Lieberman Is Defeated in Primary - Los Angeles Times

Posted: 8/09/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Joe Lieberman lost the primary in Conn. By a small margin but never-the-less he lost. Lieberman at this time upset over the whole thing has vowed to run on the Independent ticket this fall, in other words a sore loser.
The fact that Joe was elected to up-hold the values of the Democratic Party had shifted his priority's in the recent months on his strong support of the Iraq War, not to mention his rather closeness to Mr. Bush and this led mostly to his demise. The talk coming out now is the 'far right' accusing the Democrats of being soft on terror.
The Democrats who elected Ted Lamont to be their candidate in the fall decided who they wanted to represent them and they did exactly that, we can't win elections all the time and it shows to me as Joe basically is just feeling sour grapes and wants to go back to Washington at all costs. Whether he runs as an Independent or not is up to him, but, you can't cozy up to failed policies and expect the people to send you back to Washington for more of the same.
I am glad to read in the New York Times that the Democrats are coming together in support of Ned Lamont who will be their rep. In the fall we need some up there who are able to think for themselves, when we vote to send someone to Washington we can only hope they would represent the public at large and not only a select group of us. Big business and oil have done very well over these last few years it is now time for the middle-class, the back-bone of this great nation to have some of the pie and not only crumbs.
I will point the finger at myself a little now because in the past I found that my voting is bad to say the least, maybe I had to work over time or I did not get up early enough to vote there are many reasons we come up with to avoid voting and it is said at every election, you know, maybe it is raining and I won't get out. Well not anymore, I will make a point to get up early and maybe if a lot more would we could change things.
Lieberman Is Defeated in Primary - Los Angeles Times

Democrats Back Lamont in Race in Show of Unity - New York Times


  1. It is a Huge sign of Hope...and Change..Have Faith ...I think we all need to help that Change happen..and it is already started...( thanks for the great post..well except for the "kiss" gag...choke..maalox please...)

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks for stopping by enigma yeah at least it is a ray of hope.
    As long as we keep the ball rolling.