Lexington Herald-Leader | 07/18/2006 | State's ban on blogs doesn't get them all

Posted: 7/18/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Flecther trying to ban the blogs? Read this link it is very important. It seems now employees can view only parts of the Lexington Herald-Leader, this all came about because of the New York Times article were blogger Mark Nickolas was quoted in the times Criticizing Flecther.
Well at least last week Nickolas sued the Flecther administration, asking the courts to restore access to his site, www.bluegrass.org
The lawsuit, he claimed the administration blocked his website, but get this,, Allowed State Employees to View Conservative Blogs.
In other Flecther news; Flecther administration restores voting rights to 733 felons.
Tayna Fogle desperately wants to go to the polls in the next election. First though, the Lexington woman who served prison time after a felony drug conviction has to get Gov. Ernie Flecther to restore her right to vote.
Advocates for restoring voting rights to ex-convicts have been urging Flecther to speed up the process, in states like Kentucky, where Republicans and Democrats are registering
new voters, the question is whether they would more likely to register as Democrats or Republicans?
(portion of this article taken from Middlesboro Daily News on 17 July 2006 at page-3)
You know I can't believe this paper asked a question like this? I am referring to the Democrat vs Republican question I am assuming if good 'Ole Ernie' pardons you more than likely you would vote for him.
Lexington Herald-Leader | 07/18/2006 | State's ban on blogs doesn't get them all
Flecther takes a beating from the G.O.P. in Kentucky
Lt. Gov. of Kentucky ignores Flecther


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  1. You know, I actually support the right of ex-felons to vote. They've served their time and should be allowed to fully re-intergrate into society.

    Actually, I didn't realize governors could reinstate ex-felon's voting rights. It makes sense that they could. Guess I just never thought about it.

  1. Floyd says:

    Flecther's feelings back in April

    Flecther has had a change of heart on the issue. I like you do believe on integrating felons back in society, glad to see you again Chad don't be a stranger.

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