Al Qaeda takes a hit

Posted: 6/09/2006 by Floyd in Labels:

Two F-16 fighter jets dropped a couple of 500 ton bombs where one of Al-Queda's most prominant head was located on Wednesday night, Abu Musab Zarquawi was killed in a house along with five others. One of the most wanted men in Iraq with a $25-million reward for information leading to his death or capture, link to; L.A. Times.
This would surely disrupt the militant group for awhile, and it is a good victory for all the troops who were involved. Any disruption is better than none at all but only time will tell if it hurts the insurgency any at all, the picture of this guy "dead" is plastered all over the newspapers and even video's of the actual hit by the bombs. I think the papers should maybe start running "all" pictures of the ongoing war,but then more Americans would be putting up a fuss wanting our troops back home.
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