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Concerning the wire tapping and eavesdropping on American citizens a judge may have dealt this power grabbing administration a small blow.
The FISA court has rejected very few of thousands of requests for warrants since 1979.
Everyone wants to fight terrorism as much as we can and still remain a free nation, however, we do want to remain a free nation and should not let ourselves become consumed with the issue or procure our total lives into the hand of others.
just last week I was watching on CNN how the British could detain someone for up to twenty-eight days with out charging them, well, we are not Britain, it is the same as saying for example the crime of stealing went down in one country or the other, but their method of punishment would be a removal of a hand should we go along with this?
it seems anymore the main-stream media just puts out a thesis out there and gives more or less it's own opinion has to how it should spin, the media has become one big spin zone.
The same is occurring on this issue of wiretapping American citizens, they will spin it two or three ways until we who are watching are more or less confused when it has been reported? You can watch a whole new scene hourly.
I would guess this whole thing will play in the Supreme Court to iron it all out, but of course this leans to the "right" so it ought to be interesting to say the least.
This country was built upon freedom's and not secrecy, in this time of war we must sacrifice some to the fighting of terrorism, but,,,,how much do we sacrifice?


Big Brother is watching you

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  1. Jim says:

    The British are much more law abiding than the Bushites by limiting an arrest to 28 days without charges. Our government has imprisoned suspects for five years without charging them. Why just last week they let one free that was arrested the week after 9/11.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hey Jim thanks for stopping by, I get so busy during the summer months.
    It seems anymore a lot of our freedom we take for granted is slowly slipping away from us, one right at a time.
    Very good comment and just think that is what we are hearing, makes me wonder what we are not hearing???

  1. Jim says:

    I don't have much sympathy for Jose Padilla, but his case was a set back for Gonzales and The Bush People. One of the charges was thrown out this week by a judge as being a repeat of other charges. You'd think that after holding him for three years, they could get it right.

  1. and what we will never hear.....good post...we should not even have to wonder or worry or suspect our own government of such crimes....our founding fathers would be so horrified....

    ( my word verification is bugwuu- too funny)

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for the comments guys,and Jim, they will never get it right they would not know the truth with it staring them in the face.

    This is a regime built on lies and more lies, I don't believe half I am hearing.
    I am still celebrating Joe's defeat and one more thing, the gap is closing in Virginia especially after the racial slur. The King went down the other day to raise money.

    I mean if you can't win an election just buy one,,or hire more spin doctors.

  1. Privacy is good.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for stopping by world peace religion,,

    Privacy is good we need to be able to feel secure in our own dwellings, America is different from every nation on earth.
    We have freedom's of our religion and due process of law, civil rights, among much more.

    That is why we love this country so much, we don't have to tell the government every time we move down the street, our freedom's are what our ancestor's died for.

    "Of the people,,by the people,,and for the people."