Not "right" just stupid

Posted: 6/08/2006 by Floyd in

I was not going to write anything about this because in my opinion it is idiocy at the height of glory, Ann Coulter a conservative author and commentator or at least that is what has been said of her wrote in her latest fiction adventure that some widows of the 9/11 disaster were seeking fame and gloating in the lime-light of their husbands death. Well June 7,2006 it has come out in Reuters that now she has added by saying they are "witches," Ann is like an albatross around the neck of the GOP and now for the first time since I started this blog I will link you to Fox News and yes it is that bad. The title of her book is "Godless: The Church of Liberalism" she knows not even the meaning of the word Liberal, this is an idiot but people still buy her book it is number 4 on the best seller list has America become bewitched by the witch? But fiction is popular in greater America so my rationale is maybe a lot people bought it for laughs or they like the way "gutter sluts" talk, it has to be one of the two because it could not have been bought by her ability as an author. In her book Coulter said, "I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much." The wives of the 9/11 victims have not commented to much on the issue, but one of them, Lorie Van Auken said, "Having my husband burn alive in a building brought me no joy." Another widow Kristen Breitweiser said, "She sounds like a very disturbed, unraveled person." But I am yet pondering a question of why is the average American buying the kind of trash Ann Coulter is writing out there? Here is a link in "her" own words this little tid-bit, she said that most journalists are so stupid, this article also says there are published lies about her, and in affect provoking liberals to lie about her. Link to; Keep Media.
We don't have to lie about you Ann, we need only to read your book if we can hold our stomachs long enough to get through it, it is like a rag-mag with a hard cover.
Link; Within this blog. It all boils down to money, if Ms. Coulter creates enough waves then more people will buy her trash books and therefore she makes more money and if you break it down it becomes simple and easy to discern. On 9/11 this country went through a terrible time ever known in our history and nightly we would watch glued to our televisions and seeing the heartbreak in the survivor's eyes, it was a shock we will never forget and now to have this kind of hypocrisy to come out attacking even the victims wives, who are in affect victims themselves, all in the name of the almighty dollar is sickening.


  1. Jim says:

    It's been obvious for years that this heinous bitch will say anything to make a buck, though her words may lack any human decency. What needs to be done is this : we must express our displeasure to the media that gives her a forum, they will react. Did you know that this was already the fourth time she had been on the Today Show this year ? The media seems to like the stink she makes.

  1. Floyd says:

    Exactly Jim it all comes down to money,you know I had missed her on Today,but really as soon as I see her I turn the channel somewhere else. I don't know yet who would read her material? She could not write herself out of a paper bag.
    She also like's to use profanity in her smut books, I mean really is that what writing is coming down to these days? I have only read a few lines of her work so I don't claim to be a critic but really a few lines is all I could stand.
    Maybe some of us bloggers should get together and maybe put to pen a bunch of lame ideas, who knows we might wind up on the best seller list.
    What I think should happen is the widow's of 9/11 get together and file a class action law-suit against that idiot, it seems to me with the poisen she is spewing that she just plainly hates liberty.

  1. Jim says:

    She has apparently hired several of Washington's most expensive lawyers to handle her case - you know the one in Palm Beach where she tried to vote from the wrong address ?

    One of the things that bugs me the most is that she often portrays herself as "a constitutional lawyer." I do believe she passed the bar exam, but she has no expertise or special study of the Constitution. She just thinks it sounds impressive, but it's another lie.

  1. Floyd says:

    I heard about the voting in the wrong place, I keep thinking fo someone who has the same lawyers as the leader but I can't place if it is her? I think that it might be.

    Constitutional law? She is probably dreaming on that one, she is much to dumb to accomplish something such as this.

    I am still in shock that she would strike out with such venom on the 9/11 victims, it seems rather bawdy.