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Posted: 6/06/2006 by Floyd in

Oakland, MD.--Dan Boone, I have read a lot of ole "Daniel Boone of Kentucky" but I thought I would link to the New York Times article concerning wind power and Dan Boone creating quite a stir, his argument of the big turbines that are wind powered are good, and his main complaint is that they kill birds, and has been proven of killing many bats in West Virginia. His other beef is that they cut down on the scenic beauty of the mountains, and this would be true also, but we do need alternative sources of energy, on the hills of Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia 15 new projects have been proposed.
750/1,000 turbines would on average produce enough electric to power up 600 homes, it sounds like not that many but it is a start. But I agree with Dan it is ugly and if it does kill wildlife like he says, they need to take a look at that, but it will be hard for him to get anywhere on the matter that is if the EPA is involved.
Now still on the subject of the environment not long ago a big coal conglomerate called Gatliff Coal Company bought a sizeable piece of land from the descendants of Guthrie, now he was a man that back in the late 1920's to maybe the 1930's acquired this land for deep mining coal and did so for penny's on the dollar. We are talking a half million acres or more, anyway the coal company started by clear cutting all the timber to bare and then came the digger's everywhere drilling for gas, and in the meantime they Gatliff cut the timber and got on a lot of individuals land including mine. A class action law-suit was filed but I have not seen one red cent, while I am rambling on over this is simply put the big companies are hard very hard to fight in court, you have to get all your land surveyed the iron steak that has been there 100 or more years won't do so you are out five or six grand at the least to do a fifty acre tract. I have contacted everyone from the EPA to my congressman Hal Rogers and have gotten nowhere so that is where the average citizen is left in this country, Gatliff cut off my land about 6/10 acres of prime oak and hickory and we are talking thousands of dollars here.
What I think of the EPA is that they are just a bunch of morons filling a position because from my end they have done absolutely nothing, but the sad part is that they are getting paid.
The reason behind me contacting the EPA is because a creek that run's through my property was polluted by the logging yes polluted, I even contacted the district office for this located in Chattanooga, TN. But I got nothing from them not even an agent to come out to look at the problem so they (the EPA) are nothing but earning money for nothing.


  1. Hard to sue big companies, indeed. Especially coal. People who don't live in Appalachia don't have any idea how much influence the damn coal industry has over our lives and how much power those devils wield behind the scenes.

    Sometimes I think if the coal mongols were square with us that I wouldn't be so down on them. But they're not square with us and never have been; so I can't wait for the day when we can kick their sorry asses out of here. For good.

  1. Floyd says:

    Hi Chad thanks for coming by, my expierence with them was really bad. What gets me is as soon as the Perry Guthrie decendants sold the property here came big business, tearing up everything running ruff-shod over peoples property lines like there was no tomorrow. Now the EPA,,they won't help with anything the creek I talked about had oil and gas and debris, I had to walk up the whole holler to get all the old trees they left in my creek and some of them were mine.
    I was working away from here at the time and mom was sick so they just came in back there on my back property line and did as they pleased, but we could not get anyone to help and I don't think I will ever be able to I have exhausted all means. I used to drink water from that creek when I was young and now it is a mess, the EPA is nothing more than a pawn.
    The mining company has a gas well now and after I have made such a fuss about they put in within 100 yards of my property line, but get this, it is about 16 feet from the creek, if you can believe that and the EPA or the represenatives in Frankfurt is just sitting on their hands.