The 'Average Joe'

Posted: 10/18/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

This article in the USA TODAY caught my attention and it is something all the working class out there have on their minds and it concerns minimum wage. This article is entitled Dems using hourly wage issue against G.O.P rivals, I sure don't know what would be wrong with this when everyone out there working knows what this means. Well we know the truth and it has set us free, we know how Congress has kept their wage increases while voting against raising ours and we most surely know that it is the Republicans who always do this, a solid majority do.
After the Clinton administration got our FMLA and wage increases the so called majority took power and left us hung out to dry, while big business and cooperate greed took up the so called tax cuts they so hold dear and the middle and lower class is left to pay most of the taxes and of course get less of the benefits, here is a good article written back in 2004 about taxes and how that giving you and me a tax break would promote growth and we all know that if we have extra money then we buy things such as necessities that we need and thereby helping the economy.
It is getting harder and harder for working average Americans to get by and if you happen to get injured on the job, well, you are in big trouble Mr., Because then you are living on Social Security and at or close to the poverty level. So getting back to the article from USA TODAY do you and I believe it is a very good issue to take on the Republican money machine? Well if you are the average American you can bet it is, the minimum wage is your bread and butter, you or your wife could work in the fast food industry or even just common labor, but you can bet if you are among these categories it would mean a great deal to you.
If you are unable to work due to an injury or illness you can bet that all of you are affected by this squeeze, and one step from the poverty line, I think Social Security gets about 20 or 30 dollars a year and you can't buy much food for that, pay your utilities and medicine you need and doctor bills, I believe what would help all Americans is to get educated on the tax system and kinda you know, figure out what you get on all these so called tax breaks which some tout are geared toward us. During the minimum wage voting a slight scare was in some of the incumbents but they came through on it anyway, and what did the average American get? These are the same ones that mess you over and ask for your vote in November, I would use bad language but have never used that here as to what I think of them and their pay raise, a lot of states are doing Congress job of raising it themselves and read this article in Arizona where Congressman are out there trying to convince the people 'not to give themselves a raise' can you believe this? How they in Washington reaping benefits of Congressional wage increases while trying to discourage the average American from doing so, simply unbelievable.
View here the Senate rich folks who oppose the minimum wage, they have millions but to vote to raise the average joe's minimum wage, just ain't gonna work. People should think when they go vote just what these guys stand for, two of my favorites are on this list Bill Frist & the idiot Mitch a Senator from Kentucky, well guys this is just how oh Mitch feels about you.