Breaking! Leaked document says Ford investing $9.2 billion in Mexico - Autoblog

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Here is a good one Ford wants to get in on the cheap labor down in Mexico, yep 'ole Ford wants a lot more money and the answer is just move down South and pay the workers 45 cents an hour and make out like bandits. According to this leaked document Ford is planning to invest $9.2 million dollars in this shift South. The plan could create 150,000 jobs in Mexico over the next decade and Mark Field made a speech that asked the federal government assistance to upgrade U.S. factories, among other things.
It is really simple just go South of the border and get trucks made for pennies on the dollar and bring'em back here and sell'em to us for $30,000, sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me
and with no resistance from us, I would go as far to say our administration would look them up some boxes to move down there with. Hey that's why my readership has improved on this blog I search around the net for the good stuff.
Breaking! Leaked document says Ford investing $9.2 billion in Mexico - Autoblog


  1. It is a shame that we lose jobs, but we can blame the government for that. With NAFTA and CAFTA and FTAA and other such free trade agreements, it becomes real easy to shift our jobs elsewhere. These agreements only benefit rich corporations and lobbyists and the politicians who vote for it. The only way to get what we want is radical change in the government. We need to get all the incumbents out and come up with a new breed of civil servant. These people are not following the original layout for a good government. It is supposed to a government of the people, by the people and for the people, not a government of selfish inviduals who only look out for number one (themselves). This kind of behavior is why we had the original revolution against the British, and things like the Boston Tea Party. Abraham Lincoln once said, "This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it. If the founding fathers gave us anything they gave us that…"

  1. Floyd says:

    All I can say staticbrain is I agree with you 100%, when I first saw this article I linked it because I have not heard it on the main-stream media yet. I understand the big corperations want to make lots of money, this will only hurt the middle-class workers to which I was one.
    I don't see how they can tout America when they don't support jobs at home? I would say this is something they did not want to reach the public. Thanks for stopping in and commenting on this I would hope a lot of America reads this one.
    I will go on to tell you that down South of the border, companies don't abide by our strenuous environmental laws either. This is another plus for them, but some years ago GM tried this and they could not get it going, there is a lot of training going into building an actual vehicle. It generates a lot of waste, which is treated here such as lead,alkali,acid and phosphates. There is also a certain amount of quality that goes in there and you can't sell anything without quality, well you can, but the customer is not going to buy your product anymore.
    If you get paid a fraction of what your job is worth, what would you care about the quality of the product?

  1. Remember the days when people used to rib you for driving a Toyota or a Suburu because they were "Japanese cars"? Seems like now we'd be best off to buy a Toyota made in West Virginia rather than a Ford made in Mexico City.

    (And what do you all want to bet once Ford outsources all their labor the price of their gas guzzlers won't go down one lick.)

  1. BTW-

    Love the new design, Floyd! Your blog is lookin' great.

  1. Floyd says:

    Thanks Chad it is good to hear from you and I would like one of those West Virginia Toyota's. I just happened across this article and saw it and knew it should be news worthy, the thing of it is Ford asked Congress to help them out on AMERICAN factories, just before this article broke.
    You know down there they can save a ton of money on health care alone, and make a ton when they bring them back to us, but wait the government will earn also for Ford transporting them across the border. I would say it is a win-win situation, for big business and corperate welfare.