Kicking around the little guy

Posted: 6/09/2006 by Floyd in

This morning, our House of Representatives dealt a serious blow to Internet
freedom by passing a telecom bill stripped of protections for net
In other words big business won out on the issue,
network neutrality, AT&T, Verizon and others will be free to slow
down or block emails and Web sites they don't like -- effectively
silencing the voices of their critics and of people who don't share
their politics.
Which proves a point actually and that would be, "money is power." Remember this when you vote in November this was an issue that Democrats as well as Republicans could relate to and that is to leave the internet as it is, this is a way AT&T and other big boys in communication has to ripping us off and going through our so called represenatives to do it with all their lobby money. But until America gets educated on this kind of things and goes and votes these losers out of Washington, this is what we will face every time it is between the little guy and big business.
Link to; Save The Internet

(I would also hope those 780,000 plus signatures vote in November)


  1. I guess I'm not surprised. So I guess this means if I call out Verizon or AT&T or any of there other conglomerates for soaking up the corporate welfare; they'll block our blog so no one can see it.

    Best government money can buy.

  1. Floyd says:

    If we only could get those individuals to vote who signed the petition, I mean when we are talking over 750,000 people we maybe could vote some of these no accounts out of office. Repugs or Dems if they voted for this crap they need out of office, on the save the internet blog you can see a break-down of how we all took a screwing, and many thanks to Washington, like you said we have the best government money can buy.

  1. That is just sad. It will effectively silence anyone they don't agree with. It disgusts me to see how little the CLOWNS holding office think of the rest of us and our opinions. Totally sickening. BTW I saw you linked me and am linking you back in the "politics" section on my blog. I will list you by your blog name "Within Reason". You will find it in the left hand column on my blog

  1. Floyd says:

    Right on static brain link me up,and you are right the elected officials of our Congress are not paying attention to anyone unless they cough up the money. As Chad put it soaking up the corporate welfare,but in the end we will pay because if we don't then the pages won't load or will be slow.
    When they control the net they control the last frontier,I hope the seven hundred plus thousand vote and if we do we could really make a dif.
    Come by and comment anytime static brain and thanks again.

  1. Jim says:

    I'm not hopeful that the Senate will hold out on Net Neutrality after the House, including about 10 Democrats, caved in to Big Telco.

    Take a look at your current phone bill.There are always about $10 in meaningless, useless Federal charges each month, one of which was instituted to pay for the Spanish American War !

    I think this is one issue that blogs from the left and right should blast every day. Speaking of blogs, your new template is the coolest yet;it really looks special !

  1. Jim says:

    Also, what is the translation of the Neruda under your title, please ? He is certainly one of my favorites.

  1. Kvatch says:

    The time has come to move the Net into the domain of a public trust and take it out of the hands of the telcos. Like power and water, when critical infrastructure is placed in the hands of Corporate America the time it takes the abuse to begin reduces to zero.

    That said, I'm confident that the moment an AT&T or BellSouth starts to put the toll gates in place for "non-native" content, innovation will take over and people will once again take the packets out of their hands.

  1. Floyd says:

    Jim: Still we have lost sunset nobody this evening saw, with them hands to us unite, while the wind blew over the world P. Neruda
    Or at least pretty close., Yes I also like this template it is one of the best, the header is from Vladstudio.

    Hi Kvatch thanks for coming by and commenting,and remember to vote this November you can go to save the internet dot com and see who stabbed us in the back. I think a few Dems. stabbed us too but whoever did does not need to be representing us,because the ones who voted against us is not for us.

    I do hope you are right in your analysis,because if the big telecos control the net we will become nothing more then a tinkling symbol in the wind.