A Vote to Quit the Electoral College - Los Angeles Times

Posted: 8/31/2006 by Floyd in

This article from the L.A. Times seems interesting,let the people decide not the Electoral College.
Remember the last election the campaigns took place in a few key states the ones where enough electorates to win or sway the election where hit hard by the those running for office, while the other states just watched.
I think this is a good idea ever which one gets the most votes would win the election,,hmmm,,remember 2000??
A Vote to Quit the Electoral College - Los Angeles Times


  1. Jim says:

    States like Ohio and my state, Florida, get a disproportionate amount of attention because, judging by the last two National elections, we can sway the whole enchilada. The electoral system is definitely out of kilter. If it were changed, at least we could avoid activist decisions like Bush v. Gore.

  1. Floyd says:

    That is exactly what I was thinking Jim, see just like what happened before someone could win the popular vote and lose the election, because of a supreme court decision.

    The system needs changed if they win the popular vote then, they are president.

    Just think if it is a close presidentual election just hypothedictly, the supreme court could decide the case and you know where that would go, this is one of the reasons the system needs fixed.

    According to this article they need about 11 states to get rid of the electorate and legislation are already being set in motion in other states, we can only hope it goes through but it will be a battle all the way.