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Posted: 9/28/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Taken from the Louisville, Ky. (A.P.).
An investigation is going on concerning women in Kentucky National Guard unit posed nude for pictures with their M-16's and other military equiptment. " This is not the kind of activity condoned by the command leadership of the Kentucky National Guard," Lt. Col. Phil Miller, a spokesman for the Kentucky Guard, told the Courier Journal.
The allegations were reported to the commander of the 410Th Quartermaster unit a week to 10 days before the company shipped out for Iraq. It has been reported that the newspaper had been provided a compact disc containing 232 photos and at least a half dozen nude and siminude women in various poses with military rifles and covering their breasts with American flag decals, Miller said that 11 of the 107 soldiers who deployed with the Danville based unit are women.
Lt. Col. Rich Steele, a spokesman for the First Army at Fort Gillem, Ga. said that if the allegations are proved, punishment could range from informal reprimands to court-martial. He also said that the investigations is being conducted in Iraq. Maj. Dylan Seitz a staff lawyer for the Kentucky Guard in Frankfurt, said commanders there don't know how many soldiers were involved. "We don't know what happened, other than there are some photos out there," he said. It is unclear where the photos were taken, but some of the women are shown wearing dog tags. And also in many photos were inoculations, like those given in preparation for service abroad, are visible. Quartmaster units provide logistics and supply support for the troops.
Link to; Lexington Herald-Leader
My view;
This stunt was probably just done as a gag or for laughs, the notion of being shipped out to a hot bed like Iraq would make anyone a little crazy. I would agree they should be reprimanded, but would think court-martial might be a little harsh.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Reprimand, sure.

    But a court-martial etc. is a bit much.

    Especially since those women appear to be heterosexual.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for commenting Anonymous,I agree with you.
    Stop around any time, and like I say they did it probably for laughs and did not know it would be sent to higher-ups. I think this might be some flexing of muscle from the higher-ups, I don't think they will be to harsh on them.

  1. i bet they wouldnt have done that with men who had posed nude...they need their bodies in boots and in THEY would have been reprimanded.

  1. Floyd says:

    I heard that it must have been ever who was taking these photo's have stabbed them in the back so to speak.
    Because they would not have known otherwise, the way this Iraq and Afghanistan wars is dragging on the military has to be strected mighty thin.
    They were probably you know just goofing off and someone ratted on them, I am sure they did not really mean anything by it. It seems anymore things that really is meaningless they are all over it, and other times they are standing around with their hands in their pockets.