The Birth of Bluegrass

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Nashville, Tenn. (AP)
Few would dispute that it was an important moment in the history of bluegrass, that night in 1945 when a young banjo player named Earl Scruggs joined Grand Ole Opry star Bill Monroe at the Ryman Auditorium and kicked the music into overdrive with his fiery three finger picking. Campbell Mercer just doesn't think it was the "Birth of Bluegrass." Let me interject right here to say I don't believe it was either, Bluegrass was born probably before the 1920's in mountains of Kentucky, the pioneers of this music would be of cource Bill Monroe and Ralph Stanley would be another. What and how this came about was a new state "historical marker" unveiled Friday outside the 115-year-old Ryman Auditorium, a former gospel tabernacle that was home to the Grand Ole Opry radio show from 1943 to 1974.
Mercer claims "Bluegrass was concieved here on Jerusalem Ridge (where Monroe was born and raised), right here in Kentucky. Time to put in my two cents worth again, Mercer could be right on this my Uncle was playing Bluegrass banjo I know for a fact at least close to 20 years prior to 1945. When we are dealing with history it is nice to try and get our facts somewhat straight in relation to how events happened, that way history is taken more as fact of events that took place in a certain time period, the birth of an art form can take 20 or 30 years or more to develop.

Mercer, who also plays banjo, says some of Monroe's recordings before Scruggs joined his ensemble, with Dave "Stringbean" Akeman playing banjo in the two-finger style that was standard before Scruggs, already had elements of the music that would become known as "bluegrass" in the 1950's. Monroe's pairing with Scruggs was a real magical moment, but I don't think it was any more magical than other moments that occured before or after, said Mercer whose 300-member organization seeks to preserve Monroe's legacy.
The Tennesee plaque seems the latest slight to Kentucky bluegrass enthusiasts, The International Bluegrass Music Association moved its headquarters from Louisville, Ky., to Nashville a few years ago, taking its annual seven-day World of Bluegrass event and awards show with it.
Last year Monroe's well-worn Gibson F5 mandolin was acquired by the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, after a deal fell through by the Monroe Brothers Foundation to purchase and display it in Rosine. Monroe himself had strong feelings about the birth of bluegrass, he had painted on his mandolin case that the music was born in 1927, when he was a teenager playing with his brothers Charlie and Birch and with his Uncle Pendleton Vandiver.,(remember the hit Bill had called "Uncle Pen."?). Even so, the Tennesee Historical Commission donated the historical marker mounted on a metal post that says in part, "December 1945, Grand Ole Opry star Bill Monroe and his mandolin brought to the Ryman Auditorium stage a band that created a new American music form. With the banjo style of Earl Scruggs and the guitar of Lester Flatt, the new musical genre became known as bluegrass.
Moroe who lived just shy of his 85th birthday in 1996, is credited with pioneering the new musical form in the 1920's, 30's and 40's, by fusing old-time mountain music with blues, gospel and jazz.
Read more about; Ralph Stanley

One more scandal

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Anymore it seems there is scandal after scandal going on out there and this time it is a six term congressman from Florida Republican Representative Mark Foley has resigned and only weeks before the election, an election that will determine if we keep this stagnant Congress or do we give them the boot? Every since we have had this follow the leader congress nothing has been done, except to cut into programs for the less fortunate of this country, and including student loans and by some reasoning they come to the conclusion to pay for all their screw-ups, they must take from the middle-class and the poor to pay for it all. Link to; Within Reason.

It looks like Mr. Foley has sent sexual e-mails to "underage" male congressional interns, but what is even more disturbing it looks like this guy is chairman of the House caucus on missing and exploited children, said he would resign after ABC News reported he sent messages to current and former congressional pages with references to sexual organs and acts.
Link to;Reuters

The Republicans in Florida are going to have to scramble to get a replacement for Foley before the election in November, Foley won in 2004 with 68% of the vote and seemed to be the favorite in this election as well. Democrats said Foley had been polling under 50% during the lead up toward November. It makes it difficult but we can still win according to Carl Forti, he continues to say it is a Republican District. O.K. all you guys in Florida what Carl is saying is because it is a Republican District then every one of you guys should just follow the leader, you know like sheep.

Foley was the author of the key sexual predator provisions of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006, which Bush signed in July. Predators are everywhere these days and I think they look for situations where they can put themselves in contact with children and think if this came out in the news, what else has he done that did not come out?

Tainted Spinach

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Since early September one woman has died and about 187 people have became ill from eating spinach contaminated by a deadly strain of E-coli, Natural Selection Foods, LLC said yesterday it has been testing testing spinach for the E-coli bacteria in the field.
So far, E. coli has been isolated in nine bags of spinach supplied by victims. All have been Dole-brand conventional spinach, according to Kevin Reilly, deputy director of prevention services for the California Department of Health Services. Link to; The Washington Post.
According to this article bags supplied by victims are linked to Dole-brand conventional spinach.

Update; The FDA has lifted the ban on almost all spinach, it now covers specific brands on specific dates. But state health officials told reporters Friday afternoon that the FDA's decision to tell consumers they could resume eating all but a very limited supply of spinach was unrelated to the industry blueprint submitted earlier in the day. Link to; CBS News.

Army play-mates

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Taken from the Louisville, Ky. (A.P.).
An investigation is going on concerning women in Kentucky National Guard unit posed nude for pictures with their M-16's and other military equiptment. " This is not the kind of activity condoned by the command leadership of the Kentucky National Guard," Lt. Col. Phil Miller, a spokesman for the Kentucky Guard, told the Courier Journal.
The allegations were reported to the commander of the 410Th Quartermaster unit a week to 10 days before the company shipped out for Iraq. It has been reported that the newspaper had been provided a compact disc containing 232 photos and at least a half dozen nude and siminude women in various poses with military rifles and covering their breasts with American flag decals, Miller said that 11 of the 107 soldiers who deployed with the Danville based unit are women.
Lt. Col. Rich Steele, a spokesman for the First Army at Fort Gillem, Ga. said that if the allegations are proved, punishment could range from informal reprimands to court-martial. He also said that the investigations is being conducted in Iraq. Maj. Dylan Seitz a staff lawyer for the Kentucky Guard in Frankfurt, said commanders there don't know how many soldiers were involved. "We don't know what happened, other than there are some photos out there," he said. It is unclear where the photos were taken, but some of the women are shown wearing dog tags. And also in many photos were inoculations, like those given in preparation for service abroad, are visible. Quartmaster units provide logistics and supply support for the troops.
Link to; Lexington Herald-Leader
My view;
This stunt was probably just done as a gag or for laughs, the notion of being shipped out to a hot bed like Iraq would make anyone a little crazy. I would agree they should be reprimanded, but would think court-martial might be a little harsh.

In the news

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The administration has released "portions" of an intelligence document which suggests that terror is growing instead of receding, note that this is a or was supposed to be a classified document and note only "portions" were released, Link to; Philadelphia Inquirer
Britain on the other hand is starting to distance itself from the report which also says that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, basically, progress is slow with no end in site and an uncertainty of the outcome. The paper said British army chiefs had pressed the government to move their troops from Iraq to concentrate on Afghanistan, but failed to win approval. "British armed forces are effectively held hostage in Iraq," it said. Link to; Reuters UK.
To go somewhat further on this it amazes me why they would release any of a classified document at all unless some political gain can be seen in this, as of myself I see no logic in it at all but it 'tis the politics season.' And from what I have read on the net I don't see it yet in a positive nature on the war on terror because of it's leaning toward saying in a nutshell, things have worsened and are not improving.

A mother in Plano Texas apparently started her van yesterday morning without knowing her 14 month old son was under it? The little fellow was dragged from the drive to the street, and upon questions from police none seemed to know who was supposed to be watching the child at any rate no charges have been filed. Link to; Dallas Morning News

How about this one, ever wanted to cut a little fat from your diet? I have thought about it a lot and should be thinking more here lately. Well the city of New York is going to help us out a little, by limiting the amount of trans fats to a half gram for every item of the cities 24,000 restaurants. According to a plan endorsed by mayor Bloomberg and approved by the cities board of health New York restaurants, Cafes and yes those street stalls will be forced to the half-gram limit of trans fats one serving of chips can contain up to eight grams of the dreaded trans fats. Link to; China View

Lawyers for slave descendants asked a federal appeals court to revive a landmark reparations case that demands 17 of the nations insurers and banks publicize and pay for their roles in the country's slave trade. Names mentioned were J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.,Aetna, Inc.,Bank of America and others, the suit states the companies predecessors issued loans to slave owners? And people in some cases, owned, insured and transported slaves.
''I am here seeking justice for the physical damage, emotional damage,'' said Antoinette Harrell, a genealogist from Kentwood, La. who clutched raw cotton as she spoke inside a federal court house Wednesday. ''We were left in poverty. My family's hardship and free labor was not in vain.''
JP Morgan Chase has acknowledged it owned 1,200 slaves in Louisiana and accepted 13,000 others as collateral before slavery was abolished in 1865. Link to; Chicago Sun Times

GM Wary of alliance

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GM is said to be wary of an alliance with Renault of France and Nissan of Japan, it has doubts that this 3 way alliance would have benefits that Renault and Nissan insist would come with such an agreement. Patrick Pelata who is leading the talks for the Renault-Nissan side is making the case that it would help GM fend off it's rival Toyota ranked #2 in the world.

The two sides agreed to spend 90 days talking about the alliance which is said to cover everything from purchasing, manufacturing and product development. The talks have been making progress but nothing concrete yet, in recent days it has been speculated that the talks have stalled.

The strategy for GM is to cut about 30,000 jobs and close almost a dozen plants, Ford Motor Company is planning a cut of blue and White-collar workers about 35,000 by 2008. Check out this article about Ford I found, about their interest in "Mexico." All the while talking about the cutting into the middle-class, Link to: Within Reason

Breaking news from Autoblog says Kirt Kerkorian may buy 12,000,000 more shares of GM stock,

The move supports GM's potential alliance with Renault/Nissan, a merger that Kerkorian has battled for from the beginning. Officially, Tracinda said this in the filing with the SEC:

"Tracinda continues to believe that a strong opportunity exists in a potential alliance between General Motors, Renault and Nissan and that there should be strong General Motors board involvement in the analysis of such a potential alliance, including the utilization of independent advisors."

The move supports GM's potential alliance with Renault/Nissan, a merger that Kerkorian has battled for from the beginning. Officially, Tracinda said this in the filing with the SEC:

"Tracinda continues to believe that a strong opportunity exists in a potential alliance between General Motors, Renault and Nissan and that there should be strong General Motors board involvement in the analysis of such a potential alliance, including the utilization of independent advisors." Link to; Autoblog

GM exec: Hummer needs new models, its sales are up 50% but in contrast GM sales are down 12% why is that? what gets me is this and I am sure these exec. have had a somewhat good education, it is simple logic here and that is this; GM and the others are not producing an average priced car or truck for the majority of middle and lower class Americans so the Hummer sales are up, big deal, the average American in the middle and lower class are not going out there to buy a Hummer, are we? Until the big three bring a vehicle out to the average 'Joe' the sales will continue to go down, it is this simple.
Link to; CNN Money

Blogger Beta

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This is how the blogger beta "Stretch Minima" looks, can not get it to except the "recent comments" using firefox 1.5 I have had trouble getting it to save changes made to template, but it seems to work fine in IE-7. It has a feature where you can save your old template and go back to it and you can change colors with it also, the background of this template can be changed easy by using the color features. Firefox does update the changes you have to take a little more time to do it, it is working better, Blogger could be working on it I e-mailed them of the problem. If Blogger works out a few bugs this will be working great, you can even drag items around like in Page Flakes or Yahoo, but the "Blog This" feature is not working yet. Also can not get performacing firefox or Qumana to work yet in this beta?

Another thing I have found and if any of you guys have a fix for what I have mentioned just leave it in the comments, I can not get the feed burner item to work like the string of hot-mail you put just above the comment footer, it says "Subscribe and Related Posts at Sphere" well as of yet I have not got it to except the code? But remember to read below if you switch to make sure the feed finds it's way, the Atom address does not work. Feedburner handles this easy as well I would say other syndication you may be using, just go in and edit. This beta publishes fast also just click publish and you are there, the new spell-check is a good feature in the new beta you just hit spell-check and it "yellow highlights" the word, then just double-click the high-lighted word and choose what you want to go in there.

Hey guys I had to update my feed I hope you guys never gave up on me? This beta is working off of a different feed line to feed burner, anyway thanks for your endurance within this screw-up that occurred.

address followed by atom.I had to update the feed the old Atom address does not work with blogger beta, I am learning it a lot more as the days go by. You have to edit your address like we used to use our blogspot.atom.xml this will not work, it has to be your address/feeds/posts/full/ if you want atom feed and it will be your address/feeds/posts/full?alt=rss if you want your feed in rss.
After updating at feed-burner I think it is working now.
If you use feed-burner you have to go in and edit your site feed, I lost quite a few readers and would hope they return now that I "think" I have this sorted out.
The beta is taking a lot of getting used to but seems to be working fine now, knock on wood.

In other news it looks like Virginia is becoming a hot-bed Mr. Allen seems to be a bigot that is something America does not need no matter what side of the rail you are on, Mr. Webb the Democrat right now is within 4 points to beating him in the race for Senate. Very good news indeed I would think, earlier Mr. Allen had a very substantial lead but that lead as I already said has dropped to a 4 point margin. This link is hot off the press folks. This racial slur has got this right-winger in Virginia on the defensive.
Link to; CBS News

The main-stream media has spin after spin on this Osama Bin Laden being dead, but giving the media the way it is going these days you might hear anything but only time will tell if this is actually a fact or main-stream media fantasy? Link to; Dawn
Link to; Guardian
Link to; First Post

What was I on, oh, blogger beta well try it if you want but I won't say if you will like it? I have learned a lot more about it now and am settling in, so I guess I can give it a better rating now it also has features to customize your blog, which still I am afraid to say still in beta so I have encountered a few bugs in it yet, Former president Clinton rather slapped around Wallace and it was great. I have really never seen Clinton so upset, Clinton really does not get upset that often I guess he is sick of hearing all the bull-crap.

Arizona 8th Congressional District

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Apparently Randy Graf was endorsed by former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke. In light of this a letter was written from the DCCC, to, the NRCC that they should cancel adds concerning this race. Republican incumbent Congressman Jim Kolbe will not endorse Graf.

As a result the NRCC has cancelled all it's media buys and walked away, polls had Gabrielle Giffords 19 points ahead before this meltdown occurred. In light of this news they have it looks like conceded this seat to Giffords.

Which is noble really on their part because of the K.K.K. Endorsement, regardless of our stand on politics we don't need someone in office with this kind of endorsement.

But we still need about 15 seats to go to turn around Congress, and only time will tell if we are able to do this, but it does look promising.

Brad Pitt, helping New Orleans

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Brad Pitt has witnessed poverty in Haiti and visited the AIDS clinics of Ethiopia, but seeing the devastation remaining a year after Katrina hit Brad had this to say. "I'm appalled and embarrassed that people don't even have the opportunity to return," I do not understand why it's so difficult to get in there and start building. These are our people. We can't be out there selling democracy to the world if we can't take care of our own here."

On Aug. 30 and 31, Pitt made his second trip this summer to New Orleans, and this time he was accompanied by Jolie and their three children and announced the winners of a contest he co-sponsored to design housing for the city's Ninth Ward.

Brad put up $200,000 to sponcer the competition with environmental group Global Green USA. Now the group is seeking financing to begin construction in January, Jolie adds, "It is a wonderful city, and I hope that more families visit and spend time here, tourism is another way we can support New Orleans. Brad and Jolie had some time to check out the city and took son Maddox to dinner at Galatorie's one of the French Quarter's oldest restaurants,"we've been able to go out and enjoy New Orleans.

They are planning to return to New Orleans in about 3 months to check on the the area's progress and film the drama The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. "It concerns me, and the answer is, we could be doing better. It makes me want to get involved,"Pitt said.

I put this article out because anyone that wants to and can help try to get New Orleans on the road to recovery should be commended, New Orleans has had enough red tape to do them for a life-time, we need people that will get in there and make some real change and get this stagnant ineptness behind us.

Read September 16, edition of People for full story.
Also link to; Crooks & Liars

Give Congress the boot

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Here is a link to the New York Times where a poll shows only 25% approval for this illustrious Congress we have now. Apparently America is sick of this do nothing Congress and I know I am one of them, nothing is getting done.

All I have heard lately is the Dem's. have no plan, this is getting really to be a joke, maybe they don't ? One thing is for sure we have first hand knowledge that the Republicans don't know which way is up, one of the biggest screwed up Congress I ever had the privilege to live under.

Maybe this November we can have some change and maybe just maybe we will be able to get something done, we keep hearing about a plan, what is that, do we have a plan to get out of Iraq? Do we have a plan to fix health-care? Do we have a plan on border security? Do we have a plan to maybe take some burden off us middle-class? Or, do we have a plan on the energy crisis?

With all the plans that is supposed to be had in Washington maybe, just maybe we would hear at least one of them, they must think we are really dumb?

If you have not switched yet to the Blogger Beta, a little advice, don't do it. I can not use "Blog This" in beta and so far I can't use Performacing Fox, Qumana don't work either. As a matter of fact I did not know this until I switched, maybe I should have read more, I don't know how the comments work yet either? Maybe you can post one or maybe you can't. If any of you geeks out there know a fix for the above mentioned problems please by all means, don't be shy, you just put them in the comments and I will be grateful, one of the 75% percentile who thinks Congress is nothing but a joke.

Looking back

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Today as I sit here I think about five years ago and what occurred on that fateful day in September, when the twin towers came down in New York and the flames that enveloped the Pentagon and I think also of the heroes of the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania and all the heroes that came together on that day to help.I remember driving to work that day and thinking as I listened to the radio this can't be real, but , it was real and America faced one of her worst terrorist attack in known history I can still see the bewilderment upon their faces I had to stop my truck I could not go on that day, it was like living in a nightmare only it was real.
As I made my way back home and turned on the television still hoping, still praying that this can't be happening,, not in America. I stayed there glued to the television all day long and into the night and seeing all the destruction that had come down upon us always wondering and asking why? Why did it happen here.This is a day that all Americans should remember and pray for the families, this is no day for politicians not to be in the spotlight this is a day to remember those who died, and those that died on that day trying to save a life of their fellow Americans who sacrificed so much for their neighbors and friends.
I pray today for every family member or anyone who lost a member to this terrible and saddening tragedy, I pray for the children who will grow up without a father or mother, I pray for the fathers and mothers who never returned to their families and for mothers and fathers who know the loss of a child and know that void will never be filled, I pray that they have peace today within their hearts. Let it be written within our history and of those who witnessed, upon our heart and mind that we always remember the heroes of 9/11, for they are all heroes and we can not single any out for they are all American red white, and blue, they are our families and friends and co-workers, they are all a part of me, and of you.
Here is a link to the "real" 9/11 Commission Report, if any would like to read it,
9-11 Commission Final Report


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There has no evidence been found that Saddam provided safe harbor to Abu Musab Zarqawi or any ties to Al Qaeda for that matter, yep apparently this never happened.
One of the administration's key argument for invading Iraq and of cource the WMD'S, that never seem to really take shape. And on Thursday they are still beating a dead horse, Tony Snow being the ever intelligent official that he is said that "this is nothing new," it is relitigating things that happened three years ago.
That is really funny I don't recall a news conference at that time where our leaders got up and said well Americans, ole Saddam just is not involved with Al Qaeda or Bin Laden, mabye I missed that speech? Another good reason to start a good war is scare the people into believing Iraq has stock piles of unspeakable horror awaitng us, did not Ms. Rice herself say, "We don't want the smoking gun to turn into a mushroom cloud."
Last month at a news conference, Bush said flatly that Hussein had "nothing " to do with the assaults. What is really disturbing I got from this article is this 43% think Saddam had something to do with 9/11?
And I can't leave out ABC going to air a documentary based on lies, another news flash Bill Clinton has been out of office since 2000, Bush has had that long to catch one idiot in the world, what I am getting here is pass the buck why accept your failures just blame someone else. You guys can tell me how it goes with the ABC and big business playing politics, personally I have no interest in distorted history or fiction stories.
Link to; L.A. Times

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Crocodile Hunter dies

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One of the great animal rights activists is dead today at the age of 44, Steve Irwin whose antics included everything from catching Black Mamba's to feeding his Crocs at the zoo was killed this morning by a stingray, while filming off the coast of Australia.This is someone I watched on television almost everyday, I just liked watching his show "Crocodile Hunter," he seemed to just get so close to those deadly animals and when he would capture the world's most dangerous snakes, well that was just great to watch and he always seemed to integrate with the animals so well.He was really the one who put the Australia Zoo on the map and turned it into a mega tourist destination, I think he knew almost every animal there on a personal level and he caught a lot of heat for exposing his young son during a feeding of the Crocs' but that was his life and what he loved doing.

Steve will be sorely missed by lot's of his fans and I am one of his biggest, but in the end I believe that Steve died doing what he really loved the stingray itself is rather a docile creature but Steve liked to get up close to the action. I have watched him many years on 'Animal Planet' and I believe he had a show on the Discovery Channel, I remember when I transferred to Knoxville I asked the cable guy "Do You Have Animal Planet, I don't want to miss the Crocodile Hunter?"

Unlike a lot of show's out there Steve had a real connection and love for the animals he had a genuine caring for the animals themselves, on one of his adventure's I remember him getting out of the vehicle to free a tangled baby Kangaroo from a wire fence. Or his visits to Indonesia when he was really troubled about treatment of some of the animals used for the tourist industry, I could write a rather lengthy blog about Steve Irwin because I know he loved nature and the animals so much and the environment he was also a big environmentalist and cared deeply for it, Steve we will miss you "Crikey."


People on-line

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Mother gets photo of abducted boy (24 years later)

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DES MOINES, Iowa-The mother of a boy abducted 24 years ago said she's bewildered by two photographs left at her front door, apparently showing her son and two other children bound and gagged. The old photos appear to show 12-year-old Johnny Gosch with his mouth gagged and his hands and feet tied. The boy is wearing the same sweatpants Johnny was wearing when he disappeared while delivering newspapers on the morning of Sept. 5, 1982, his mother said.
"It's like reliving it," Noren Gosch told the Associated Press on Thursday night. "But the bigger picture is, "Why are they doing this?"
"Whoever had these photos had them for 24 years. I don't understand why they would do this now. It must be some kind of message." Gosch said investigators confirmed the photos were authentic and likely taken within "hours or days" of the abduction. She said they were checking for fingerprints that could lead them to the source and possibly a breakthrough in a case that has long baffled authorities. The other boys in the photo were unidenified.
"We are in the process of researching where they came from and whether they've been doctored up," West Des Moines police Lt. Jeff Miller told the Des Moines Register.
Johnny's disappearance triggered nationwide fears of child abductions. He was one of the first faces of missing or abducted children to appear on milk cartons across the country. Several theories have developed since he vanished before dawn while delivering Sunday newspapers. His newspaper wagon was discovered near his West Des Moines home, but few substantial clues have surfaced since then.
Gosch believes her son was taken by child pornographers. She told authorities he briefly contacted her in 1997 but feared for his life and declined to give details about where he was. She believes his abductors got him involved in crimes, which is why he is hiding his idenity. Johnny was Gosch's youngest of three children, and she has devoted her life to finding him.
(article from the Middlesboro Daily News,02 Sep 2006)

Scientists Hail Cancer Study - Los Angeles Times

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Using your own immune cells to fight cancer tumors, it will take several years to translate the success into practical treatment, but two in the study remain cancer free.
Twelve of those patients in the study showed sustained improvement have died and three are near death, but any improvement is better than nothing and it is interesting to find that two of them are cancer free. This could prove another tool to battle cancer,,read more at;
Scientists Hail Cancer Study - Los Angeles Times