North Korea don't listen well

Posted: 7/04/2006 by Floyd in

A little earlier this year Rice issued a somewhat of a threat to North Korea, stating it would be a provocative act to fire test missiles but alas it has fallen on unconcerned ears. Well North Korea now has fired test missiles that have fallen in Sea of Japan, which goes to show you how well they listen to the U.S. It would seem that North Korea has more WMD'S than Iraq had and it remains to be seen how we will deal with the latest developments on the North Koreans and what exactly will become of this if anything.
In other news of noteworthy is this coming out today, it has come to the attention that the CIA has closed the unit focused on the capture of Bin Laden according to the New York Times it was disbanded "last year," funny,, I did not hear of it last year? Bin Laden was very much wanted after the 9/11 attack in New York and the president issued a statement of wanting him "dead or alive,"
Bin Laden has not been found to this day, since before and after 9/11 with all the effort put into finding him since then.
have a Happy Fourth of July to all out there in the blogosphere it is raining here on the 4th. So no hot dogs outside for us today, at least we can eat some watermelon in the house. The 149th. Guard left for Iraq and represents the Kentucky guards largest call-up since the war began.
Company-D came home to Middlesboro on the 19th. Of June to a hero's welcome, we never forget the soldiers in our prayers that they all return safe. We pray for their swift return on this 4th. Of July from the quagmire known as Iraq.


  1. I really wonder if this whole North Korea situation is much worse than any of us realize. It sure does make the Bush crowd look pretty feeble. There's absolutely nothing we can do to their dictator now. When have sanctions ever forced a regime out of office?

  1. Floyd says:

    You are right there Chad sorry it took so long for me to blog, thanks for dropping by.