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Today as I sit here I think about five years ago and what occurred on that fateful day in September, when the twin towers came down in New York and the flames that enveloped the Pentagon and I think also of the heroes of the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania and all the heroes that came together on that day to help.I remember driving to work that day and thinking as I listened to the radio this can't be real, but , it was real and America faced one of her worst terrorist attack in known history I can still see the bewilderment upon their faces I had to stop my truck I could not go on that day, it was like living in a nightmare only it was real.
As I made my way back home and turned on the television still hoping, still praying that this can't be happening,, not in America. I stayed there glued to the television all day long and into the night and seeing all the destruction that had come down upon us always wondering and asking why? Why did it happen here.This is a day that all Americans should remember and pray for the families, this is no day for politicians not to be in the spotlight this is a day to remember those who died, and those that died on that day trying to save a life of their fellow Americans who sacrificed so much for their neighbors and friends.
I pray today for every family member or anyone who lost a member to this terrible and saddening tragedy, I pray for the children who will grow up without a father or mother, I pray for the fathers and mothers who never returned to their families and for mothers and fathers who know the loss of a child and know that void will never be filled, I pray that they have peace today within their hearts. Let it be written within our history and of those who witnessed, upon our heart and mind that we always remember the heroes of 9/11, for they are all heroes and we can not single any out for they are all American red white, and blue, they are our families and friends and co-workers, they are all a part of me, and of you.
Here is a link to the "real" 9/11 Commission Report, if any would like to read it,
9-11 Commission Final Report


  1. Excellent post. My Lil' Sis was in Manhattan as she'd just gone back to work, from maternity leave the day before. She quit that job, that day and got one on Long Island. I think it still affects her to this day.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for your comment Babs, Yes I know you are right it probably affects her deeply.
    Thanks again for checking out my blog your blog is so inspirational to me, 9/11 had to be one of the darkest days of our history.