Fun with Rush at Calling All Wingnuts

Posted: 7/28/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

I have to hand it to calling all wingnuts on this one, it is a good stick in the eye to 'ole Rush' and it is really worth a listen to. He gets a Viagra slap in on Rush.
Fun with Rush at Calling All Wingnuts
What Rush is trying to make a point of is the minimum wage issue, to which as usual Rush is still in the dark on. It is very hard to make a point to these wind-bags that the average American is having a very hard time making ends meet, it is easy for them to make judgments when they have not walked in our shoes.
I guess everything is going up but our wages the price of gas, food and everyday niceties keep increasing but the Republican led Congress just wants to keep us barely scraping out a living.

America needs to understand just where everything is, well if all the low paid workers out there would vote do you believe it would make a difference? You bet it would and a lot of those high and mighty wind-bags would shut up, only us who have been there or, are there now know how hard it is on the min. Wage now.

Anyway I will counter Rush with this link; Oregon Center for Public Policy. Allow me if you will ;
“Oregon restaurants and farms have been adding jobs more rapidly than employers generally since Oregon voters raised the minimum wage and established annual cost of living adjustments,” said Chuck Sheketoff, executive director of the OCPP. Oregon voters clearly made the right choice when they passed Measure 25. The annual increases in the minimum wage have been good for Oregonians and good for Oregon.

Check out the little tax graft looks like the low guys on the totem pole got squat, more on this minimum wage issue,,from January 1998 to January 2006, aggregrate employment in the higher minimum wage states (plus D.C.) increased by 9.7%, which is 30% higher than the combined job growth of 7.5% for the other 39 states.

I got the how much would you save under the plan from Appalachian Greens.

But don't worry America I read in yahoo top stories the Repugs. Are planning to raise that wage as the election draws near, but never forget where their hearts at.


  1. great updates Floyd...thanks...always feel a bit smarter when I leave here...

  1. Floyd says:

    Hi enigma thanks for dropping by, it is the summer and I have lots to do. Don't get to post to often, always glad to hear from you.

    I most always manage to get a laugh from 'ole Rush,' and his downing other people when he himself has been in hot water for so long.

    What is worse is he is trying to make a point on something he has done little research on.

    It is becoming harder & harder for the low & middle-class to make ends meet in this country, it would take years really to dig out of this hole we are in right now. I have also read recently that BP will be working on it's pipe-lines and will shut down about 8% of of our oil, so we will get another big increase at the pump.