Fun with Rush at Calling All Wingnuts

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I have to hand it to calling all wingnuts on this one, it is a good stick in the eye to 'ole Rush' and it is really worth a listen to. He gets a Viagra slap in on Rush.
Fun with Rush at Calling All Wingnuts
What Rush is trying to make a point of is the minimum wage issue, to which as usual Rush is still in the dark on. It is very hard to make a point to these wind-bags that the average American is having a very hard time making ends meet, it is easy for them to make judgments when they have not walked in our shoes.
I guess everything is going up but our wages the price of gas, food and everyday niceties keep increasing but the Republican led Congress just wants to keep us barely scraping out a living.

America needs to understand just where everything is, well if all the low paid workers out there would vote do you believe it would make a difference? You bet it would and a lot of those high and mighty wind-bags would shut up, only us who have been there or, are there now know how hard it is on the min. Wage now.

Anyway I will counter Rush with this link; Oregon Center for Public Policy. Allow me if you will ;
“Oregon restaurants and farms have been adding jobs more rapidly than employers generally since Oregon voters raised the minimum wage and established annual cost of living adjustments,” said Chuck Sheketoff, executive director of the OCPP. Oregon voters clearly made the right choice when they passed Measure 25. The annual increases in the minimum wage have been good for Oregonians and good for Oregon.

Check out the little tax graft looks like the low guys on the totem pole got squat, more on this minimum wage issue,,from January 1998 to January 2006, aggregrate employment in the higher minimum wage states (plus D.C.) increased by 9.7%, which is 30% higher than the combined job growth of 7.5% for the other 39 states.

I got the how much would you save under the plan from Appalachian Greens.

But don't worry America I read in yahoo top stories the Repugs. Are planning to raise that wage as the election draws near, but never forget where their hearts at.

U.S. Cuts in Africa Aid Said to Hurt War on Terror - New York Times

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The Bush administration and Congress have cut millions of dollars of military aid to African nations in recent years, moves that Pentagon officals and senior military commanders say have undermined American efforts to combat terrorist threats in Africa and to counter expanding Chinese influence there.

China has doubled it's trade with Africa in recent years and now hold's the position of third most important trading partner.

The U.S commitment of Aid to Africa shows that 9% of it consists of new money.
U.S. Cuts in Africa Aid Said to Hurt War on Terror - New York Times

Lexington Herald-Leader | 07/18/2006 | State's ban on blogs doesn't get them all

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Flecther trying to ban the blogs? Read this link it is very important. It seems now employees can view only parts of the Lexington Herald-Leader, this all came about because of the New York Times article were blogger Mark Nickolas was quoted in the times Criticizing Flecther.
Well at least last week Nickolas sued the Flecther administration, asking the courts to restore access to his site,
The lawsuit, he claimed the administration blocked his website, but get this,, Allowed State Employees to View Conservative Blogs.
In other Flecther news; Flecther administration restores voting rights to 733 felons.
Tayna Fogle desperately wants to go to the polls in the next election. First though, the Lexington woman who served prison time after a felony drug conviction has to get Gov. Ernie Flecther to restore her right to vote.
Advocates for restoring voting rights to ex-convicts have been urging Flecther to speed up the process, in states like Kentucky, where Republicans and Democrats are registering
new voters, the question is whether they would more likely to register as Democrats or Republicans?
(portion of this article taken from Middlesboro Daily News on 17 July 2006 at page-3)
You know I can't believe this paper asked a question like this? I am referring to the Democrat vs Republican question I am assuming if good 'Ole Ernie' pardons you more than likely you would vote for him.
Lexington Herald-Leader | 07/18/2006 | State's ban on blogs doesn't get them all
Flecther takes a beating from the G.O.P. in Kentucky
Lt. Gov. of Kentucky ignores Flecther

The most money wins!

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John A. Boehner still catering to the lobbists in Washington, Mr. Boehner's biggest donors include the political action committees of lobbying firms, drug and cigarette makers, banks, health insurers, oil companies and military contractors. Seven American Indian tribes with casinos have contributed $32,000.
Hey I thought after the DeLay factor and Jack Abramoff we were going to try and cut down the big lobby in Washington, but it looks as though it is business as usual for our Congress I guess the one with the most money wins. Back in March the post put out an article called Lobbyists Foresee Business As Usual, and it looks like they were correct on that assumption.
I found the Boehner article in the Times today and thought I would put together something on the part of our Congress and how it is business as usual for the lobby, these representatives were elected on our behalf to represent us in Washington, however I do believe we have missed something on the way. Well to put in simple terms take Net Neutrality and how Verizon, Comcast and AT&T among others have been pouring money into lobbying to control how the internet works and don't tell me they have nothing to gain they would not be giving Congress money if there was nothing in it for them, over at Save The Internet there are over one million of our signatures but do our leaders care?
Well you know the answer as well as I do and the only thing we can do is to vote in November and make our voices heard, but again if you have not signed the petition go over to Save The Internet and sign. This is but one example of our elected officials not listening to us who elected them, the lobby is very powerful in Washington with lots of money to throw around and it would do our representatives good to know who put them in office to begin with.

WBIR.COM - UPDATE: Teacher who had sex with student sent to prison

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This story is about a teacher that had sex with a 13-year-old boy well to make a long story short, she at first got a slap on the wrist so to speak, she pleaded guilty and served 6 months in jail yes a big sentence of 6 months.
She did not rehabilitate however because she sent "nude" photos of herself to the little boy, she broke her probation and this time the judge gave her a seven year sentence.
Sex offenders where they are Female or Male tend not to get better, and the justice system just does not work when it is a grown Female against a little boy, however I believe this will affect this kid forever.
What if it was our son who was done this way, by a man or, a woman would we look at it different? I think society should take a long look at itself and make the punishment fit the crime. In every case I have read about this issue it is always a slap on the wrist and we are seeing more and more of this going on everyday, because they either get probation or a few months in jail, I ask you is this a way to improve our society?
This is a link to Yahoo the bottom link is an update on this case.
WBIR.COM - UPDATE: Teacher who had sex with student sent to prison Wage-ing Battle -- Jul 17, 2006 -- Page 1

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The war to raise the minimum wage stuck at $5.15 and hour had a setback Tuesday by Republicans not supporting it while 80% of Americans want it to raise.
It don't take long to know the party of big business, Hillary Clinton led the Democratic effort to block an increase of $3,300 to the pay of Congress. I commend her for this effort, it is plain to see the G.O.P. Has little concern for the average working American out there, don't take my word for it just click the link and read it yourself.
The G.O.P. should change the name to B.B.H. (big business helpers) And on immigration they are for anything that will benefit the big conglomarates of our society, in other words you will see no kind of reform what so ever because this would hurt big business getting cheap labor. Wage-ing Battle -- Jul 17, 2006 -- Page 1

Link to; Sans-culotte,,is someone drunk here??

North Korea don't listen well

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A little earlier this year Rice issued a somewhat of a threat to North Korea, stating it would be a provocative act to fire test missiles but alas it has fallen on unconcerned ears. Well North Korea now has fired test missiles that have fallen in Sea of Japan, which goes to show you how well they listen to the U.S. It would seem that North Korea has more WMD'S than Iraq had and it remains to be seen how we will deal with the latest developments on the North Koreans and what exactly will become of this if anything.
In other news of noteworthy is this coming out today, it has come to the attention that the CIA has closed the unit focused on the capture of Bin Laden according to the New York Times it was disbanded "last year," funny,, I did not hear of it last year? Bin Laden was very much wanted after the 9/11 attack in New York and the president issued a statement of wanting him "dead or alive,"
Bin Laden has not been found to this day, since before and after 9/11 with all the effort put into finding him since then.
have a Happy Fourth of July to all out there in the blogosphere it is raining here on the 4th. So no hot dogs outside for us today, at least we can eat some watermelon in the house. The 149th. Guard left for Iraq and represents the Kentucky guards largest call-up since the war began.
Company-D came home to Middlesboro on the 19th. Of June to a hero's welcome, we never forget the soldiers in our prayers that they all return safe. We pray for their swift return on this 4th. Of July from the quagmire known as Iraq.

The Raw Story | In new book, Coulter 'cribs' stem cell list from right-to-life group

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Ann? Will you ever learn? Trying to tie a book together by "cribbing' known articles but what is also strange is a lot of Americans are buying this pack of lies. From the attack on the 9/11 widows to this article from the raw story, it just gets better and better.
The Raw Story | In new book, Coulter 'cribs' stem cell list from right-to-life group
Not "right" just stupid - Lawmakers: NSA database incomplete

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USA TODAY backs down from the "Spying on America Issue" and the big database issue.
AT&T issued a written statement and neither confirm or deny it's participation in the NSA program. - Lawmakers: NSA database incomplete