Company D comes home

Posted: 6/19/2006 by Floyd in

Sunday Company-D rolled back into Southeast, Ky. by bus the 1st. Battalion of the 149th. Infantry. It had been gone around 15 months that included a full year in the Middle East. Many family and well wishers alike filled the streets along the route to show support and the heat was in the 90's here and that's hot. They were greeted by over 1,000 strong , and the 130 returning was overwhelmed by the hometown support they recieved.
The first to speak was Bell County Judge-Executive Bill Kelly, he said he spoke for the entire community and offered thanks to the returning soldiers. He also told a story about one of his young sons who had been praying for the soldiers safe return, his son said at the end of his nightly prayers,"God to bless the soldiers."
Traffic was backed up for miles behind the procession carrying Delta Company as they traveled down Cumberland Ave. (Middlesboro,Ky.) to the Central Auditorium. One story in particular was that of little Jacob Baker who was 2 years old and was little more than a year old when his father was deployed. All and all it was a very hot Sunday afternoon but it was worth watching the kids running to their returning fathers who had made it back safely to Kentucky. 1st. Battalion Commander, Major John Luttrell attended the homecoming on Sunday also, he will be commanding the rest of the battalion when it is deployed at the end of the month. Major General Storm spoke also at the celebration saying; "These are some of the best soldiers in the inventory of the U.S. military and they are from Southeast Kentucky," they brought hope to those people .""There's hope and opportunity around the world today and those men are part of that." He conveyed thanks for a job well done.