that the Iraqi civilian population want us out as soon as possible, the Sunni/Shia violence in Iraq has got worse not better compounded with a fierce insurgency.
    James A.Baker the Republican co-chairman assessing the Iraq strategy for Mr.Bush that after the November election the group was expected to depart from Mr.Bush 'stay the course' motto Mr. Baker is part of a bipartisan commission that reports on Iraq strategy.
    The cost in lives in Iraq and the wounded which is over 40,000 seems to increase daily, the cost to maintain this capability is staggering to say the least, the G.O.P can only take from so many programs to maintain this war, namely, Medicare, Medicaid and student loans to name a few, the health cost will be skyrocketing for years to come,PSTD runs rampant among the soldiers there.
    The cost to maintain the tanks and other equipment is also going up, due of course to the harsh environment they are subject to, this costs money, America has funds but I don't believe they have an endless supply running deficits up to the endless blue sky.
    I just can't agree with stay the course, but everyone is entitled to his or her beliefs.