Brad Pitt, helping New Orleans

Posted: 9/23/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Brad Pitt has witnessed poverty in Haiti and visited the AIDS clinics of Ethiopia, but seeing the devastation remaining a year after Katrina hit Brad had this to say. "I'm appalled and embarrassed that people don't even have the opportunity to return," I do not understand why it's so difficult to get in there and start building. These are our people. We can't be out there selling democracy to the world if we can't take care of our own here."

On Aug. 30 and 31, Pitt made his second trip this summer to New Orleans, and this time he was accompanied by Jolie and their three children and announced the winners of a contest he co-sponsored to design housing for the city's Ninth Ward.

Brad put up $200,000 to sponcer the competition with environmental group Global Green USA. Now the group is seeking financing to begin construction in January, Jolie adds, "It is a wonderful city, and I hope that more families visit and spend time here, tourism is another way we can support New Orleans. Brad and Jolie had some time to check out the city and took son Maddox to dinner at Galatorie's one of the French Quarter's oldest restaurants,"we've been able to go out and enjoy New Orleans.

They are planning to return to New Orleans in about 3 months to check on the the area's progress and film the drama The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. "It concerns me, and the answer is, we could be doing better. It makes me want to get involved,"Pitt said.

I put this article out because anyone that wants to and can help try to get New Orleans on the road to recovery should be commended, New Orleans has had enough red tape to do them for a life-time, we need people that will get in there and make some real change and get this stagnant ineptness behind us.

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