Supreme Court to take cases of race in schools

Posted: 6/06/2006 by Floyd in

,,,The Supreme Court has agreed Monday to take up two cases that could spell the end of official efforts to integrate the nation's public schools. The justices said they would hear appeals from parents in Seattle and Louisville, KY.,who say it is unconstitutional for officials to consider race when deciding which school a student will attend. Link to; L.A. Times..
Well America this could be it? Sandra O'Connor has retired and we are left with the extreme "right" who could destroy years of work. Sandra's replacement is "ole Alito" and we never know if the hand picked Bush judge will be a judge or an ideologue I guess time will tell.
Link to; Brown vs. Board of Education
Link to; National Organization for Women (how the leader feels)
In 2003 the Supreme Court dealt conservatives a defeat in a University of Michigan law case,it was a 5/4 decision. The decision was written by justice Sandra Day O'Conner. As far to the right as this court is it would be very hard to guess at what will come of this, I will guess that America won't like the decision but remember I am only guessing.


  1. I think since Bush picked alito that we will have lots to worry about. Its one of his cronies obviously. Anything for Stupid lil Bush. EWWW Lets just hope america doesnt have to live with Bush forever. Cause if he gets his way we will :(

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  1. Floyd says:

    Look at those palm trees,thanks sweet one,yeah you know Bush and his cronies pretty well. Thanks for stopping by come back anytime.