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Posted: 9/28/2006 by Floyd in

The administration has released "portions" of an intelligence document which suggests that terror is growing instead of receding, note that this is a or was supposed to be a classified document and note only "portions" were released, Link to; Philadelphia Inquirer
Britain on the other hand is starting to distance itself from the report which also says that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, basically, progress is slow with no end in site and an uncertainty of the outcome. The paper said British army chiefs had pressed the government to move their troops from Iraq to concentrate on Afghanistan, but failed to win approval. "British armed forces are effectively held hostage in Iraq," it said. Link to; Reuters UK.
To go somewhat further on this it amazes me why they would release any of a classified document at all unless some political gain can be seen in this, as of myself I see no logic in it at all but it 'tis the politics season.' And from what I have read on the net I don't see it yet in a positive nature on the war on terror because of it's leaning toward saying in a nutshell, things have worsened and are not improving.

A mother in Plano Texas apparently started her van yesterday morning without knowing her 14 month old son was under it? The little fellow was dragged from the drive to the street, and upon questions from police none seemed to know who was supposed to be watching the child at any rate no charges have been filed. Link to; Dallas Morning News

How about this one, ever wanted to cut a little fat from your diet? I have thought about it a lot and should be thinking more here lately. Well the city of New York is going to help us out a little, by limiting the amount of trans fats to a half gram for every item of the cities 24,000 restaurants. According to a plan endorsed by mayor Bloomberg and approved by the cities board of health New York restaurants, Cafes and yes those street stalls will be forced to the half-gram limit of trans fats one serving of chips can contain up to eight grams of the dreaded trans fats. Link to; China View

Lawyers for slave descendants asked a federal appeals court to revive a landmark reparations case that demands 17 of the nations insurers and banks publicize and pay for their roles in the country's slave trade. Names mentioned were J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.,Aetna, Inc.,Bank of America and others, the suit states the companies predecessors issued loans to slave owners? And people in some cases, owned, insured and transported slaves.
''I am here seeking justice for the physical damage, emotional damage,'' said Antoinette Harrell, a genealogist from Kentwood, La. who clutched raw cotton as she spoke inside a federal court house Wednesday. ''We were left in poverty. My family's hardship and free labor was not in vain.''
JP Morgan Chase has acknowledged it owned 1,200 slaves in Louisiana and accepted 13,000 others as collateral before slavery was abolished in 1865. Link to; Chicago Sun Times