Crocodile Hunter dies

Posted: 9/04/2006 by Floyd in

One of the great animal rights activists is dead today at the age of 44, Steve Irwin whose antics included everything from catching Black Mamba's to feeding his Crocs at the zoo was killed this morning by a stingray, while filming off the coast of Australia.This is someone I watched on television almost everyday, I just liked watching his show "Crocodile Hunter," he seemed to just get so close to those deadly animals and when he would capture the world's most dangerous snakes, well that was just great to watch and he always seemed to integrate with the animals so well.He was really the one who put the Australia Zoo on the map and turned it into a mega tourist destination, I think he knew almost every animal there on a personal level and he caught a lot of heat for exposing his young son during a feeding of the Crocs' but that was his life and what he loved doing.

Steve will be sorely missed by lot's of his fans and I am one of his biggest, but in the end I believe that Steve died doing what he really loved the stingray itself is rather a docile creature but Steve liked to get up close to the action. I have watched him many years on 'Animal Planet' and I believe he had a show on the Discovery Channel, I remember when I transferred to Knoxville I asked the cable guy "Do You Have Animal Planet, I don't want to miss the Crocodile Hunter?"

Unlike a lot of show's out there Steve had a real connection and love for the animals he had a genuine caring for the animals themselves, on one of his adventure's I remember him getting out of the vehicle to free a tangled baby Kangaroo from a wire fence. Or his visits to Indonesia when he was really troubled about treatment of some of the animals used for the tourist industry, I could write a rather lengthy blog about Steve Irwin because I know he loved nature and the animals so much and the environment he was also a big environmentalist and cared deeply for it, Steve we will miss you "Crikey."


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