Mitch McConnell goes back the other way?

Posted: 6/21/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

I love the way the "right" at times talk about flip-flopping they should know all about this after all they do it more than anyone, take my Senator he once a few days ago was all for amnesty for terrorists but now has changed into a whole new perspective. It is amazing how one can change one's mind so fast and with hardly any thought Mitch did just that I will have to start referring to him as flip-flop Mitch, however Frist seems to have a lock on the title right now.
The two marines who were missing and were found out to be kidnapped by the insurgents have been found killed in Iraq and I might add from the stories coming out it was done in a barbaric way by these insurgents who call themselves militants, I was hoping and praying with every ounce in me that they would be found alive but it did not happen this way. An Uncle of one of the slain soldiers was very upset and said I would imagine how he felt at that time, as soon as the "right" blogosphere heard about this news they were quick to spit out venom toward this slain soldiers family and I will not link to these hate blogs because I believe it is very distasteful and I don't want to give them any more traffic from sane people.
We should be trying to help these soldiers families instead of putting them down, a lot of the families speak good about the war after their son or daughter is killed and you never see them being attacked by the "left", I know that I have never attacked them and I have not read it yet and I do read quite a bit out there, a lot of hate out there is being spread by so-called journalists like Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter among others have just been spreading hate across America and I do believe America is getting sick of it. A lot would fall into the category of Karl Rove who Murtha said so justly put that Rove was sitting on his big fat backside saying "stay the course."
I believe a lot fall into this category saying we should stay the course without any plan in place while our soldiers fight and die in Iraq and Afghanistan.