WBIR.COM - UPDATE: Teacher who had sex with student sent to prison

Posted: 7/15/2006 by Floyd in

This story is about a teacher that had sex with a 13-year-old boy well to make a long story short, she at first got a slap on the wrist so to speak, she pleaded guilty and served 6 months in jail yes a big sentence of 6 months.
She did not rehabilitate however because she sent "nude" photos of herself to the little boy, she broke her probation and this time the judge gave her a seven year sentence.
Sex offenders where they are Female or Male tend not to get better, and the justice system just does not work when it is a grown Female against a little boy, however I believe this will affect this kid forever.
What if it was our son who was done this way, by a man or, a woman would we look at it different? I think society should take a long look at itself and make the punishment fit the crime. In every case I have read about this issue it is always a slap on the wrist and we are seeing more and more of this going on everyday, because they either get probation or a few months in jail, I ask you is this a way to improve our society?
This is a link to Yahoo the bottom link is an update on this case.
WBIR.COM - UPDATE: Teacher who had sex with student sent to prison


  1. S & C says:

    There is nothing good that comes from adults taking advantage of children in this way.

    What I really find disturbing is the way the talk shows and comedians treat it when its an adult woman and a teenage boy. Like its a dream come true for the kid.

  1. Floyd says:

    hey thanks for stopping by and leaving your input S&C. Exactly the way I look at it also, it is like society as a whole is O.K. with Female sex offenders.
    In the reality of it, damage is done to the child no matter if it be Female or Male and I think America really needs to think at what is happening in the judical arena, or should I say a circus.
    We must put these offenders behind bars no matter who they are and that is the only way we are going to stop reading some of these disgusting stories and our children can be safe in the school system.
    The system giving these offenders a slap on the wrist only intensifies the situtation of creating more of them, simply because of the inactivity of the courts to interpet this for what it is, a crime against children.