More Iraq Civilian Deaths

Posted: 6/02/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

More Iraqi civilian deaths have come out in the news today, I am in no way condoning this however this is war, war is not a civil thing but to the contrary war is hell. Bad things happen in war we must not forget that and also the military elite needs to be better in the loop of what's going on over there, they will probably punish the ones who are guilty of this but a deeper probe needs to seek out the ones who are in shall we say in charge of operations within the area. When it came out about what happened in Haditha it seems it is escalating, but again this is war and bad things will happen now let us think for a moment we went there for?? WMD and none were found, Saddam was a brutal tyrant and that we can not deny but the cost has been great on the Iraqis and on us. The U.S. Commanders have ordered ethics training for our troops and that could help somewhat but the guys and ladies over there are under tremendous distress and it would take it's toll on any of us, we ourselves could have snapped under these circumstances I feel for these civilians and also for the troops all being under pressure in a powder keg. It is a bad situtation for all involved here, it is hard to understand war if we have not been in one, really the bottom line is this we should not have been there in the first place. Many out there feel different in their feelings about the war and I myself can not uphold murder but war is not pretty and war is not always fair, in other wars our military was cycled back and forth but in this conflict these military personnel are there on and on with hardly a break at all instead of one or two tours of duty it is tour after tour and so on and so forth, this will take it's toll on anyone. Also I have saw on the net bloggers putting up the deaths per 100,000 and that's all good and dandy comparing the death rate to Washington D.C or Detroit, hmm, I would ask these people would they like maybe to go to Baghdad for vacation?
Link to; Netscape News
Link to; New York Times
Link to; BBC News
Link to; Chris Floyd (WARNING; This link is very disturbing) photo's the media won't show.
Link to; Newsday (when did our leader know?)


  1. Gratis says:


    I feel the same way. The troops are under so much pressure and are fed such garbage- who knows what was going through their minds when all of this was happening? It's tragic from all ends. Heartbreaking. Good post.

    By the way, I like your template. I have this one saved to disk in case I want to change my template sometime.:) I love her work.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hi Gratis so good to hear from you, I am glad you liked it and this template I like it to, I could remove the blogger bar but,,it fits in o.k.
    Yes the troops are under much pressure and we don't know what we would do when faced with these situtations, the military is really like a big unit but the feelings that are developed is more like family. The link to Chris Floyd is very disturbing but it is war,and is not a pretty thing at all it is horrible to the utmost and makes me very sad to see it. On the other hand we don't know what really happened there if crimes were committed there should be punishment, I will wait on the findings but I know it could have happened, but there are a lot of variables here to take in account.
    Thanks again Gratis always nice to hear from you.

  1. Aurelius says:

    I find your comment about war being hell interesting. Did that not come out of General Sherman during the Civil War? Was his goal not to break the will of the South by destroying everything in his path?

    On one level I agree with you that those of us who have never been to war havn't the slightest damn right to talk like we understand it. But we can study history, and we can look at these images, and we can get the gist of it. It's a sticky wicket.

    The troops on the ground are in a terrible position, they don't have the numbers to enforce rule of law, and they don't know which Iraqi's with guns they can trust. These sort of things are going to happen in that situation, those soldiers are in a crazy situation.

    Who is really to blame be the civilian leadership. Like these guys don't have the models and the advisors to tell them that this was the likely outcome of trying to occupy a muslim nation with a christian army of barely more than a hundred thousand. They didn't care, they were more concerned with controlling how the media reported on the war than on what was actually happening on the ground.

    We should just pull out and let the chips fall where they may. Whoever comes out on top, I doubt they'll be in a hurry to start a WMD program.

  1. Floyd says:

    Aurelius always a pleasure to hear from you,pull out? Yes we should have pulled out after Kawait,the former Bush knew where the line in the sand was.

    You are right on Sherman,after the march to the sea everything was pretty much over. My g-grand-father fought for the Union in the 47th. Kentucky Infantry,stories have been passed down around this area when the South came through and took Barboursville,the thinking changed they stole and killed hogs,cattle and anything they could get their hands on,therefore what support they could have mustered here was lost.

    And as you say also,these individuals do not want to be like us it has been thus always. Most of the Iraqis see us as invaders in their country and not liberators,the country more or less is in ruins and the media is doing a rumba around the situtation.

    Hey come back soon....