Domestic Spying Program Comes Under Legal Scrutiny - Los Angeles Times

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Using an old ruling to spy on us that namely being U.S. vs. Reynolds case of 53 years ago, that basically states that if there is a reasonable danger that information concerning military matters, or the interest in national security, should not be divulged. The NSA secret spying program faces court today in Detroit Michigan, on May 26th. Justice Department attorneys, led by Andrew H. Tannenbaum, filed a motion urging Taylor,(this is the judge hearing the case) to not even consider the plaintiffs' motion.
I don't believe any of us would want to endanger the security of the public at large or any of our troops, there are procedures put in place and channels to go through and that is what makes us different than a dictatorship. We have checks and balances and that makes us a democracy, the news lap dogs have done poll after poll until it has become monotonous, over half of us agree, but again the polls could be skewed in their favor.
The second point would be millions and millions of pieces of data, kind of like looking for a needle in a haystack, this would be a massive undertaking to say the least, how many people would you need to mine this data? Let us think about this for a minute in depth, let us say that you answer to none and you are running for office or someone you know is seeking an office, what would actually stop you from getting someone to mine data on the opposition?
Everyone wants to protect their country and their troops I am only saying that this can be done through channels of government hence the FISA, which was created for such things. I do not think it is un-American to be concerned of our rights as citizens of this country, I think it would be un-American not to.
Domestic Spying Program Comes Under Legal Scrutiny - Los Angeles Times
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