Blogger Beta

Posted: 9/25/2006 by Floyd in

This is how the blogger beta "Stretch Minima" looks, can not get it to except the "recent comments" using firefox 1.5 I have had trouble getting it to save changes made to template, but it seems to work fine in IE-7. It has a feature where you can save your old template and go back to it and you can change colors with it also, the background of this template can be changed easy by using the color features. Firefox does update the changes you have to take a little more time to do it, it is working better, Blogger could be working on it I e-mailed them of the problem. If Blogger works out a few bugs this will be working great, you can even drag items around like in Page Flakes or Yahoo, but the "Blog This" feature is not working yet. Also can not get performacing firefox or Qumana to work yet in this beta?

Another thing I have found and if any of you guys have a fix for what I have mentioned just leave it in the comments, I can not get the feed burner item to work like the string of hot-mail you put just above the comment footer, it says "Subscribe and Related Posts at Sphere" well as of yet I have not got it to except the code? But remember to read below if you switch to make sure the feed finds it's way, the Atom address does not work. Feedburner handles this easy as well I would say other syndication you may be using, just go in and edit. This beta publishes fast also just click publish and you are there, the new spell-check is a good feature in the new beta you just hit spell-check and it "yellow highlights" the word, then just double-click the high-lighted word and choose what you want to go in there.

Hey guys I had to update my feed I hope you guys never gave up on me? This beta is working off of a different feed line to feed burner, anyway thanks for your endurance within this screw-up that occurred.

address followed by atom.I had to update the feed the old Atom address does not work with blogger beta, I am learning it a lot more as the days go by. You have to edit your address like we used to use our blogspot.atom.xml this will not work, it has to be your address/feeds/posts/full/ if you want atom feed and it will be your address/feeds/posts/full?alt=rss if you want your feed in rss.
After updating at feed-burner I think it is working now.
If you use feed-burner you have to go in and edit your site feed, I lost quite a few readers and would hope they return now that I "think" I have this sorted out.
The beta is taking a lot of getting used to but seems to be working fine now, knock on wood.

In other news it looks like Virginia is becoming a hot-bed Mr. Allen seems to be a bigot that is something America does not need no matter what side of the rail you are on, Mr. Webb the Democrat right now is within 4 points to beating him in the race for Senate. Very good news indeed I would think, earlier Mr. Allen had a very substantial lead but that lead as I already said has dropped to a 4 point margin. This link is hot off the press folks. This racial slur has got this right-winger in Virginia on the defensive.
Link to; CBS News

The main-stream media has spin after spin on this Osama Bin Laden being dead, but giving the media the way it is going these days you might hear anything but only time will tell if this is actually a fact or main-stream media fantasy? Link to; Dawn
Link to; Guardian
Link to; First Post

What was I on, oh, blogger beta well try it if you want but I won't say if you will like it? I have learned a lot more about it now and am settling in, so I guess I can give it a better rating now it also has features to customize your blog, which still I am afraid to say still in beta so I have encountered a few bugs in it yet, Former president Clinton rather slapped around Wallace and it was great. I have really never seen Clinton so upset, Clinton really does not get upset that often I guess he is sick of hearing all the bull-crap.