The immigration issue/What we are not hearing

Posted: 6/06/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

In Radcliff KY, two brothers have been indicted by a federal grand jury Link to; Lexington Herald-Leader
the indictment claims that the two brothers hired illegal Chinese and Mexican immigrants for financial gain and commercial advantage and employed them at the Golden China Buffet in Radcliff.
This is the business side of the illegal immigrant being used by the employer and is happening around America and is a nationwide problem, restaurant owners obtain housing for the immigrants in return for working for the employer and basically is slave labor. I blog about this because I have not read articles about the employer actually being indicted for this crime when it is happening in every American city, and yes the little ones to even in the little cities like Radcliff and London, KY. So it has to be nation-wide.
But I don't here the immigration hurrah talking about it, they are not dumb they know this is a problem but do nothing to bring it to light and to tell you the truth I am very surprised to read it in the Herald. The immigrants that are in this situation are totally dependent upon their benefactors who are the restaurant owners themselves, to touch on it further the employer generally owns some other housing and they take rent out of their pay food etc. It is worse than the old days around here when the miner mined coal and the company owned their housing, and the store.
The coal company would issue script to the miners and they would shop at the company store and at the end of the week their pay would be deducted for the food and other necessities, these stores had everything from washing machines to food, guns, clothes etc. The miners were more or less owned by the company.
Same thing is happening today but to a different immigrant, the most part of which is Mexican, but others are exploited also the Chinese, and Filipino among others can you only imagine this print coming from an descendent of an immigrant only from a different shore and how can we know such things on an average scale but the political system is blind to it?