A Vote to Quit the Electoral College - Los Angeles Times

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This article from the L.A. Times seems interesting,let the people decide not the Electoral College.
Remember the last election the campaigns took place in a few key states the ones where enough electorates to win or sway the election where hit hard by the those running for office, while the other states just watched.
I think this is a good idea ever which one gets the most votes would win the election,,hmmm,,remember 2000??
A Vote to Quit the Electoral College - Los Angeles Times

Lexington Herald-Leader | 08/30/2006 | Use of wrong runway hard to explain

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Flight 5191 that crashed in Lexington was on the wrong runway? That seems to be what took place according to this article it was supposed to be on runway 22 which is 7,000 feet long, but instead it was on runway 26, which is only 3,500 feet long. Paying a little attention could have avoided loss of life here, according to this article the plane would had to run several stop signs.
Federal officials won't rule on the cause for months, but the crew had to have missed several safeguards as they prepared for takeoff.
Lexington Herald-Leader | 08/30/2006 | Use of wrong runway hard to explain

Lexington Herald-Leader | 08/24/2006 | Suit over miners' oxygen is tossed

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Following the Sago disaster and one later that happened in Harlan County KY. Which also had a problem with the oxygen packs the miners are given under-ground, a federal judge threw out a lawsuit that would make the government do more in the view of safety of oxygen in these death traps.
The U.M.W.A. Wanted the M.S.H.A. To conduct checks of oxygen units and conduct emergency training for all underground miners.
The oxygen packs came into play again in the Harlan Co. KY. Accident, it did not get any publicity as I am aware of but some of the men died because these packs were not working correctly.
But what happened with this suit in Lexington is it happens about the same all the time, on one side you have the Union trying to do something to keep us alive and on the other you have the big CEO'S and money and guess what? Money talks. It has been proved time and again that these oxygen packs malfunction and fail a lot of times, but try taking that to the higher-ups, what we need is "action" let's stop talking and start doing.
Once something happens and the story dies down and the camera's leave you are back to square one, and that is trying to pass something that needed passed ten years ago and we are still trying to get it done. What needs to happen is these high and mighty judges passing down this needed legislation need to crawl themselves back in a hole in the ground and see if they can whistle a different tune.

Testing of the underground miner air packs, West Virginia finds problems. Oxygen cartridges in all 9 air packs failed, while the judicial system sits on it's behind waiting for another disaster to happen instead of trying to prevent one.
I am not a coal miner personally but my father was one for over 45 years, it would not cost that much to have these air packs in working order for the miners and someone held accountable, because if miners become trapped then they have some air to use prior to rescue.

Lexington Herald-Leader | 09/01/2006 | W. Virginia finds problems in mine safety air packs

Lexington Herald-Leader | 08/24/2006 | Suit over miners' oxygen is tossed
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The accident at Harlan County


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Concerning the wire tapping and eavesdropping on American citizens a judge may have dealt this power grabbing administration a small blow.
The FISA court has rejected very few of thousands of requests for warrants since 1979.
Everyone wants to fight terrorism as much as we can and still remain a free nation, however, we do want to remain a free nation and should not let ourselves become consumed with the issue or procure our total lives into the hand of others.
just last week I was watching on CNN how the British could detain someone for up to twenty-eight days with out charging them, well, we are not Britain, it is the same as saying for example the crime of stealing went down in one country or the other, but their method of punishment would be a removal of a hand should we go along with this?
it seems anymore the main-stream media just puts out a thesis out there and gives more or less it's own opinion has to how it should spin, the media has become one big spin zone.
The same is occurring on this issue of wiretapping American citizens, they will spin it two or three ways until we who are watching are more or less confused when it has been reported? You can watch a whole new scene hourly.
I would guess this whole thing will play in the Supreme Court to iron it all out, but of course this leans to the "right" so it ought to be interesting to say the least.
This country was built upon freedom's and not secrecy, in this time of war we must sacrifice some to the fighting of terrorism, but,,,,how much do we sacrifice?


Big Brother is watching you

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Lieberman Is Defeated in Primary - Los Angeles Times

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Joe Lieberman lost the primary in Conn. By a small margin but never-the-less he lost. Lieberman at this time upset over the whole thing has vowed to run on the Independent ticket this fall, in other words a sore loser.
The fact that Joe was elected to up-hold the values of the Democratic Party had shifted his priority's in the recent months on his strong support of the Iraq War, not to mention his rather closeness to Mr. Bush and this led mostly to his demise. The talk coming out now is the 'far right' accusing the Democrats of being soft on terror.
The Democrats who elected Ted Lamont to be their candidate in the fall decided who they wanted to represent them and they did exactly that, we can't win elections all the time and it shows to me as Joe basically is just feeling sour grapes and wants to go back to Washington at all costs. Whether he runs as an Independent or not is up to him, but, you can't cozy up to failed policies and expect the people to send you back to Washington for more of the same.
I am glad to read in the New York Times that the Democrats are coming together in support of Ned Lamont who will be their rep. In the fall we need some up there who are able to think for themselves, when we vote to send someone to Washington we can only hope they would represent the public at large and not only a select group of us. Big business and oil have done very well over these last few years it is now time for the middle-class, the back-bone of this great nation to have some of the pie and not only crumbs.
I will point the finger at myself a little now because in the past I found that my voting is bad to say the least, maybe I had to work over time or I did not get up early enough to vote there are many reasons we come up with to avoid voting and it is said at every election, you know, maybe it is raining and I won't get out. Well not anymore, I will make a point to get up early and maybe if a lot more would we could change things.
Lieberman Is Defeated in Primary - Los Angeles Times

Democrats Back Lamont in Race in Show of Unity - New York Times