What is the solution?

Posted: 6/18/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Good question, what is the solution on the war in Iraq? This was brought up in a debate in Congress and all I could get from it is that Republicans or the majority of them want to maintain course in Iraq and that becomes a very touchy issue with all of us. If we are to maintain a course in Iraq what are the priorities? Waiting for Iraq to establish a government would be a pretty good argument although we may never know when this will be, since Iraq has been involved in a down right close to a civil war among itself for awhile how long should we continue if things don't improve? Another good point of argument is why we are there in the first place? 9/11 as a lot of the "right" claim or maybe WMD as a lot of them used to claim, at any rate we are there and have lost now over 2,500 military personel in the area and a cost to us is well it is growing daily, I believe around $320 billion or so according to the news the other day when Congress came up with another $94.5 billion, so a good question would be how long we can sustain these figures and still take care of us.
House Speaker, J. Dennis Hastert said; This resolution is about more than the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is about a global war to protect American ideals, and the democracy and values on which this great nation was founded. This resolution, Mr. Speaker, like this war itself, is about freedom." So let us just look at this one statement and come to the conclusion that; The United States being in Iraq is a global war? And that this war will protect our ideals and democracy on which our country was founded? What then was our country founded upon, well the number one thing is people migrated here due to religious persecution so is Iraq persecuting our freedom of religion?
The bottom line is we went into Iraq on bad intelligence and now we can't get out and the higher up's have not a clue how to do that.
Last week two of our soldiers were kidnapped in Iraq, just this morning White House Press Secretary Tony Snow criticized the press for spending to much time on the story, yes you heard me right read it for yourself and watch the video this is how much that is cared about our soldiers in field. It is high time that the "right" higher-ups quit hiding behind the smoke-screens and just come out and say what they really feel. And as far as the press goes I don't think they are spending enough time on this story and I know that we Americans are very concerned about our troops and also our prayers go out to them and hope their safe return. And as far as Tony Snow is concerned; You can take the man out of Fox News, but you can't take Fox News out of the man.


  1. Jim says:

    A reformed Republican, Walter Jones, got the Republican leadership like Boehner to "debate" Iraq. Jones found out that they didn't want to debate Iraq at all. They simply wanted to cover their asses by striping together Iraq, Afghanistan, and the whole idea of "the war on terror". Their resolution essentially says that if you're against this war in Iraq, you soft on any and all terrorists.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hi Jim thanks for coming by, speaking of Afghanistan I have a little tid-bit, in September of 2004 Bush said that the Taliban is no longer in existance.
    Well guess what happened tonight on CNN,well my old buddy Snow made another statement;http://thinkprogress.org/2006/06/18/snow-taliban-predicatable/
    SNOW; I think what the Taliban is doing-- and it's predictable/ I think it is predictable...you can expect there to be pushback by the Taliban.
    I guess Bush got it wrong again?????