Give Congress the boot

Posted: 9/21/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Here is a link to the New York Times where a poll shows only 25% approval for this illustrious Congress we have now. Apparently America is sick of this do nothing Congress and I know I am one of them, nothing is getting done.

All I have heard lately is the Dem's. have no plan, this is getting really to be a joke, maybe they don't ? One thing is for sure we have first hand knowledge that the Republicans don't know which way is up, one of the biggest screwed up Congress I ever had the privilege to live under.

Maybe this November we can have some change and maybe just maybe we will be able to get something done, we keep hearing about a plan, what is that, do we have a plan to get out of Iraq? Do we have a plan to fix health-care? Do we have a plan on border security? Do we have a plan to maybe take some burden off us middle-class? Or, do we have a plan on the energy crisis?

With all the plans that is supposed to be had in Washington maybe, just maybe we would hear at least one of them, they must think we are really dumb?

If you have not switched yet to the Blogger Beta, a little advice, don't do it. I can not use "Blog This" in beta and so far I can't use Performacing Fox, Qumana don't work either. As a matter of fact I did not know this until I switched, maybe I should have read more, I don't know how the comments work yet either? Maybe you can post one or maybe you can't. If any of you geeks out there know a fix for the above mentioned problems please by all means, don't be shy, you just put them in the comments and I will be grateful, one of the 75% percentile who thinks Congress is nothing but a joke.


  1. Jim says:

    Floyd, when the Republicans ask us Democrats to fix Iraq, it's as if they had thrown an egg, broken it at our feet, and demanded we put it back

  1. Floyd says:

    Hi Jim that is very good reasoning, what really gets under my skin is they keep talking about plans, trying to fool the public, when in actuality they have no plan to fix any of this mess that they created.

  1. Jim says:

    Exactly my point. Their plan is more of the same failure at the expense of our soldiers.

    We must make a move to force the Iraqis to take responsibility.