Bring our boys home

Posted: 6/04/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Britain,U.K.,Tony Blair is facing a revolt from wives and mothers of serving soldiers, who want British troops to be withdrawn from Iraq. A national campaign to be launched this week calling for Britain to pull out of Iraq, they claim the war in Iraq was based on lies, and several mothers have said their sons are unhappy because of hostility from ordinary Iraqis and the growing insurgency. Read article,,
Beirut, Lebanon., The daily carnage in Iraq is taking a toll also on Arab reformers, who have become the targets of governments that no longer feel pressure by the United States to change. There has been a setback in the Arab world the momentum is fading, in January the Palestinian Hamas came to power and in Egypt, November and December saw mountains of support for the Muslim Brotherhood.
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  1. The whole thing is making me sick. I am so angry. Please keep writing the truth and fighting the good fight.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks Texas jaye, I will try and thanks for the comment stop by anytime, I also agree with you the whole thing is a big mess, but we are Americans will will get through it,,,,eventually.