When do we leave?

Posted: 6/26/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

I have been so disgusted by this I have not posted anything in a few days, the congress did basically nothing it is like I keep harping on this there is no clear plan to leave and all I keep hearing is cut and run. Well you know we have been there much to long to hear this and this war has turned in years so this cut and run dog just won't hunt, will it? The congress and the administration seem ablivious to the polls that are coming out with this war dragging on and noone seems to know when we should leave There should be some options after all we elected them (Congress and the Administration).
It should have dawned on them they would eventually have to make some kind of decision, but alas it has eluded their mindset and here we are while they sit around scratching their heads and let us not forget how they remind us almost constantly that polls don't matter well here should be a flash if the majority of Americans want something and all they get is rethric and more inaction, well sooner or later America will have to vote and if America would vote with their hearts and beliefs then Washington would stop taking the polls so lightly, it would be just as well for them to say that your opinion does not matter. They seem far more interested in spying on Americans than really trying to do something to end this conflict. The Democrats also should nail down a plan and get on board just like the repugs. All the Repugs. are doing is following blindly heck we should do the same get a plan and if it don't work just keep following it, it really don't matter if it don't work just keep following it.


  1. Jim says:

    It seems obvious that Cheney and Dubya, his hand puppet, want a permanent force in Iraq, the Mideast, or whatever, that shows how strongly our country can exercise control over the oil areas.

    They will ignore any poll that doesn't suit them; they have no compunction about twisting reality to fit their scenario, and amazingly, a great deal of the media follow their direction.

  1. EuroYank says:

    One thing I am really upset about is this fact and also the fact that not one word was said about it in the media -
    there are seven (7) million Americans living overseas. They have the right and are entitled to vote.

    The requirement is that they cast their ballots on a pentagon website. Why did the pentagon close down the website disenfranchising seven million American living overseas from voting? They have never offered an explanation, nor was it reported in the American media.

  1. Floyd says:

    Great comment Euro Yank they have the right to vote, you spoke of the main stream media, most of the media are puppets of the state. Thanks for dropping by and commenting, you are welcome anytime my friend.