Kerry served his country

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Well the Repugs are trying to grab hold of something while the power continues clearly to be in a state of decline, trying to align themselves with middle America and painting candidates as mean old liberals. Since it is Halloween I will link you to Fox News they have a beautiful photo of one of my favorite people, Happy Halloween, uh, you can take off the mask now Tony.
The later attack mode seems to be John Kerry who was making a joke and got carried away with the phrasing of it, dang don't you just hate that when it happens to the dear leader. Anyway the bottom line is this;

John Kerry served his country in battle he never camped out and hid in Alabama, and if John meant to phrase it that way he was also speaking to himself. And like John has already said to the conservative media, he will not apologize to Bush or his administration, or the stuffed suit Tony Snow. I am a veteran myself and don't believe John had any intention of demeaning us as veteran's or us who are fighting in Iraq, because like I said he would be attacking himself by doing so, not only us but himself.

But he did touch on a good talking point and that is the Bush administration owes us an apology, for basically going into a country without any back-up plan for getting out of the mess. For the last hour this has been bombarded on the conservative media, blah, blah, blah. The fact of the matter is the radical right does not know how to get out of Iraq and the fact is the only way they will be able to control this country is to throw another 2 to 3 hundred thousand troops in there or more.

Everyone involved in this mess knows we need thousands more troops on the ground to bring this civil war and sectarian violence under control, I'm about as dumb as they come and even I can figure this out. I wonder how many of these war supporters would gladly take their draft card and go to Iraq?

Scuffle in Virginia

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Linking to Crooks and Liars, it seems a blogger Mike Stark was attacked by the camp of George Allen, when he tried to ask him some tough questions. You can not ask people things when it is apparent they do not know the answer, CNN is calling Webb ahead by about it looks like 3 percentage points a "dead heat' according to CNN but with the same spread going to Corker in Tennessee they call him ahead,,normal fair and balanced.
CNN is reporting at this moment that Stark was a protester, go over to crooks and liars and download the video yourself. There are only about a week left in this thing and the power could be slipping away from this radical right, but you don't only have to best your opponent, you have to beat back the media also. Allen is trailing Webb by about 5 points, everyone knows the Congress and Senate they just listen and keep their rubber-stamps warm.

The ' Know it alls, but do nothings '

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A deadly month for our soldiers in Iraq as the reported death toll has past the century mark, to rest now at 101 deaths in October. The sectarian violence and death squads roaming Baghdad have put the civilian toll in the thousands and remember a lot of those are not reported the figures of the actual Iraqi deaths are got from different places in the region, and also within this link above you will find that 370,000 weapons or about $133 million dollars worth, can not be properly accounted for, everything from assault rifles to rocket-propelled grenade launchers.
Looking back in the month of October;

  • Bush signs torture bill

  • Bush signs Martial Law bill

  • The truth will set you free

  • Stop talking about leaving Iraq

  • It's the Terrorist's fault we're losing this election

  • I don't live in a glass house

  • My house is as clean as the pure driven snow

  • I am not leaving, it is the Democrats fault anyway

  • What about the North Korea thing, uh, let's just blame it on the other guy
  • An eastern Kentucky Marine was killed in Iraq last Wednesday, he was 22 years old and according to another article had only been deployed for 26 days, a former coal miner turned warier leaves behind a 20 month old daughter and wife. Lance Cpl. Jonathan B. Thornberry also leave his parents and one brother to grieve his passing. Remember Jonathan's family as you do all those in Iraq who are still there and all the grieving family's whose son or daughter did not come home.
    Earlier this month a deserter who lost faith in the war returned from Canada to Fort Knox, you don't see to many stories in the news about these, but this guy won a purple heart after being wounded by a roadside bomb in 2004. I tell you what really made me think and really become quite irate was this guy who had never been to Iraq, stand there and try to judge someone they know nothing about.
    My father and his brother also were both in World War-2 and I have never heard him nor his brother for that matter start to judge or criticize someone without knowing that person. I don't believe anyone wants us to lose this war and frankly, there is a civil war going on in Iraq and we are caught in the middle of it, right in the middle of the blood-letting.
    Actually coming up with a plan to deal with the situation, that is another matter entirely and this really is an election where Congress have defined themselves, we can't blame Bill Clinton or the Democrats for the simple truth is, it rests with this Congress who has the majority at this time and this Congress time and again has proven itself to be a rubber-stamp, they had the ability due to a break-down of the numbers to veto or stagnate anything they choose to, the cold hard fact is, simply, they did not.

    The law you don't hear about

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    Public Law 109-364 or the "John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007" (H.R.5122) (2) which was signed by the commander and chief on October 17, 2006, in a private oval office ceremony, allows the President to declare a "public emergency" and station troops anywhere in America and take control of state-based National Guard units without the consent of the governor or local authorities in order to "suppress public disorder."
    According to this article this was signed the same day the torture bill was signed but apparently did not get that much publicity, I can see why the hail of publicity was cut short on this very important swipe of the pen.
    Military cracks down on would be bloggers, after all this time they have to check with commanders before publishing posts, if you are going to hide Iraq from the public eye might as well start with the military and work your way down to us lowly peasants.

    The public law 109-364 was passed by Congress on September 29, 2006 with 96% of Republicans in favor of it and 83% of Democrats against it, Arlen Specter warned it would "take our civilization back 900 years," then of course he voted for it.
    It is very strange also that the lid has been kept on this thing for so long, and none seems to be in any great concern, but come next month what we need is a good big broom and some bleach and a few Brillo-pads and do some fall cleaning.

    Is our vote really safe? Part-2

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    Just the other day a posted a somewhat lengthy article concerning the voting machines used in this country to count our votes, namely the Diebold machines. I have since read an article in the New York Times concerning the Sequoia voting machines used by about 17 states and the District of Columbia, Sequoia is a subsidiary of Smartmatic, which is in Venezuela, the country alone makes ones ears seem to perk up doesn't it?
    Sequoia and smartmatic have so far denied that the government of Venezuela has nothing to do with the company aside from contracting it for electoral processes. But reading further into this article, we find that seven months before the a Venezuelan financing agency invested some $200,000 dollars into a smaller technology company owned by the same people as smartmatic. In return, the government agency was given a 28 percent stake in the smaller company and a seat on its board, which was occupied by a senior government official who had previously advised Mr. Chávez on elections technology.
    In its first three contracts with Venezuela smartmatic made in the neighborhood of $120 million dollars and eventually aacquiredSequoia Voting Systems of Oakland California, right here in the good ole U.S.A., The Times went on to say this and I quote; Government officials familiar with the Smartmatic inquiry said they doubted that even if the Chávez government was some kind of secret partner in the company, it would try to influence elections in the United States.
    In Chicago in March Sequoia machines were blamed for delays and so called irregularities and in a hearing the president of smartmatic acknowledged that Smartmatic workers had flown up from Venezuela to help with the vote, it was later blamed on a software component made in Venezuela that transmits the voting results to a central computer.
    In other words or in layman's terms you might say they trust the government run by Hugo Chavez,,would you? I would not want Chavez in any form or fashion that even remotely was involved in something as major as voting machines, a spokesman for the Treasury Department would not comment whether a panel was even conducting an investigation, you remember the port deal awhile back that was looked into by this committee, it investigates things concerning national security, it would seem to be that any ties to this government of Hugo Chavez should have major concerns especially when it comes to software concerning the election of individuals in the country of the United States. More reading on Smartmatic;
    Read more about the Chicago election; Hugo Chavez & Smartmatic
    When did this come about; Sequoia & Smartmatic
    Some background information; Smartmatic's sorted past

    Battle in Virginia

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    One big critic of the war Jim Webb former secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan, touted incompetence in Iraq had undercut the fight against terrorism, as he gave the weekly radio address for the Democrats. Jim's son Jimmy, a marine, is on active duty in Iraq.
    The mud-slinging continues in this race as Allen the opponent of Webb through in some sexually elicit passages from his novels that he had written, to which Allen claims is demeaning to women, he is referring to "novels" written by Webb which describes his war years in 'Nam.'
    However Allen does like big business;

    • Voted NO on repealing tax subsidy for companies which move US jobs offshore. (Mar 2005)
    • Voted YES on reforming bankruptcy to include means-testing & restrictions. (Mar 2005)
    • Voted YES on restricting rules on personal bankruptcy. (Jul 2001)
    • Rated 100% by the US COC, indicating a pro-business voting record. (Dec 2003)
    Allen also voted against giving the troops more body armor on vote #376 October 2, 2003 of course he stayed with the Republican majority on the issue, Allen does not have a good record with minorities even before the racial slur materialized and was one of those who voted against the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday and against holding companies to hiring minorities.
    however I have not yet seen nor browsed through the book written by Allen's sister who alleged Allen to be, basically a bully. Webb countered with this statement concerning his books being brought up in the campaign; At a rally Saturday in Annandale, Va., Webb did address the topic. "I have written about what I have seen and that is the duty of a writer," Webb said. "Maybe George Allen doesn't understand that because I'm told George Allen doesn't read books."
    In this race for the Virginia Senate Allen's number's dropped severely when he used a racial slur when referring to a person at one of his speeches after the use of the slur word the race has tightened to practically a dead heat and it is looking like this one is going down to the wire and the mud-slinging is likely to continue, after all you don't expect Allen to talk issues, especially when so many plans have been talked and lamented about, that never have seemed to develop.
    It seems Lynne Cheney has a book of her own in the closet called 'sisters' and apparently the novel features a lesbian love affair and heads up, if you have this book it could be worth right now in the neighborhood of 700/1000 dollars. Do I believe she is that good of a writer? No, people just want to see whats inside, I mean, don't throw stones if you live in glass houses.

    Is our vote really safe?

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    Ever wonder about your vote and if it is safe, found an article printed back in September of this year that will make you think about just that. Researchers at Princeton made a video of how you can hack a Diebold machine in under one minute, a lot of talk has been circulating on how safe one's vote really is and it kind of makes you wonder, and as the election draws ever nearer we start to wonder even more when the facts are presented.
    Election fraud has been with us down through the ages and today we are more inclined to check a little further into it, intimidation was once used but the buying of elections are much more prevalent these days, buying votes have been alleged in several elections and Kentucky is up toward the top in these. Another article relating to Kentucky is this one concerning a voter ID law, which means you show your ID and then proceed to vote. This would also help in knowing who you are and to ensure that each individual only votes once, this is good but it does not address to what happens to our vote after we cast it and after reading a lot of articles on the issue, I am concerned now more than ever.
    Here is a good article on how our votes on election night are counted through a private company, and after reading the article you will have more knowledge on just how such a system operates, you may be surprised, this system concerns me very much. The Washington Post has put out an article concerning the Diebold software, apparently it could have been stolen? It looks like this has taken place in Maryland, scientists are speculating that a virus could be written in the software that could manipulate election results, I don't know if they found the software I have not done a follow up on this, but it leaves one to wonder even more about voting, this supposedly was picked up by the wrong person and no one seems to know who that was?
    Problems abounding with these machines do tend to make us wonder how safe our vote really is, but right now it is all we have. But after reading time and again we see that much improvement needs to be done upon the currant system, here is another link to open the machine's with a Hotel Mini bar key, you sure can find lot's of things if you look around and I am sure there are more out there these are only examples of the broken system.
    I saw on CNN today apparently the people who so called test these machines set and fielded answers to questions alongside the company who built them, they are trying hard to keep it all under wraps but little by little we start to get an in-sight into what could go wrong and just how safe our vote really is. Don't let this discourage you because as I said before it is our only means of having a say in anything, all I am saying is if we can improve on it then it must be done. An interview with a working lady today caught my eye on CNN, and by the way she is not voting, she is concerned about health care and the economy and the war in Iraq, we can not do any complaining if we do not vote and like I said as of now that is our only recourse.
    For those of you who want to learn a little more HBO is going to run a documentary on the subject on November 2Nd at 9 p.m. Apparently these machines are counting about 80% of our votes cast, yes a walloping 80%, it should prove most interesting. Diebold software and software like it are installed in thousands of counties across 32 states, Diebold's old claim that the memory card could not be faked has been proven wrong In Florida, Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho has proved by accessing a memory card prior to the election, the results would be skewed and an election in other words would go the other way, makes one wonder if Diebold has been proven a liar what else have they lied about?
    There is yet another story concerning Maryland and the voting machines, I like the question posed in this article asking the state's elections administrator if her computer ever froze up, her answer was no, when asked if it had ever froze up again the answer, no. This is the same state missing the software in an earlier article. This in my opinion is a company that wants to push it's product and ignore any flaws in the system hoping they will go away, the cheapest way to go would be the paper ballet and that way you always have the paper trail to follow, plus it would be a bargain for the states in the process. In closing I can't leave in the dark the absentee ballot and how a scheme turned out to be one of the biggest election frauds in the recent state history of good old Virginia, you have got to read this one.

    From Rush to Racism

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    Rush has made it back in the news by attacking a disabled person namely Michael J. Fox, it really just shows the immoral of the far 'right' while preaching morality to us they embrace the down grading of individuals with disease, right now Rush and Bill O'righty is running neck and neck for the idiot of the year. I don't know why they do not put their talent together and run for Congress, sounds like a mighty good ticket to beef up the base with, and Rush you know the old saying don't throw stones if you live in a glass house and Rush definitely lives in one of those. As the winding down begins in this mess that is Washington you will have every rat in the sewer coming out on the attack, why is that we may ask? The answer is simple my friends they want to hold on to power and continue the stagnation in Congress and that is why they are showing their true colors, each and everyone of us knows that Fox has had this disease a long time and for Rush to say something of this sort only proves the desperation and despair the neo-cons have attained, but a lot of main-stream conservatives are not buying into this, they have better morals than this I would believe, most being Christians, these neo-cons in affect have destroyed conservatism in their ignorant views. Well we can't leave out the Sociocons who want everyone of us to go their way and if we don't then we are labeled non-American, it's either their way or the highway they have a supreme insight into how things should be and we either back them up or else we get the label, these are the ones bent on taking away women's rights, against divorce, or homosexual rights to name a few and like I say during the drawing close on their power grip they will pull out every dirty trick in the book.
    Another good example came out from the Corker campaign in Tennessee and this one has tom-tom's in the back-ground. There was an earlier ad that Corker was using that showed a Bimbo in it and relating to Harold Ford Jr. I think everything has been done that can be done in this race for Bill Frist's seat and the 'right' has lived up to it's bigot views very well, but really they do need control of this seat due to the Frist stagnation and for some reason the 'right' continues on it's quest to put the average American in the gutter, while the rich reap the benefits of our labor. This would also be a good example of the race issue involved in this campaign down in Tennessee, this race is a close one folks and the G.O.P will use all the power it can muster to dissuade the voter's from choosing someone to get rid of the stagnation of the Senate, on CNN Corker said that he wanted the ad pulled concerning the Bimbo but Harold quickly pointed out that the head of the agency who put the ad up rides around on the campaign trail with Corker and I might ad that the ad is supposed to be pulled but one that is worse is supposed to take it's place, it has something to do with abortion pills, I have not seen this one therefore I can't give an assessment on it, from what I have heard it concerns the abortion pill and children surely they would not run an ad like this?

    In perspective

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    Yet another bleak report has come out concerning the Iraq war, the report was drawn on by experts and covers up to April of 2006. The report does not cover the last few months of heated sectarian violence that have erupted in and around Baghdad, the former secretary of state James Baker is actually the chairman of the committee that relays Iraq strategy to the administration.
    The policies to deal with the situation appears to be in the long run.
    The contents of Baker's report are not due out until after the mid-term elections, but in an interview last week Baker was saying that the panel would more than likely depart from the 'stay the course' methodology. October has turned out to be a most deadly month in the Iraq War as the sectarian violence has escalated more and more, Iraq has more or less became a war within a war, due to the militias of the Sunni and Shiite factions.
    Not many have even tried to calculate the affects of the war on Iraq itself, but Colin Rowat has come to some conclusions on the affect it had on the economy, he put the figure at about 40% , an average cost of about $900 per Iraqi and the rough estimate for Americans over a 10 year period is about 1 trillion dollars. the actual debt we have heaped on our children is in the neighborhood of close to $29,000 dollars, this figure is not from just Iraq, this is a figure for our accumulated debt.
    A General has came out and said that he may call for more troops in Iraq, in reality it will take many, many more troops in Iraq to turn the tide. The General has went on to say that the priorities are to clear the 'gang thugs' out and then the 'build' phase could take hold, involving, hundreds of millions of dollars for reconstruction. I am to assume these hundreds of millions of dollars is going to come from the sale of Iraqi oil?
    Also of note sixty five active troop members to ask Congress to end the war, three of the service members are supposed to have a press conference Wednesday and are said to explain their decision on the issue, these are active military troops. This would be the first time since the invasion that troops have done this.
    The appeal to Congress by the active military troops has started to gain some names, they now have over 200 names, and was not publicly launched until Wednesday. What they are saying;
    "Staying in Iraq will not work and is not worth the price. It is time for U.S. troops to come home," and that is about as clear as anyone can make it. Another quote from this article puts it this way; "The occupation is perpetuating more violence," he said. "It's costing way too many Iraqi civilian and American service member lives while it brings us no benefit."
    These are not just us bloggers these are personnel active in the war itself saying these things, they have been over there and assessed the situation for themselves and I for one am glad that they have the courage to call this mess for what it is. It is good to hear an assessment of what is really going on in this struggle from fighting men and women in the war zone, here is a link to their page on the web and their message; Appeal for Redress..

    Scare tactics

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    Just like in a good basketball game, uh, like Kentucky 'used' to be, full court press and that is what it is shaping up to be going into this election. In the Senate as lot of these 'do nothings' try to hold on to their seats we must remember as the article in the post points out, don't forget tricky Dick he can cast the tie-breaker vote.

    The new Ad by the G.O.P is one featuring Bin Laden and bombs, heck it worked in 04 why not now. It has got some 'free' time on the media Fox and also CNN, heck if one thing don't work let's try to instruct fear in Joe Public and that is exactly what is going on here and friends they have come down to their last ace in the hole on this one, if you can't win on your record and what you have accomplished since you were in office, I don't see how inducing fear in the public can help any? But it did work before and besides they can't run on their record.
    The other day when I first saw this, or the other morning rather, I said to myself; not back down this road again, but when cold hard reality set in I thought for a moment I was back in '04 but realized I was watching more scare tactics in '06.


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    In a move to smother the media and keep out of the public eye the mass deaths and destruction going on in Iraq, the prime minister has ordered that medical authorities stop providing the United Nations the Iraq death toll. This occurring after a spike upwards in deaths and wounded individuals, so lets get this straight, here in America the playing down of an unpopular war is helped at least some by not allowing our media to see the dead returned home.
    So in Iraq if they you know kinda sweep the killings under the rug no one will know, you see, the more they keep you in the dark that will keep knowledge from you, let is not even think we might get knowledge and start to question what is going on in Iraq and see daily that the process is not working, what do they want to hide? Boy when you start hearing this makes you wonder, what are they trying to cover up?
    This war needs more coverage it seems that Vietnam had a lot more coverage than this war, some of the pictures were very graphic coming out of there. It would seem Nixon did not censure the media as much, or maybe we were just more free then? Some of the scenes coming out of Vietnam when we were there showed the destruction of war, we need some of that coming out of Iraq showing the devastation war has on children and families. People need to know how badly this war has become and seeing things totally out of control, Iraq has become nothing more than a killing field and now they want to sweep it under a rug.

    Tabloid 'rag mag'

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    Found this over at BuzzFlash and it would seem that the tabloid's are really smokin, of course you know it is just a mag rag, the latest is on the cover of the National Examiner it is the week of the 23rd edition.
    BuzzFlash also has a kind of new service out that works a little like digg, and it is called BuzzFlashbuzz and it is where the people actually vote on the stories submitted to migrate them to the front page. These sites work really well if they have a wide audience base to submit a variety of articles and it gives us a chance to kind of play reporter for a while, hey guys enjoy your day and I know a lot of you ladies out there buy these kinds of magazines you can't deny it.

    Iraq 'In for the log haul'

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    What used to be a selling point for the radical 'right' to drive their message to the ears of us lowly citizens, has turned into an albatross they can't shake loose. The Iraq War in the previous weeks has basically turned into a killing zone and the deaths of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians has constantly been on the rise, Rove's idea to make a strong point out of a weakness is looking more like Mr. Rove just might have spoken to soon on the issue.
    A strong selling point for the 'right' has been the idea that they are the only ones to make us safe and the handling of the war in general has been short of the mark, of convincing voters that this is ringing true and the recent polls suggest that Americans feel the Democrats can handle the Iraq War better than the G.O.P, the regular conservative is not mentioning the war much at all on the stump lately. Except for Cheney when interviewed by Rush said, that the war was going remarkably well, it appears he is totally out of the loop anymore in just what is going on or, he is trying to portray a rosy picture of Iraq, either way it is a rather absurd statement.
    The selling point for this war is slipping badly in the mind of the public, because the news coming out concerning the war, frankly is no good at all. October is turning out to be one of the most deadly months since the war began and it looks like the trend will continue, it is not only America the war is becoming more and more unpopular with the Brits and Japan and Australia also is voicing it's concerns when last week a move there to censure the PM failed. I believe right now Cheney may be the only one who thinks everything is peachy-Dori in Iraq, a great majority of Americans are not buying into believing things are really good there now, now that we have been involved in Iraq for a few years we should see something good on the progress we are making there and believe me if progress was being made they would be capitalising on it right now instead of back-tracking.
    The media continues to play up the Foley incident as maybe keeping voters away from the polls, I mean it was a scandal of enormous proportions but so was the Jack Abramoff scandal and for the media to keep dragging this issue around is bad also, the priest who molested Foley has of course denied that he ever done that. Either way it don't justify what Foley himself done, Foley has blamed everyone but himself. I think Iraq if I was guessing is number one or close to it on the minds of the voters and they know the currant plan is not working and they also know just how hard headed the higher-ups are at adapting to change and the approval of Congress has basically hit rock bottom and that I think we all can agree on, this Congress has went off in la la land and in my opinion it is out of touch with most people who feel or call themselves conservatives, most conservatives are for smaller government and they see the Congress as simply a rubber stamp, I would venture to say that this is a lot of the reasons you are seeing the kind of poll numbers you are seeing. Read more on Americablog about issues with the Christain conservatives.

    Rowdy in Vegas

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    Story coming out of the Las Vegas Sun, apparently a woman 'alleges' that the man who is vying for governor of Nevada Republican candidate Jim Gibbons of assaulting her, since she has though withdrew the complaint, apparently this took place after Gibbons and associates had eaten dinner at a restaurant. Apparently a call to 911 was also placed reporting the incident, there seems to be a witness who describes Gibbons, but upon showing photos she is unsure?
    When looking at the evidence it seems that the two were known to be in the restaurant and that the woman left first and then Mr. Gibbons, results seem to be sketchy concerning the assault of the woman by the would be governor. Whatever that did transpire out of this, some good advice, if you are running for public office try to be civilized. But in these election times something like this is just a bump in the road.
    More info. on this one is supposed to be released shortly the 911 tapes are supposed to be released and other information, sounds like good reading though, sounds like also that they just want it to go away so they can continue their campaign and convince the folks in Nevada that Jim is the man for the job, a take charge man.

    The 'Average Joe'

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    This article in the USA TODAY caught my attention and it is something all the working class out there have on their minds and it concerns minimum wage. This article is entitled Dems using hourly wage issue against G.O.P rivals, I sure don't know what would be wrong with this when everyone out there working knows what this means. Well we know the truth and it has set us free, we know how Congress has kept their wage increases while voting against raising ours and we most surely know that it is the Republicans who always do this, a solid majority do.
    After the Clinton administration got our FMLA and wage increases the so called majority took power and left us hung out to dry, while big business and cooperate greed took up the so called tax cuts they so hold dear and the middle and lower class is left to pay most of the taxes and of course get less of the benefits, here is a good article written back in 2004 about taxes and how that giving you and me a tax break would promote growth and we all know that if we have extra money then we buy things such as necessities that we need and thereby helping the economy.
    It is getting harder and harder for working average Americans to get by and if you happen to get injured on the job, well, you are in big trouble Mr., Because then you are living on Social Security and at or close to the poverty level. So getting back to the article from USA TODAY do you and I believe it is a very good issue to take on the Republican money machine? Well if you are the average American you can bet it is, the minimum wage is your bread and butter, you or your wife could work in the fast food industry or even just common labor, but you can bet if you are among these categories it would mean a great deal to you.
    If you are unable to work due to an injury or illness you can bet that all of you are affected by this squeeze, and one step from the poverty line, I think Social Security gets about 20 or 30 dollars a year and you can't buy much food for that, pay your utilities and medicine you need and doctor bills, I believe what would help all Americans is to get educated on the tax system and kinda you know, figure out what you get on all these so called tax breaks which some tout are geared toward us. During the minimum wage voting a slight scare was in some of the incumbents but they came through on it anyway, and what did the average American get? These are the same ones that mess you over and ask for your vote in November, I would use bad language but have never used that here as to what I think of them and their pay raise, a lot of states are doing Congress job of raising it themselves and read this article in Arizona where Congressman are out there trying to convince the people 'not to give themselves a raise' can you believe this? How they in Washington reaping benefits of Congressional wage increases while trying to discourage the average American from doing so, simply unbelievable.
    View here the Senate rich folks who oppose the minimum wage, they have millions but to vote to raise the average joe's minimum wage, just ain't gonna work. People should think when they go vote just what these guys stand for, two of my favorites are on this list Bill Frist & the idiot Mitch a Senator from Kentucky, well guys this is just how oh Mitch feels about you.

    dying daily

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    Four days of sectarian violence has killed 91 people in Balad, elsewhere 60 more Iraqis have died in the violence and 16 tortured bodies have been found. 58 of our military have died so far in the month of October, it seems we must change something to quell this violence going on over there, the G.O.P agenda seems to be 'stay the course' which is not working and most Democrats want a timely withdrawal, well at least a timely withdrawal is better than just keep on keeping on if the strategy is not working, even us that are not well educated like the higher elites are know that if a plan don't work it is time to try something new.
    Check out this poll in USA Today it is saying that 61% of Iraqis approve attacks on U.S forces and that is up from 47% in January, sounds to me like the Iraqis have been liberated enough and want us to exit the country. This is I will point out in contrast to the central government in Baghdad who want us to stay, apparently they feel the government will topple if we leave. One thing is clear to me if we continue to stay what is a time line or has that ever been discussed? Have we began building any of the infrastructure back in Iraq? CNN put out an article that the 'coalition' has lot 3,000 military personnel we have lost over 2,700 of that number.
    The northern oil city of Kirkuk was shut down Sunday after a wave of car bomb attacks, 12 died and 56 wounded one explosion was outside a girls high school killing two students. earlier last week the Sunni militant groups had declared an independent Islamic state inside Iraq stretching as far north as Kirkuk, and yet what seems to be as political upheaval going on in Iraq no one is ready to say that Iraq is in what amounts to civil war. For number one it would seem that the Sunni and Shiite are in a political struggle as well as a religious one?

    'Stay the course'

    Posted: 10/16/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

    Bush depending on another Republican controlled House and Senate, ensured the Iraqi prime minister not to pay attention to rumors and that he has no intention of bringing American troops out of Iraq. This has always been the position of the administration and it don't seem to be changing anytime soon, back in August a Republican Senator Hagel stated that "we are getting more bogged down in Iraq." Hagel mentioned the billion dollars a week being pumped into the war in Iraq, basically said the longer we stay the worse it will get and Mr. Hagel was right, you don't hear me agreeing with to much of the 'right' on anything but Hagel said this back in August and not a few weeks before the election.
    The other B.S you hear ongoing from time to time is nothing more than politics and folks trying to hold onto their jobs, like drones, they hear no evil, speak no evil and do no evil. These are the spineless ones afraid to stand up and question something that is plainly not working, blindly signing anything put before them. The Iraqi violence has been increasing steadily this past year and is not letting up, but we continue to be stuck in stay the course mode, fifty some odd troops have died so far in this month alone and the Iraqi on Iraqi violence has increased about twofold or as the main-stream media refers to it as sectarian violence.
    In a poll taken by CNN of support for the war approx. 34% approve while 64% disapprove, but long ago they have said that polls mean nothing, in other words, it really don't matter what we think the elite blindly trudge on. As Cocky as all this seems it might be stating that we have not the heart to go vote in November to make a change, not voting would be the worse thing we could do it is high time we send a clear message and that message is a vote.

    Time to change course

    Posted: by Floyd in Labels:

    The war is also translating to politics here at home as it moves in toward the top of the list on American minds, the debate in Minnesota hinged on the war and from the poll it seems that the Democrat has an edge of 55% vs 34% margin. The G.O.P has basically wrote off some of these elections and is concentrating its efforts in states that it 'might' have a chance of winning. The Republicans do seem to be sticking to support of their candidates, and trying to hold together the base of the party. Hanging on to Hastert probably was not a good idea for them and the new book that has came out lately entitled 'Tempting Faith' is not helping either, it is talking basically about the elite strategists of the party and their feeling toward the evangelicals.
    So the new strategy is to poor the endless supply of big corporate money into states that they have a chance of winning, maybe it will pay off? But this comes down to more than money, it comes down to if we continue on or if we change the course, do we keep the rubber-stampers in the pockets of corporate greed, or do we change?
    Maybe if the current Congress who has a Republican majority would have concentrated more on tax cuts for the middle-class and less on giving all the money to the wealthy 2% in this country, they just might have done a little better while asking us for our vote, as it stands now the rubber-stamp could be confiscated from the halls of the Senate and Congress. Maybe a good lame duck is what Washington needs to bring some of this unbridled spending back in check and lesson the burden of the middle-class to pick up the tab for every mistake made.
    I guess this election is going to be decided if we want to continue down the road we are on, or get on another direction, and we will ask ourselves if everything will work itself out or will we change and try to get a handle on this reckless spending and a course in Iraq that at this time seems not to be working.

    South Dakota, abortion ban?

    Posted: 10/15/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

    South Dakota is getting poised for a vote to virtually ban all abortions, and people on both sides are coming out to voice their opinion on the matter. Since I am Male and not Female it does not seem right to even voice an opinion on the matter 'yea or nae' and yet that is what is happening in South Dakota right now, since the radical shift to the 'right' of the Supreme Court, this has been taking place in many states around the country. Well in my proposal and I think it would work just grand in the abortion issue, let's just let the women vote on the issue. It should not be that hard to call a special election in which state this is becoming an issue and vote.
    This is the state getting into the business of what women should or should not do with their own body, I think on the other hand women are capable of handling what they and their body wants to do just fine and in almost every instance these extremists look around and find women that have regrets after they have went through with the abortion, and now they believe they have some kind of right or obligation to enforce their beliefs on others. What is going to take place is some states will allow abortion while others will not, you may say well, what if they ban it everywhere, does this sound rational? If they banned it everywhere then the women that would opt for an abortion would get it done under unsanitary conditions, does this seem logical? The law passed some 30 odd years ago took women out of the dark ages and gave them a choice, it in other words is an option given to them to exercise if they feel fit and these past few years the Supreme Court has been stacked up against women, that is basically what it comes down to.
    I am in no way saying that abortion is right or ethical it is simply the choice the woman makes on her own behalf, and after they get abortion off the table as an issue will we then be talking about banning birth control medication and other things we might not exactly agree with? It has been about 30 some odd years since abortion was made legal, in February of this year Kentucky jumped on the bandwagon of the ban abortion train.
    In this debate you would also run into cases where a woman's life could be in danger if we are going to encroach on women's rights then we should adopt some kind of guidelines to go by, like in cases concerning rape or incest, that leads me back to where I started lets let women decide on what they want to do and from there if they make it illegal then fine and if they don't that would also be fine, I guess I am pro-freedom and believe a woman is far intelligent enough to make her own decisions, and I am not ashamed to say I have met quite a few with far more intelligence than I have or ever hope to have. I will link you to this poll to show that most agree on keeping at least some of the women's rights, it seems that most of us Americans think we might let you have an abortion under,,hmm,,certain terms.

    The G.O.P 'keeping the faith'

    Posted: 10/14/2006 by Floyd in

    Adding more fuel to the fire is a book, put out by former White House insider David Kuo, suggests that Karl Rove referred to fundamentalist Christians as "nuts," wow talk about energizing your base. I think that the evangelicals are starting to figure out that they are used merely like a voting block and this book seems to be saying that behind their back they are talked about like dogs.I would say the G.O.P is doing everything it can to keep this out of the main-stream media, if you want to know who Mr. Kuo is I will tell you, Mr. Kuo was the deputy director of the White House office of Faith-Based initiatives and the book he wrote is called 'tempting faith.'
    For so long the G.O.P have courted the political right in an effort to hang onto seats that might otherwise be in jeopardy, the religious right has been a good voting block for the G.O.P to continue its reign. It is hard to say whether this book will make any impact on the voting in November, because like I say so far the main-stream media is kinda mousy about talking about it. This book was written by an insider that has been there around the campfire so to speak, a lot might say he is just spouting off and that could be the case, or another scenario is the guy got upset and decided to say what was really going on.
    Whether or not the Christian right takes this the wrong way or not it seems to be a long line of trickles that are coming out a little at a time, but a trickle is better than nothing and it is known that since July a lot of evangelicals have left the ranks of the G.O.P but of course there is a strong majority there.
    It has also come to my attention that Rep. Christopher Shays, who is in a tough election fight, believes that the Abu Ghraib incident was nothing more than pornography, it was outrageous he admits but it was 'not torture' and goes on to elaborate that it was something of a sex ring going on here, the National Guard troops who were involved in a sex ring and they took pictures of soldiers who were naked.


    Posted: by Floyd in Labels:

    An article just came out concerning the British troops in Iraq, the Shiites in Basra apparently want the troops to go home, but, what really caught my eye was that in these words in the article was that it includes of course the Sunni bombings and Shiite on Shiite violence also, according to the article this is for a competition for political control, which leads us to believe that Iraq could be in a Civil War and that is what it is looking more like now than at anytime. Politicians in Basra have said that the presence of British troops along with the U.S and others are no longer desired there.
    The government in Basra says it seems capable of running its own affairs, this is in contrast to the central government in Baghdad which wants American and British troops to remain to quell the violence,and train the Iraqi military personnel, while Basra and much of the population itself seems to think that the presence of troops is adding to the unrest.
    In another article coming out on CNN saying the United Nations said that over 1.6 million Iraqis have left their homes because of the war and increasing sectarian violence, and Iraqi asylum claims have increased 50% during the first of this year in comparison to last year. The top military commander of Britain clarified somewhat on the remarks he made the other day but stopped short of his statement that the presence of the troops, exasperates the violence in Iraq, by soon he said what was meant was the troops need not stay for years and years.
    Gunman attacked a group of Shiite women yesterday that were picking vegetables, killing six adults and two young girls, they also kidnapped two teenagers, this taking place a little south of Baghdad and in a nearby town, police found 14 beheaded bodies, they were thought to be from a group of workers who were kidnapped Thursday on the way to another town, which is mostly Shiite, many residents have fled the area to escape sectarian violence. A U.S soldier was also killed bringing the monthly total to 45.
    As we watch the news and read through many of the papers we find that scores and scores of Iraqi citizens have been leaving the country trying to escape the violence that has befallen them, the death squads who roam within the city has no pity on how young or old the victim might be and so the Iraqis either have to live in this day to day existence or leave entirely and leaving are what a lot of them have been doing, one article I read in the Times stated that even picking up garbage was a deadly affair and the worker states that he had to phone his wife on a regular basis just to insure her he was still alive, this being one of the most dangerous jobs in Iraq due to the insurgency hiding bombs in the debris and would kill to keep them hid.
    Iraqis are left with little alternative than to leave the country with this kind of violence going on at every turn in the road, the big exodus of Iraqis to the bordering countries and beyond is taking its toll on these also, it is estimated that over a half million Iraqis have fled to Jordan and close to a half million in Syria with thousands more distributed in other countries.

    Britain wanting to pull out of Iraq

    Posted: 10/13/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

    An Army chief has came out and said that the presence of U.K troops worsens the conditions in Iraq and says they need to get out soon, the chief seems to be suggesting that U.K and American troops was increasing Islamic militants. He is saying in affect that they have out stayed their welcome, the General also criticized the post-invasion planning by the U.S-led coalition.
    This 'stay the course' has been preached for some time and none seems to be listening, you can hear tid-bits of news daily on this and frankly these G.O.P's in danger of losing their jobs have stepped up the pressure to no avail.
    Britain has lost 119 troops during this war and we have lost over 2,700 and thousands of wounded, it seems no one has got a grip on the figure of the wounded. And now that November is nearing we start hearing the band start to ring in our head, the cold hard fact is I don't believe any of us know how to get out of Iraq or what our goals should be. What probably would get Iraq under control is to throw thousands and thousands of troops there and put them on rotation, but we don't want to hear that and I know I don't, so the other alternative is figure out how you can stabilize a situation that is growing more out of control everyday. It would be a very hard thing to do taking in account that most Iraqis want us out of there.
    We have poured so much of our military into Iraq we are stretching now into the breaking point, but it is nearing November so the G.O.P must now put all its efforts into winning this election so we can continue the stagnation process. An article put out in the later part of January stresses the point of the troops that are fighting in Iraq, and are constantly being deployed back to active duty in the war zone.
    On the U.S. side it is of note that General Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has came out to say that the strategy in Iraq is under review, which also includes the linchpin of U.S exit strategy and relying on Iraqi forces to take up the fight. This coming after the last few weeks of tough and strenuous fighting in Iraq along with the increased sectarian violence, that seems to becoming a way of life and today it has finally been confirmed that North Korea had indeed tested a nuclear weapon.

    Stopping by 'Big Orange Country'

    Posted: by Floyd in Labels:

    The first lady paid a visit to Knoxville and raised $505,000 dollars in a $1,000-per-plate-dinner for Bob Corker who is locked into a tough race for Bill Frist's Senate seat, a lot of money is being pored into the campaign of Corker and the heat is on, I guess if you can't win an election you might as well buy one. How about something else from the Sentinel on this race for the Senate, it would seem that a G.O.P mailer had racial overtones? Oh say it ain't so. A baptist ethics leader came out against this racist play, but what gets me is every time they come out with this racist innuendos they then come out to justify the means. Link to the G.O.P mailer and you will see what I mean, this is not merely crying wolf.
    What happened was they darkened and distorted a picture of Harold Ford Jr. who is also running for Frist's seat and then they come out and say it is baseless to make an issue of this, when it would seem to me that they made an issue of it when they made the ad. Harold Ford Jr. has ran a moderate Democrat campaign and had very much success, it must be nice to be able to do anything you want to an individual and not get others in America who are able to think for themselves not call you out on it. Bob Corker would make the G.O.P another good sheep in Washington just as his predecessor Bill Frist was.
    The Frist District
    Can't hide from truth

    Sectarian Violence in Iraq

    Posted: 10/12/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

    Back in February Iraq went to the polls to vote, however the Sunni's boycotted the election and in the Sunni strongholds most did not vote and the Shia parties won big. The U.S. state department touted the election as a positive accomplishment, however, the Sunni's didn't see it this way and things started going South and within a week or so one of the holy shrines of the Shiites was bombed and the Sunni political leaders said that 20 of their mosque's were bombed in retaliation, from these we can see how the violence has escalated to the degree we see today.
    The sectarian violence continues to be a major problem within Iraq and a report I just found has a number of Iraqis killed as a result of the ongoing war, it is putting the deaths at a staggering 665,000. Of course the timing so close to the November elections has one expert to call it "politics" and are already out to debunk the study. The lead author of the study has said that deaths are occurring more than three times that before the invasion. The Iraq body count puts the total at 44 to 49 thousand, but, they are obtaining their information from the media and are quick to point out that the media could overlook a lot if not most of the deaths. most of the studies that have been done or are yet ongoing such as the Health Ministry and the United Nations rely heavily upon places such as the Baghdad morgue, and in the previous post we found out that some of the dead are not even being gotten out of the Tigris River, so this study would be skewed also.
    Mutilated bodies that also show signs of torture are turning up in Baghdad as sectarian death squads roam the city, in recent months thousands have fell prey to the squads and the Shiite controlled interior ministry has been blamed for allowing the death squads to travel freely within the city. According to news reports the Sunni and Shiites have been in a blood-letting since the bombing of a Shiite Muslim shrine in February. Estimates by Iraqi officials and the United Nations says that about 100 Iraqis die every day, and remember also that this is an estimate by the officials and the United Nations and we have read that most of their information is taken from the Baghdad morgue, the number is probably much higher than this. The Australian has also put out that skeleton remains have been found in the Tigris River, some beheaded, this links also closely to the previous post 'the war zone' were a local said that there were so many bodies to get out that they just leave them.
    Back in September Reuters put out an article stating that a quarter million Iraqis had fled sectarian violence and registered as refugees in the past seven months, I would venture to say that going into October that number has risen quite a lot. We can see from these tid-bits of news coming out of Iraq that sectarian violence has been steady on the increase and the tortured remains are bearing this out. The Los Angeles Times has put out a story concerning the violence and that in July the sectarian violence claimed 3,500 deaths (could be higher) the highest monthly toll since the invasion in 2003, that is a landmark in itself. A lot of the politicians have toyed with the assumption that Iraq is not in a civil war and the news media using the term 'sectarian violence' or violence between different sects of one religion, Civil War being parties within the same culture or society fighting for political control of an area. These terms of course defined loosely and whether or not they have chosen to define Iraq as being in a civil war, we see a sharper increase in violence among these sects.
    CNN has put out an article that headlines; U.N. official: Iraq revenge killing 'out of control,' it also calls attention to the torture being found among the dead and it also points out the growing number of sectarian militias and death squads. The U.N. Assistance Mission said the civilians killed in Iraq in July and August were at 6,599, one official of the United Nations said that 'torture' may be more widespread now than it was under Saddam's regime. Here at home with our election nearing in November the politicians have been encouraged to talk about local issues instead of mentioning Iraq or any of the major issues and dance around the issue that Iraq could actually be in a civil war. Whether Iraq can be defined as being in civil war remains at this point debatable, but what can not be denied is the sharp rise of the sectarian violence in Iraq and the dead and mutilated bodies being found. Here also is an article I found from the editor of Islam for Today which wrote this article concerning the Sunni/Shia split in Islam.
    Why are we there?
    Keeping you in the dark.

    The war zone

    Posted: 10/10/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

    Since January of 2005 the Tigris River has yielded up 339 bodies and out of this number only 91 of them has been identified, since the start of Ramadan the violence has escalated to much harsher degrees, a fisherman told ABC News that he used to find about 10 bodies a day floating down by Baghdad and he used to get them out but now there are so many they just leave them, otherwise there would be no time for fishing he said. At one point work was halted at a nearby water filtering plant due to 2 corpse's stuck in the pipeline.
    In the last few weeks the violence has risen sharply in the region as more of our soldiers are killed and wounded, and added to this, somehow the Taliban in Afghanistan has risen from the dead to inflict havoc once again. You remember the Taliban who where in their last throes in 2005. Well somehow they have new life once again the one's who were no longer in existence in 2004, what? 2004? Well anyway somehow they have regained life. In September Cheney said he would not change anything WMD's or not and maintained that the U.S led invasion was right,
    hence the 'stay the course' theory, since the war began we have took over 2,700 casualties and now that the American people want some kind of exit strategy, or at least some good news on accomplishments in Iraq we are now labeled 'cut and run' versus the label 'stay the course' these are what they look like, labels, but let us look at the big picture the lives of men and women who have died and been wounded and are still dying who stands up for them? We have been in Iraq a few years now that don't look like 'cut and run' to me, will the Iraqis be able to maybe take over soon on these duties of governing themselves? In the news media the past week or so alone we have read about murders, torture, and suicide bombings among other things and judging from this it would seem Iraq is in deterioration mode. Some columnists have fiddled with the notion of Civil War in Iraq and from the information coming out in the press it would seem that Iraq is experiencing that now, the killings between Sunni and Shiites that have been going on, and with more frequency as the days go by is painting a bleak picture for Iraq.
    So how do Iraqis feel about our presence in their country? Well they want us to go home, or the majority of them do one article written back in January states this; "We don't have to be terrorists to be against the Americans," Al-Janabi explains. "It's just representing how Iraqis feel." A poll put out by the Washington Post in September of this year says that 3 quarters of people in Baghdad want 'all' foreign forces out of the country, 65% want it to be immediate and 71% want it within the year and that is pretty impressive numbers I would say, so we are faced with a solid majority of citizens of Iraq who want us to leave the country altogether. And with this scenario a lot of think-tankers are suggesting that if we leave, then the country would collapse and become a breading ground for terrorism, but if we stay we are in a problem dealing with a majority who want us to vacate as soon as yesterday. With these kinds of numbers against you while also fighting an insurgency it would cut one's success rate very low and would be a most difficult problem to accomplish little if anything.
    James A. Baker said yesterday that he expected the group to depart from Mr. Bush's 'stay the course' approach after the November elections, Mr. Baker is the Republican co-chairman of a bipartisan commission assessing Iraq strategy for Mr. Bush. He also said the group believes there are alternatives other than 'stay the course' and 'cut and run.' This article also leads one to believe that Mr. Baker might be trying to put some distance between himself and the White House. In this interview he flirts with the idea that people want some real change, but the article back in March hardly sees it the way Mr. Baker is implying, one is led by the article back in March that we could be in Iraq for the long haul.
    An article in the Washington Post came out today talking about the concept of the 'Axis of Evil' compromising Iraq, Iran and North Korea, so today we can see that Iran is still enriching uranium and Iraq is one big mess and North Korea, well, they just tested a nuclear weapon. Some Republicans toyed with the idea that North Korea would get the Foley fiasco out of the lime light but Democrats however see it as another failure, it might get Foley on the back burner but now it turns up the heat on global matters and how they are being dealt with around the world of foreign policy.

    North Korea Tests Nukes

    Posted: 10/09/2006 by Floyd in

    A story over at CNN is saying that the U.N Security Council has put off a response to North Korea's threat of going forward with their nuclear test until Wednesday, it seems the leaders are divided namely the United States, France and China on how the latest threat can be handled best. Other Asian countries have urged North Korea not to go through with this test, and that a nuclear test is clearly unacceptable. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice issued a statement calling the announcement "a very provocative act."
    This statement seems to me to be a mirror image of a statement issued by the Secretary in June of this year, prior to the launch when the missiles fell into the Sea of Japan? So in light of this I am to assume North Korea will do whatever it wants, South Korea on the other hand is very concerned about the nuclear test, China urges restraint being a long time ally of North Korea. A North Korea expert in China said that only removal of American economic sanctions could persuade the country from carrying out the test.
    Adding to all this tension, Saturday shots were fired along the South Korean border, it does seem innocent enough on face value the ones who were involved in the incident, supposedly were simply going fishing in a nearby stream and according to the article only one of the North Koreans were armed and they did not return fire.
    It still looks as though none can agree on what steps to take if and when North Korea decides to test a nuclear weapon, according to this article Seoul has adopted the feeling that America's "tough line" and crack-down has invited this North Korea reaction, and the muttering that a North Korea test is not that big of a deal. North Korea's two top trade partner's are China and South Korea. Breaking news just now from CNN stating North Korea has indeed tested a nuclear weapon, late Sunday in Washington, the military believed the report to be true but was unable to confirm it. According to reports there is no radiation leakage from the site, sounds reassuring.
    Here is also a story just came out in USA TODAY about the nuke test and as of yet it has not been confirmed I would say the confirmation will come about later today, one of the things North Korea has been pushing for a long time is direct talks with the United States and this is something the U.S will not do aside from the six-nation talks which have stalled. It is believed that North Korea has a potential to make anywhere from 4 to a dozen nuclear bombs.

    House Probe

    Posted: 10/08/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

    This caught my eye in the A.P and you will soon figure why that is, yep you guessed it Foley will be judged by his 'peers' and one of them which is on the committee seems to know Mr. Hastert well. Her name is Judy Biggert R-Ill, Hastert's leadership political committee gave her $6,000 in 2002 and his reelection committee gave her $1000 more and her district adjoins Hatert's.
    She says this closeness to her will not be problematic?
    I know I said I would let this Foley thing rest but it seems everyday something comes out in the news that tells you the probe into who knew what, is becoming more clouded as the days go by. The investigation into this needs to be done by a private agency, in the last week so much slinging here and there has happened that a fresh approach needs to be taken. From what I have been able to get from this several people knew of this but, Hastert happens to be the Speaker so we look at him as well, being the head honcho.
    During this fall-out that went on around this scandal Foley blaming things on his childhood and of course checking himself into rehabilitation for alcohol abuse, it is getting hard to make sense of it anymore. His constituents in the house have in the start put the blame over to the Speaker and now they seem to be rallying around him, how do we make sense of it? As he has said in several interviews vowing to hang onto his seat even if it costs the Republican base, and lets face it people the Christians are not going to go for this kind of scandal, can the Repugs lose these and win? You and I both know the answer to this question and the news spins on.
    So looking at the head lines it seems as though the Foley incident or predator gate as some are saying when referring to the scandal, it seems as it will be in the news for days to come but it is just one of a long list to come out in the past year and after Foley has long left our television sets there will always be another one to grace our airways.
    Caught another tid-bit today the fall-out from this is affecting Rep. Thomas Reynolds a Republican of New York only 32% want Reynolds re-elected while 58% said that it is time for someone new. Reynolds was tied into the Foley scandal, he stated that he had told Hastert, about the e-mails between Foley and house pages. Reynolds also cancelled the debate which was to take place between him and Rahm Emanuel a Rep. of Ill, concerning the Foley issue a spokesman said Reynolds was suffering from flu-like symptoms.

    The 'Frist' District

    Posted: 10/06/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

    Harold Ford Jr. A conservative Democrat in Tennessee has now closed the gap on Bob Corker, a Middle Tennessee State University survey released Tuesday, showed 43% for Corker and 42% for Ford the poll was conducted on Sept 19-30 with a sampling error of 4 percentage points. Ford and Corker are vying for the seat now held by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, 16% of the voters were undecided. More about Harold Ford Jr.
    A poll released today from Gallatin News shows Ford with an edge, 50% for Ford and 45% for Corker, on the governer side the poll shows Democratic Phil Bredesen with a commanding lead holding 66%, with Republican challenger Jim Bryson holding 26%. In the Senate race Corker has raised Millions of dollars more than Ford, although Ford is making this an issue of change and is doing rather well beating back the money Juggernaut of Corker.
    I have harped on this subject time and again, money is most helpful in campaigns but you must have the numbers to go with that and I think America is getting most tired with this do nothing congress and the rubber-stamp that goes with them. Ford and Corker will hold a debate on Oct 7Th and on the 10Th and on the 28Th, back in September when Ford was visiting the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) he even signed the petition to debate Corker, anytime and any place that Corker wanted. In Memphis Tenn. on the 7Th. C-Span is to broadcast the debate, which is to take place at the WREG television studio in Memphis, 7-8 p.m.EST.
    Ford which has gained a lot more momentum going into this debate should be able to hold his own very well, I have heard his speeches and he is a very good communicator in relating his thoughts and pointing out the differences between him and his opponent. Frist will be retiring his post and is thought maybe Even to have inclinations of running for President in 2008, but with Frist's voting record in the Senate the last thing we need is another 'Frist' occupying that seat. I wish Harold Ford Jr. the best of luck in this election.

    G.O.P Hastert hanging on as dead weight

    Posted: by Floyd in Labels:

    This Foley scandal is taking over the main-stream media and I will not bore you with specifics, after this post. Hastert came out swinging again and blaming everyone from Bill Clinton to ABC news on this scandal of disgraced Representative Mark Foley, it is the same old same old and like I said in earlier posts, that dog won't hunt. Dennis Hastert has now become an Albatross around the neck of the G.O.P and it is a heavy one to say the least.
    The Christians are weakening on this and I would not blame them, what is going on in this circus now is hurting the Republicans and it is doing that by one of the main thorn in the side Mr. Hastert. The circus has become almost laughable at this point especially the speech today blaming the media and Bill? O.K we know you did it Bill so just come clean, this statement is absurd to say the least. A lot of the Baptists out there and other evangelicals are just not on board of supporting Hastert and the blaming of everyone but the kitchen sink sure don't improve relations, this is cutting into the base of their party and they don't even see it coming.
    An article out of the USA Today said thousands protest nationwide on issues concerning the Iraq War, global warming and others, it seems America wants change as well they should as big a hit the middle-class has taken these past few years. So at least this is some news other than the Foley scandal witch dominates prime time.
    But it seems everyday mistakes are made constantly and one of the biggest seems this Foley issue, and the swirling controversy surrounding the Speaker, but everyone out in blog-land has seen the news enough it is on 24/7 on this issue and does not look like it is letting up anytime soon, one day you watch and Hastert is being eaten alive and the next day he is veered as a saint and I was just wondering are they going to pick one or the other they (G.O.P) can't have both either ask Hastert to step down or throw the dice, personally I hope they keep the 'ole boy' dag nabit, it would make me feel even better. A lot of Republicans are distancing themselves from Mr. Hastert and in one debate in Indiana Foley's name really ever came up, and Hostettler the incoming Rebublican seemed to be distancing himself from the speaker also, he is in a very close race and fighting for survival himself, he is getting a run for his money against Democratic challenger Brad Ellsworth who is county sheriff.
    So now we come back again to what the G.O.P is going to do about Hastert? Well it looks like the the dead weight will continue to be on the back of the G.O.P, because as usual it looks like a decision will not be reached, that is a big surprise isn't it.

    Under this Congress

    Posted: 10/05/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

    Under this Congress if you are rich you should be happy with all the pork and government tax cuts coming your way, it is a good day to be rich in America. However if you are middle-class or on the poor end of the scale you are so we say in the squeeze of this power grabbing and money hungry Congress a Congress that has done well, not much of anything except cut into programs for the disabled and elderly of this country. In this one article that is in CNN we really don't have to read it the truth is looking us in the face every payday.
    This article concerning the middle-class of this country is putting out some information on shall we say are we better off then we were? If you are then I am glad that someone is, another interesting thing in this article reminds us that gas is lower than the peak of August but 60% higher than January of 2001. The stock market is booming that is for sure but is that helping the back-bone of America, mainly the working families who are finding it harder and more difficult to make the Friday check eek out to the next week.
    The rubber-stamp congress has turned into a do all for the wealthy of this country and the tax cuts they impose shows it, every program for Medicare or Medicaid is at risk and anything and everything is stuck into some of these bills in Congress, for example; Mr. Bill Frist of Tennessee, stuck in something on the Port Security Bill, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act was attached to this bill by Frist, incredible isn't it. The middle-class can not withstand much more of the corporate welfare for big oil and the rubber stamp.
    Mitch McConnell of Kentucky in the league of one of the biggest rubber-stampers out there and one of the biggest friends of the wealthy has had his time in the lime-light, has looked like he voted against giving our troops funding, mainly 47 more billion, but greed won out and Mr. McConnell had to vote with his wallet. This capital gains and dividends is nothing but more corporate welfare, the link above shows just how much Mr. McConnell and the other cronies feel about our troops in the field. And another comment if I may,,I have read a lot of stories being put out by the congress now in charge and that is this; It has been said that Democrats can't be trusted to run congress but the pure fact is this the Republicans have run Congress alright they have run it to the dogs, the first time they ever had a real clear majority and this is what we get. The message my friends is this, they have had their time in the sun and we the middle-class and the working backbone of America is tired of getting burned.

    Foley Scandal, Who else knew?

    Posted: 10/04/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

    An article in NPR where the question is becoming more about who else knew of Foley, the rep. of Florida and circulation is becoming more fruitful as now it seems that the speaker Dennis Hastert knows more than he is saying? John Boehner of Ohio explained that he was aware of the concerns with Foley and that he passed this information on to Hastert, listen to the audio.
    If it was a concern to Boehner who is the majority leader at this time and him mentioning this to the speaker, then it would lead me to believe that Hastert should have acted in some way to take care of the problem? Mr. Bush has came out to defend Hastert and seems to be vouching for his character, however what Foley has done is broken the trust of the people that elected him. It has also come out that the page program should be desolved, it has been around since Daniel Webster in the 1800's.
    From what I got from Boehner the matter of the e-mails that he told Hastert about was to have been resolved, Foley was also involved in programs relating to minors there is even one photo circulating with him beside of John Walsh. Instead of concentrating on the upcoming election Republicans are trying to contain the Mark Foley issue and trying to distance themselves as far from him as possible, but this scandal continues to be a thorn in the side of the G.O.P based upon the principles they stand on, in other words this Foley scandal is immoral, and this cuts to the heart of the base of the G.O.P, Hastert came out swinging on October 2nd, implying that none knew of these e-mails that Foley sent to pages. Whether Dennis Hastert knew all of the e-mails or some of them, he should have acted on the information that was relayed to him, if under-age kids are involved here he should have checked further into this and I don't think that staunch conservatives are going to be pleased with the scandal especially involving underage minors, that are sent to Washington in a belief that the environment there is safe, and the ones who come out in support for Hastert may regret it come November.
    CNN has just put up a story that a former congressional aide has stated that Dennis Hastert's office was alerted to Foley as far back as 2004, that is two years ago it seems everyday a little more information trickles in. It looks as though people seem to know more than they are saying namely the speaker of the house.
    Republican Ron Lewis has said that he has cancelled a fundraiser featuring House Speaker Dennis Hastert, this coming from Louisville, Ky. This continues to show that Republicans are distancing themselves from Hastert and it is concerning really the time-line as to which Hastert found out about the problem concerning Rep. Foley and the capital hill pages. Lewis told the A.P that he was taking the speaker for his word, but until this is cleared up Lewis said he wanted to know the facts. I think the G.O.P will be taking a very close look at Hastert and what he knew of the whole Foley incident and Foley himself will more than likely face charges.

    Haunted By Corruption

    Posted: 10/03/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

    It is turning out that the Foley scandal could compound worries for the G.O.P. Foley could be only the tip of the iceberg with a cover-up looming on the horizon. There is an article I found today that is interesting to say the least, it is coming out of the Washington Post and relays that some social Republicans have even called for Dennis J. Hastert to resign. What is also of interest here is that the majority leader John A. Boehner said the replacement candidate that is to take Foley's place in Florida was more or less doomed because voters who wanted to vote for him because of ballot procedures in Florida, would have to vote for Foley, who is going to hold their nose and do that? Meanwhile for Virginia senator who was a shoe in has turned into a dead heat.
    Ronnie Reagan's former Navy Secretary Jim Webb has turned up the heat on the Republican incumbent George Allen or Allen turned up the heat on himself concerning mainly a racist slur made by him and former class-mates saying he used the "N" word a lot just isn't helping him out much either. This Congress is nothing new to scandal that has been happening for a long time now, that and the fact they sold out the middle-class, what I truly believe is this maybe they should try a different strategy go back to the old days when you could hear'em preaching out loud about standing for smaller government and less spending.
    I mean it worked when they were the minority it just could work again, you have to have a good slogan if you don't have a good slogan well you're about done. You know the Bible says you are known for your works and boy do we know them good now how about this big slap in the face to Medicare, Medicaid among others to finance the failure of this wild spend free Congress. who looks at our tax money like an endless well springing water into eternity, so has anything been learned from this mess? No, I don't believe things will change if our vote does not change things it will simply go back to business as usual. And that is taking from the middle-class and poor of this nation and every one who is trying to make a living and paying for the reckless spending that has occurred under this congress, from what I have read the past few days Foley could even incur some jail time for his actions with pages, but the apple don't fall far from the tree and you can bet there is a cover-up in the wind. Getting back to the Florida race, on the situation room last night Foley's replacement got some free air time, you could have guessed that. The polls yesterday showed close Senate races in three pivotal states that include Montana, Ohio, and Tennessee. So the main-stream media will continue its spin on these issues as election day draws near, newsflash,,scandals do matter to us.

    Kentucky National Guard Soldier Laid To Rest

    Posted: 10/02/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

    A Kentucky National Guard soldier was laid to rest Saturday afternoon in Laurel County Kentucky, but not without incident. 29 year old Sergeant First Class Charles Jason Jones who went and died was protested by a Kansas church who blame soldier's deaths on America's tolerance for homosexuality. Read more at;
    WYMT News.

    The Westboro Baptist Church goes around the country to protest funerals of our dead military and some out there might think that I attack these protesters because I was in the military myself, this is not the case. I loathe these protesters because a family has just lost a loved one in this war, they are grieving and are heartbroken to say the least, this young man did not want to go and die he simply went because it was his duty to do it and I would have done the same.

    This soldier does not make laws for our country, the whole logic behind what these folks are doing well, I just can't see into it. I will give you a few links to let you see more about these protesters;
    Protesters from Kansas visit Kentucky
    Westboro Baptist Church
    These people make it their business to travel around the country doing these stunts, it seems like they just want to get noticed and make a name for themselves. They just don't understand the concept that GOD IS LOVE, God is not in these kinds of activities.

    This kind of things was not brought up in me and I have been in many Baptist Church's in my life as well as Pentecostals and the ones I have been involved with does not teach this kind of hatred, they need to study God's word a little more and understand. Jesus was a man full of love and understanding and if we claim to serve him in expectation of one day being able to be with him in his kingdom, we must understand who and what he is, well, I don't want to start preaching on people so I will hush, I think you know where I stand on this.

    Cola produces high blood pressure

    Posted: 10/01/2006 by Floyd in

    A study followed 155,594 women for 12 years and they found this; All the women had normal blood pressure at the start of the study 33,000 developed hypertension during the follow up years. They do not believe it is caused by caffeine, but believe it was caused by to much cola and they found that diet as well as regular had no bearing on the results. So if you want to have a good cup of coffee it does not hurt you like soft drinks do, and now a little story of my own;
    I used to myself be a high cola drinker and I am male and this is not a study but rather what did occur to me personally, I drank probably up to five cans a day and when I went for a check-up I was found to have high blood pressure and was put on medication. I took two blood pressure pills per day and did this for a period of two years and at that time I cut back on the soda and was eventually taken off the meds. Now I had high cholesterol also and that I know would be a factor, however, I still do but after cutting back to almost no soda a day my blood pressure went back down.
    So judging from this I would think that soft drinks played a big role in upping the blood pressure, later I altered my diet considerable but my blood pressure was already down before I started on that. After reading this article it does not suggest that coffee is much of a problem, you know the wake-up juice. I still drink quite a lot of coffee but it has not caused any problems as of yet like the hypertension thing, but I don't use a lot of it like I did with the soft drinks, and if you have high blood pressure it would not hurt to at least try this to see if it helps any. If you want to read this study here is a link, read more at; Netscape News.

    Get into Halloween

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    Firefox users there is a new theme for the browser out now, well I have had this one for a while and it is quite popular. This is a Halloween theme that is 5 stars all the way and thought I would just blog about it a little, all my stuff works well with this theme and it seems a little quicker than a lot of the themes I use, so if you are not in the 27,000 plus that has downloaded this go over to the fox and check it out you won't be disappointed. Link to; Halloween Theme by Firefox.

    Scandal revisited

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    I thought we were done with this Foley guy from Florida, I posted an article on the 29Th about him resigning due to his association with under-age boys. But now I read in the Times that a lot of key people knew of this in 2005, but they kept this a secret still allowing Foley to be head of a Congressional caucus on children's issues, Republican lawmakers said Saturday, I am at a loss for words on this one, guess who knew? John A. Boehner the Republican majority leader, Thomas M. Reynolds of New York who said he raised the issue with speaker, J. Dennis Hastert.
    Link to; New York Times
    Link to; More about Boehner & Lobbyists

    When I first heard of this I assumed it was done with the matter, but really should have known or guessed of a further cover-up that would probably surface. Anyone of these people that knew if they have children or not they should be ashamed, but I don't think there is any shame left in this broken Congress. Both Republican and Democratic lawyers agreed the public and Congress deserved to know the full extent of Foley's actions, well, it looks like a lot of them are aware of what was going on here and did nothing and what makes this much worse as I said in the other post is this guy was around kids. Link to; Earlier Post

    These Congressman knew this when they heard what he was doing, talk about dirty secrets this has got to be one of the worst concerning family values that the G.O.P is supposed to hold in such high regard, on Saturday night the Republican leadership issued a statement calling Foley's relationship with the page "unacceptable and abhorrent.” That is mighty powerful words coming from some who covered up these criminal acts, but these are the ones that eat their young when something goes wrong and a fall-out occurs, I hardly ever rant on this blog but this kind of stuff just rubs me the wrong way, and let us also remember Jack Abramoff they tore the guy up like ravenous dogs but guess what? After the heat died down they were sticking it to us again.

    Poor 'ole Foley' he was so great in their eyes they covered up for him since 2005 and now they want to hang the ole feller, oh Mr. Delay he was such a bad mean guy but before the news broke he was just one of the good 'ole boys' just a upstanding guy trying to help out all the folks that elected him and trusted him, but after Jack boy we all hate'em now. I wonder how many more stories will get leaked to the media, they might be patting some guy on the back this week and going to buy a jar of Vaseline next week. It seems every day these lying sheep have something to 'Baaa,,about.