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Posted: 9/29/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Anymore it seems there is scandal after scandal going on out there and this time it is a six term congressman from Florida Republican Representative Mark Foley has resigned and only weeks before the election, an election that will determine if we keep this stagnant Congress or do we give them the boot? Every since we have had this follow the leader congress nothing has been done, except to cut into programs for the less fortunate of this country, and including student loans and by some reasoning they come to the conclusion to pay for all their screw-ups, they must take from the middle-class and the poor to pay for it all. Link to; Within Reason.

It looks like Mr. Foley has sent sexual e-mails to "underage" male congressional interns, but what is even more disturbing it looks like this guy is chairman of the House caucus on missing and exploited children, said he would resign after ABC News reported he sent messages to current and former congressional pages with references to sexual organs and acts.
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The Republicans in Florida are going to have to scramble to get a replacement for Foley before the election in November, Foley won in 2004 with 68% of the vote and seemed to be the favorite in this election as well. Democrats said Foley had been polling under 50% during the lead up toward November. It makes it difficult but we can still win according to Carl Forti, he continues to say it is a Republican District. O.K. all you guys in Florida what Carl is saying is because it is a Republican District then every one of you guys should just follow the leader, you know like sheep.

Foley was the author of the key sexual predator provisions of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006, which Bush signed in July. Predators are everywhere these days and I think they look for situations where they can put themselves in contact with children and think if this came out in the news, what else has he done that did not come out?


  1. well, im sorry he's a pervert..but sure helps clear the way for democrats...get some half-baked republican in there to run against us...but fla is full of them goofy bastids that think that Harris woman and Jed are saints..argh!
    just came by to say howdy and thank you for your comment on my post..yeah, by the time i finished writing it i was crying and pissed..not a good combo when your as nuts as i am ...glad you liked it and i will blog roll you too..although my2statcounter isnt working for S***..drop by any time..i post a little bit of everything...and the people that hang out there are like me...we all hate forest gump(bush)...

  1. Floyd says:

    Sounds like my kind of folks, thanks for stopping in Yellowdog Granny and I will drop in more often.