When do we leave?

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I have been so disgusted by this I have not posted anything in a few days, the congress did basically nothing it is like I keep harping on this there is no clear plan to leave and all I keep hearing is cut and run. Well you know we have been there much to long to hear this and this war has turned in years so this cut and run dog just won't hunt, will it? The congress and the administration seem ablivious to the polls that are coming out with this war dragging on and noone seems to know when we should leave There should be some options after all we elected them (Congress and the Administration).
It should have dawned on them they would eventually have to make some kind of decision, but alas it has eluded their mindset and here we are while they sit around scratching their heads and let us not forget how they remind us almost constantly that polls don't matter well here should be a flash if the majority of Americans want something and all they get is rethric and more inaction, well sooner or later America will have to vote and if America would vote with their hearts and beliefs then Washington would stop taking the polls so lightly, it would be just as well for them to say that your opinion does not matter. They seem far more interested in spying on Americans than really trying to do something to end this conflict. The Democrats also should nail down a plan and get on board just like the repugs. All the Repugs. are doing is following blindly heck we should do the same get a plan and if it don't work just keep following it, it really don't matter if it don't work just keep following it.

Balance is the key

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America needs balance to counter this radical "right" in the upcoming mid-terms, it is simple and it is logical. You and I have seen poll after poll on wanting our troops out of Iraq, and yet the Congress pays little attention to what Americans say unless it is October of 2006 and they are on the verge of losing their jobs, I don't know about you America but I don't want people like this voting on my best interests.
Having said this we come back to a point on "balance" and that we need, to rightly uphold most of our beliefs, whether it be the environment, the wars we are now in, or domestic issues. We don't need a Congress blindly following an ideology that has no plan, they continue to be impervious to what is going on in the minds of the American people or what is going on in Iraq.
The Senate has rejected any withdrawal plans and Harry Reid of Nevada said it best with this statement; "Content with no plan and no end in sight." Now that statement sums it up quite a bit they have no plan yet they don't know when to leave, in other words it is a big beaucratic mess created by this out of tune Congress and I say that with passion, they are basically out of tune with the American public like you and me and a clear majority seeking an end to this nightmare called Iraq and Afghanistan.
We are fighting a war where there is no morals on the battlefields (speaking of the enemy) they can kidnap our soldiers and treat them to ungodless perils, and yet we ourselves abide by all the rules of the game, we need leardership of a clear cut plan to set some guidelines going here to get our military back out of harm's way unless we are going to stay forever?  I'll leave you on an old quote that may fit here; "Can the blind lead the blind? Shall they not both fall into the ditch?" Jesus Christ.

Mitch McConnell goes back the other way?

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I love the way the "right" at times talk about flip-flopping they should know all about this after all they do it more than anyone, take my Senator he once a few days ago was all for amnesty for terrorists but now has changed into a whole new perspective. It is amazing how one can change one's mind so fast and with hardly any thought Mitch did just that I will have to start referring to him as flip-flop Mitch, however Frist seems to have a lock on the title right now.
The two marines who were missing and were found out to be kidnapped by the insurgents have been found killed in Iraq and I might add from the stories coming out it was done in a barbaric way by these insurgents who call themselves militants, I was hoping and praying with every ounce in me that they would be found alive but it did not happen this way. An Uncle of one of the slain soldiers was very upset and said I would imagine how he felt at that time, as soon as the "right" blogosphere heard about this news they were quick to spit out venom toward this slain soldiers family and I will not link to these hate blogs because I believe it is very distasteful and I don't want to give them any more traffic from sane people.
We should be trying to help these soldiers families instead of putting them down, a lot of the families speak good about the war after their son or daughter is killed and you never see them being attacked by the "left", I know that I have never attacked them and I have not read it yet and I do read quite a bit out there, a lot of hate out there is being spread by so-called journalists like Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter among others have just been spreading hate across America and I do believe America is getting sick of it. A lot would fall into the category of Karl Rove who Murtha said so justly put that Rove was sitting on his big fat backside saying "stay the course."
I believe a lot fall into this category saying we should stay the course without any plan in place while our soldiers fight and die in Iraq and Afghanistan.

How Bill O'Reilly Would Run Iraq

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Bill O'Reilly on today's radio factor gave an opinion of how if he were president would run Iraq, Bill says he would run it like Saddam. Put a curfew in place and if they break it just "shoot them between the eyes." Curfew in Ramadi, 7 o'clock at night? You're dead. My hat is off to calling all wing-nuts, blog. Check it out and listen to the audio.
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Company D comes home

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Sunday Company-D rolled back into Southeast, Ky. by bus the 1st. Battalion of the 149th. Infantry. It had been gone around 15 months that included a full year in the Middle East. Many family and well wishers alike filled the streets along the route to show support and the heat was in the 90's here and that's hot. They were greeted by over 1,000 strong , and the 130 returning was overwhelmed by the hometown support they recieved.
The first to speak was Bell County Judge-Executive Bill Kelly, he said he spoke for the entire community and offered thanks to the returning soldiers. He also told a story about one of his young sons who had been praying for the soldiers safe return, his son said at the end of his nightly prayers,"God to bless the soldiers."
Traffic was backed up for miles behind the procession carrying Delta Company as they traveled down Cumberland Ave. (Middlesboro,Ky.) to the Central Auditorium. One story in particular was that of little Jacob Baker who was 2 years old and was little more than a year old when his father was deployed. All and all it was a very hot Sunday afternoon but it was worth watching the kids running to their returning fathers who had made it back safely to Kentucky. 1st. Battalion Commander, Major John Luttrell attended the homecoming on Sunday also, he will be commanding the rest of the battalion when it is deployed at the end of the month. Major General Storm spoke also at the celebration saying; "These are some of the best soldiers in the inventory of the U.S. military and they are from Southeast Kentucky," they brought hope to those people .""There's hope and opportunity around the world today and those men are part of that." He conveyed thanks for a job well done.

What is the solution?

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Good question, what is the solution on the war in Iraq? This was brought up in a debate in Congress and all I could get from it is that Republicans or the majority of them want to maintain course in Iraq and that becomes a very touchy issue with all of us. If we are to maintain a course in Iraq what are the priorities? Waiting for Iraq to establish a government would be a pretty good argument although we may never know when this will be, since Iraq has been involved in a down right close to a civil war among itself for awhile how long should we continue if things don't improve? Another good point of argument is why we are there in the first place? 9/11 as a lot of the "right" claim or maybe WMD as a lot of them used to claim, at any rate we are there and have lost now over 2,500 military personel in the area and a cost to us is well it is growing daily, I believe around $320 billion or so according to the news the other day when Congress came up with another $94.5 billion, so a good question would be how long we can sustain these figures and still take care of us.
House Speaker, J. Dennis Hastert said; This resolution is about more than the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is about a global war to protect American ideals, and the democracy and values on which this great nation was founded. This resolution, Mr. Speaker, like this war itself, is about freedom." So let us just look at this one statement and come to the conclusion that; The United States being in Iraq is a global war? And that this war will protect our ideals and democracy on which our country was founded? What then was our country founded upon, well the number one thing is people migrated here due to religious persecution so is Iraq persecuting our freedom of religion?
The bottom line is we went into Iraq on bad intelligence and now we can't get out and the higher up's have not a clue how to do that.
Last week two of our soldiers were kidnapped in Iraq, just this morning White House Press Secretary Tony Snow criticized the press for spending to much time on the story, yes you heard me right read it for yourself and watch the video this is how much that is cared about our soldiers in field. It is high time that the "right" higher-ups quit hiding behind the smoke-screens and just come out and say what they really feel. And as far as the press goes I don't think they are spending enough time on this story and I know that we Americans are very concerned about our troops and also our prayers go out to them and hope their safe return. And as far as Tony Snow is concerned; You can take the man out of Fox News, but you can't take Fox News out of the man.

AP Wire | 06/17/2006 | UK: stolen drive contained information on students, alumni

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Blog world are you ready for this brace yourself, I already recieved my letter from the V.A. the other day I happened to be one of the 26.5 million when I ran into this. This all happens at about the same time interesting, interesting indeed, I also read last week or so that an insurance company had lost peoples data and now I ran across this.
Who in the heck is supposed to be in charge of our sensitive data that we give out, our S.S.N credit card University information and God knows what else is floating all around this country, but like I said this is all going down a little to fast I mean for years you never hear of anything like this and then all of a sudden it is going on everywhere, kind of makes you want to think don't it?
AP Wire | 06/17/2006 | UK: stolen drive contained information on students, alumni

Came out today on the 18th. June Laptop containing DC employees stolen, contains personal data of about 13,000 employees. So another one gets stolen, kind of makes you want to think don't it?
Here is the link to Stolen Veteran Data, seems like everything is getting stole these days don't it? Just blind bad luck I guess?

GOP wants Amnesty for Terroroists

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. "...might it not just be as useful an exercise to
be trying to pass a resolution commending the Iraqi government for the
position that they've taken today with regard to this discussion of
Amnesty?" - Sen. Mitch McConnell

A little excerpt from Kentucky's Mitch McConnell among others who want to give the insurgency amnesty, like I have always thought about the whole issue of the GOP taunting how they are hard on terrorists, nothing but a sham. These are people who shot and killed 2,500 and climbing of our military this is absolute idiocy at it's finest hour, I hope America don't remain in the dark and see this as what it is talk about sticking a knife in the back of our military, they should be proud.
I think if I hear the GOP mention flip-flop again I might have to barf.
Link to; Huffington Post.
"Another lessson is, is that we must defeat the enemy overseas so we don't
have to face them here again. And that requires a strategy that is
offensive in mind: press the enemy, find the enemy, bring the enemy to
justice, never relent, never give them quarter, understand you cannot
negotiate with these people. You can't rationalize with these people, that
you must stay on the hunt and bring them to justice. This is precisely
what we're doing."
Link to; White House dot gov.

Page Flakes

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Set up your content all in one place with page flakes, news content, photos or add feed yourself has a drag and drop feature also to organize your content. Check it out and see how you like it at this link; Page Flakes


Here is a good one Ford wants to get in on the cheap labor down in Mexico, yep 'ole Ford wants a lot more money and the answer is just move down South and pay the workers 45 cents an hour and make out like bandits. According to this leaked document Ford is planning to invest $9.2 million dollars in this shift South. The plan could create 150,000 jobs in Mexico over the next decade and Mark Field made a speech that asked the federal government assistance to upgrade U.S. factories, among other things.
It is really simple just go South of the border and get trucks made for pennies on the dollar and bring'em back here and sell'em to us for $30,000, sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me
and with no resistance from us, I would go as far to say our administration would look them up some boxes to move down there with. Hey that's why my readership has improved on this blog I search around the net for the good stuff.
Breaking! Leaked document says Ford investing $9.2 billion in Mexico - Autoblog

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Dear Net Neutrality supporter,

Today we're delivering a million petitions and letters to Capitol Hill at a press event with Senators Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota) and spokespeople from our coalition. We'll be speaking in support of the Senators' "Internet Freedom Preservation Act" -- which needs to pass in the Senate for enforceable Net Neutrality language to become law.

The million-letter milestone is remarkable but our work is far from over. Thousands of Americans have stepped forward to defend Internet freedom, and yet Congress may still cave to corporate lobbyist pressure to re-write laws that hand over control of the Internet to the likes of AT&T, Verizon and Comcast.

Link to; Save The Internet

My opinion is that Congress will cave to big business who want to control the internet, the last frontier of freedom. The big lobbyists will not be happy until they control the net and decide what you and I should or should not view. If we pay the big bucks our pages will load faster what it all boils down to is the consumer taking a hit from big business, Congress don't care about a million signatures but if those million vote then they will care big time.

Americans sooner or later will have to take a stand on this and this November is a good a time as any if we vote and show Congress we will not bow to the lobbyists, then they will heed and the power will be in the hands of the citizens not a bunch of lobbyists out to make a quick buck off of us Americans.

What the House and Senate thinks of themselves?

What the House Ethics Committee and aides are up to?

What Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt is up to?

Price is no object as long as it's the tax payer is footing the bill.

This one is a classic but I am not shocked in the least.

Just a few links I put together for you guys to keep you reading, remember,,VOTE.

What is going on with the Kansas GOP?

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This is an article in the L.A. Times about the Republican Party in Kansas and a division between the Christian right and the more moderates, it is a story about Mark Parkinson who got his start as a Republican when he was 19, two weeks ago, Parkinson announced he was running for lieutenant governor as a Democrat, and he no longer felt welcome in the increasingly conservative Kansas Republican Party. Parkinson was the third Republican politician in the last nine months to startle the red state by switching parties.
It is thought that this fracture in Kansas might play out elsewhere, according to Alan Ciglar, "It's the Christian right versus the business interests of the Republican party. A lot of conservatives feel left out on the abortion issue, the gay marriage issue and others that really don't belong in the political arena and having said this we can look at two kinds of conservatives the far right and the middle, I would not call myself anti-conservative but as we look at everything going on we could clearly see that we need to take a hard look at the road we are traveling.
The very war we are engaged in today was waged maintaining Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction and on that information we went to war, we had no exit strategy in place for us to leave unless we planned to stay forever. The far right sticks by the war and it would seem to me that these citizens should be asking the most questions since they support this endeavor so strongly, the far right should be asking why are our sons and daughters being put in harms way, you know for the U.S. to be liberators in a country they sure are staunchly standing by their guns (the Iraqis).
I am getting to far off base, anyway the conservatives for the most part don't want associated with the Topeka Kansas Church allow me to refresh your memory, the Church who protest the funerals of dead soldiers, namely the Topeka First Baptist Church,(correction; Westboro Baptist Church, is the one who protest funerals) it is hard for the far right to admit it but these kind of people are in their group and the likes of Ann Coulter yes "ole Ann" she is a known conservative and these citizens of Kansas are seeing the right in all its glory. I would say it goes farther than Kansas.
A licensened pastor through the Topeka Kansas Baptist Church a Mr. Michael Raymond Ross has been arrested for child molestation in Waterloo Iowa, bond has been set at $9,750. I would like to see a coming out party on conservatives who are fed up with the far right agenda and I know there are a lot of you moderates out there who don't agree with the way we are going and not only in Kansas but around the United States. Maybe citizens are tired of being kept in the dark in a free society?

Domestic Spying Program Comes Under Legal Scrutiny - Los Angeles Times

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Using an old ruling to spy on us that namely being U.S. vs. Reynolds case of 53 years ago, that basically states that if there is a reasonable danger that information concerning military matters, or the interest in national security, should not be divulged. The NSA secret spying program faces court today in Detroit Michigan, on May 26th. Justice Department attorneys, led by Andrew H. Tannenbaum, filed a motion urging Taylor,(this is the judge hearing the case) to not even consider the plaintiffs' motion.
I don't believe any of us would want to endanger the security of the public at large or any of our troops, there are procedures put in place and channels to go through and that is what makes us different than a dictatorship. We have checks and balances and that makes us a democracy, the news lap dogs have done poll after poll until it has become monotonous, over half of us agree, but again the polls could be skewed in their favor.
The second point would be millions and millions of pieces of data, kind of like looking for a needle in a haystack, this would be a massive undertaking to say the least, how many people would you need to mine this data? Let us think about this for a minute in depth, let us say that you answer to none and you are running for office or someone you know is seeking an office, what would actually stop you from getting someone to mine data on the opposition?
Everyone wants to protect their country and their troops I am only saying that this can be done through channels of government hence the FISA, which was created for such things. I do not think it is un-American to be concerned of our rights as citizens of this country, I think it would be un-American not to.
Domestic Spying Program Comes Under Legal Scrutiny - Los Angeles Times
Link; Inside this blog
Has it helped? Link to N.Y. Times January of 2006

Armor Causes Humvees to Roll Over

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Thousands of pounds of armor added to military Humvees, intended to protect U.S. troops, have made the vehicles more likely to roll over. Link to; Crescent News.
This is the conclusion reached by former Delphi Corp. vehicle dynamics expert. Much of the armor installed on the M1114 has been built north of Cincinnati, an analysis of the Army's ground accident database revealed, from March 2003/November 2005 that 60 of the 85 soldiers who died in Humvee accidents were killed when the vehicle rolled over, about 70% of them. Link also to; Seattle Post.
Thousands of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan might be risking permanent brain damage by returning to combat with minor but undiagnosed concussions, often caused by bomb blasts, military researchers say. Link to; Indinapolis Star. In other words what this article is talking about is a lot of our soldiers are not being diagnosed correctly, blasts such as road-side-bombs or close explosions can cause brain injury a signature of this war.
I was running around the blogosphere and found some people blogging about this they took the first story about the Humvees's and tried to turn it into the body armor story, you never here about anymore, and the troops complaining about it being heavy. Well what about this Dragon Skin armor it seems flexible? Link to; Military. You see what happens is the contract goes to the lowest bidder is what happens.

Kicking around the little guy

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This morning, our House of Representatives dealt a serious blow to Internet
freedom by passing a telecom bill stripped of protections for net
In other words big business won out on the issue,
network neutrality, AT&T, Verizon and others will be free to slow
down or block emails and Web sites they don't like -- effectively
silencing the voices of their critics and of people who don't share
their politics.
Which proves a point actually and that would be, "money is power." Remember this when you vote in November this was an issue that Democrats as well as Republicans could relate to and that is to leave the internet as it is, this is a way AT&T and other big boys in communication has to ripping us off and going through our so called represenatives to do it with all their lobby money. But until America gets educated on this kind of things and goes and votes these losers out of Washington, this is what we will face every time it is between the little guy and big business.
Link to; Save The Internet

(I would also hope those 780,000 plus signatures vote in November)

Al Qaeda takes a hit

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Two F-16 fighter jets dropped a couple of 500 ton bombs where one of Al-Queda's most prominant head was located on Wednesday night, Abu Musab Zarquawi was killed in a house along with five others. One of the most wanted men in Iraq with a $25-million reward for information leading to his death or capture, link to; L.A. Times.
This would surely disrupt the militant group for awhile, and it is a good victory for all the troops who were involved. Any disruption is better than none at all but only time will tell if it hurts the insurgency any at all, the picture of this guy "dead" is plastered all over the newspapers and even video's of the actual hit by the bombs. I think the papers should maybe start running "all" pictures of the ongoing war,but then more Americans would be putting up a fuss wanting our troops back home.
See also, global research

Not "right" just stupid

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I was not going to write anything about this because in my opinion it is idiocy at the height of glory, Ann Coulter a conservative author and commentator or at least that is what has been said of her wrote in her latest fiction adventure that some widows of the 9/11 disaster were seeking fame and gloating in the lime-light of their husbands death. Well June 7,2006 it has come out in Reuters that now she has added by saying they are "witches," Ann is like an albatross around the neck of the GOP and now for the first time since I started this blog I will link you to Fox News and yes it is that bad. The title of her book is "Godless: The Church of Liberalism" she knows not even the meaning of the word Liberal, this is an idiot but people still buy her book it is number 4 on the best seller list has America become bewitched by the witch? But fiction is popular in greater America so my rationale is maybe a lot people bought it for laughs or they like the way "gutter sluts" talk, it has to be one of the two because it could not have been bought by her ability as an author. In her book Coulter said, "I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much." The wives of the 9/11 victims have not commented to much on the issue, but one of them, Lorie Van Auken said, "Having my husband burn alive in a building brought me no joy." Another widow Kristen Breitweiser said, "She sounds like a very disturbed, unraveled person." But I am yet pondering a question of why is the average American buying the kind of trash Ann Coulter is writing out there? Here is a link in "her" own words this little tid-bit, she said that most journalists are so stupid, this article also says there are published lies about her, and in affect provoking liberals to lie about her. Link to; Keep Media.
We don't have to lie about you Ann, we need only to read your book if we can hold our stomachs long enough to get through it, it is like a rag-mag with a hard cover.
Link; Within this blog. It all boils down to money, if Ms. Coulter creates enough waves then more people will buy her trash books and therefore she makes more money and if you break it down it becomes simple and easy to discern. On 9/11 this country went through a terrible time ever known in our history and nightly we would watch glued to our televisions and seeing the heartbreak in the survivor's eyes, it was a shock we will never forget and now to have this kind of hypocrisy to come out attacking even the victims wives, who are in affect victims themselves, all in the name of the almighty dollar is sickening.

The immigration issue/What we are not hearing

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In Radcliff KY, two brothers have been indicted by a federal grand jury Link to; Lexington Herald-Leader
the indictment claims that the two brothers hired illegal Chinese and Mexican immigrants for financial gain and commercial advantage and employed them at the Golden China Buffet in Radcliff.
This is the business side of the illegal immigrant being used by the employer and is happening around America and is a nationwide problem, restaurant owners obtain housing for the immigrants in return for working for the employer and basically is slave labor. I blog about this because I have not read articles about the employer actually being indicted for this crime when it is happening in every American city, and yes the little ones to even in the little cities like Radcliff and London, KY. So it has to be nation-wide.
But I don't here the immigration hurrah talking about it, they are not dumb they know this is a problem but do nothing to bring it to light and to tell you the truth I am very surprised to read it in the Herald. The immigrants that are in this situation are totally dependent upon their benefactors who are the restaurant owners themselves, to touch on it further the employer generally owns some other housing and they take rent out of their pay food etc. It is worse than the old days around here when the miner mined coal and the company owned their housing, and the store.
The coal company would issue script to the miners and they would shop at the company store and at the end of the week their pay would be deducted for the food and other necessities, these stores had everything from washing machines to food, guns, clothes etc. The miners were more or less owned by the company.
Same thing is happening today but to a different immigrant, the most part of which is Mexican, but others are exploited also the Chinese, and Filipino among others can you only imagine this print coming from an descendent of an immigrant only from a different shore and how can we know such things on an average scale but the political system is blind to it?

Supreme Court to take cases of race in schools

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,,,The Supreme Court has agreed Monday to take up two cases that could spell the end of official efforts to integrate the nation's public schools. The justices said they would hear appeals from parents in Seattle and Louisville, KY.,who say it is unconstitutional for officials to consider race when deciding which school a student will attend. Link to; L.A. Times..
Well America this could be it? Sandra O'Connor has retired and we are left with the extreme "right" who could destroy years of work. Sandra's replacement is "ole Alito" and we never know if the hand picked Bush judge will be a judge or an ideologue I guess time will tell.
Link to; Brown vs. Board of Education
Link to; National Organization for Women (how the leader feels)
In 2003 the Supreme Court dealt conservatives a defeat in a University of Michigan law case,it was a 5/4 decision. The decision was written by justice Sandra Day O'Conner. As far to the right as this court is it would be very hard to guess at what will come of this, I will guess that America won't like the decision but remember I am only guessing.

The Environment

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Oakland, MD.--Dan Boone, I have read a lot of ole "Daniel Boone of Kentucky" but I thought I would link to the New York Times article concerning wind power and Dan Boone creating quite a stir, his argument of the big turbines that are wind powered are good, and his main complaint is that they kill birds, and has been proven of killing many bats in West Virginia. His other beef is that they cut down on the scenic beauty of the mountains, and this would be true also, but we do need alternative sources of energy, on the hills of Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia 15 new projects have been proposed.
750/1,000 turbines would on average produce enough electric to power up 600 homes, it sounds like not that many but it is a start. But I agree with Dan it is ugly and if it does kill wildlife like he says, they need to take a look at that, but it will be hard for him to get anywhere on the matter that is if the EPA is involved.
Now still on the subject of the environment not long ago a big coal conglomerate called Gatliff Coal Company bought a sizeable piece of land from the descendants of Guthrie, now he was a man that back in the late 1920's to maybe the 1930's acquired this land for deep mining coal and did so for penny's on the dollar. We are talking a half million acres or more, anyway the coal company started by clear cutting all the timber to bare and then came the digger's everywhere drilling for gas, and in the meantime they Gatliff cut the timber and got on a lot of individuals land including mine. A class action law-suit was filed but I have not seen one red cent, while I am rambling on over this is simply put the big companies are hard very hard to fight in court, you have to get all your land surveyed the iron steak that has been there 100 or more years won't do so you are out five or six grand at the least to do a fifty acre tract. I have contacted everyone from the EPA to my congressman Hal Rogers and have gotten nowhere so that is where the average citizen is left in this country, Gatliff cut off my land about 6/10 acres of prime oak and hickory and we are talking thousands of dollars here.
What I think of the EPA is that they are just a bunch of morons filling a position because from my end they have done absolutely nothing, but the sad part is that they are getting paid.
The reason behind me contacting the EPA is because a creek that run's through my property was polluted by the logging yes polluted, I even contacted the district office for this located in Chattanooga, TN. But I got nothing from them not even an agent to come out to look at the problem so they (the EPA) are nothing but earning money for nothing.

And now a voice from "the right" Gosh Ann I love you

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Iraq out of control

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Baghdad Iraq,,Masked gunmen stopped two minivans carrying students north of Baghdad Sunday, the gunmen seperated the Shiites from the Sunni Arab students. They killed the 21 Shiites "in the name of Islam" a witness stated. In a Shiite stronghold in southern Basra, police hunting for militants stormed a Sunni Arab mosque early Sunday, just hours after a car bombing the fire fight killed nine.  And with this going on you here in the media of Iraq's government taking over? How can you kill in the name of religion? Does God want us to kill people? Iraq to me is in a civil war Sunni and Shiites, this thing is worse not better, every day I see more carnage coming out of Iraq and for our government to put out in the news things are improving is just more lies on their part, which more or less put us there in the first place now it is one big mess with no way out. Link to; Netscape News.
Here is a good article on the Iraq government, the government failed to reach an agreement on the two most important cabient posts today and this will further delay the formation of a new govern-
ment.  Iraq has a deeply devided religious and ethnic groups. Link to; New York Times.
There is also a related story on a marine who was sent to clean up the bodies back in November,
he was arrested and charged for felony auto theft,hit-and-run and drunken driving. The mother of Lance Cpl. Roel Ryan Briones said he was under a great deal of stress. Link to; Crescent News.

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Bring our boys home

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Britain,U.K.,Tony Blair is facing a revolt from wives and mothers of serving soldiers, who want British troops to be withdrawn from Iraq. A national campaign to be launched this week calling for Britain to pull out of Iraq, they claim the war in Iraq was based on lies, and several mothers have said their sons are unhappy because of hostility from ordinary Iraqis and the growing insurgency. Read article,,
Beirut, Lebanon., The daily carnage in Iraq is taking a toll also on Arab reformers, who have become the targets of governments that no longer feel pressure by the United States to change. There has been a setback in the Arab world the momentum is fading, in January the Palestinian Hamas came to power and in Egypt, November and December saw mountains of support for the Muslim Brotherhood.
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More Iraq Civilian Deaths

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More Iraqi civilian deaths have come out in the news today, I am in no way condoning this however this is war, war is not a civil thing but to the contrary war is hell. Bad things happen in war we must not forget that and also the military elite needs to be better in the loop of what's going on over there, they will probably punish the ones who are guilty of this but a deeper probe needs to seek out the ones who are in shall we say in charge of operations within the area. When it came out about what happened in Haditha it seems it is escalating, but again this is war and bad things will happen now let us think for a moment we went there for?? WMD and none were found, Saddam was a brutal tyrant and that we can not deny but the cost has been great on the Iraqis and on us. The U.S. Commanders have ordered ethics training for our troops and that could help somewhat but the guys and ladies over there are under tremendous distress and it would take it's toll on any of us, we ourselves could have snapped under these circumstances I feel for these civilians and also for the troops all being under pressure in a powder keg. It is a bad situtation for all involved here, it is hard to understand war if we have not been in one, really the bottom line is this we should not have been there in the first place. Many out there feel different in their feelings about the war and I myself can not uphold murder but war is not pretty and war is not always fair, in other wars our military was cycled back and forth but in this conflict these military personnel are there on and on with hardly a break at all instead of one or two tours of duty it is tour after tour and so on and so forth, this will take it's toll on anyone. Also I have saw on the net bloggers putting up the deaths per 100,000 and that's all good and dandy comparing the death rate to Washington D.C or Detroit, hmm, I would ask these people would they like maybe to go to Baghdad for vacation?
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Governor Flecther gets ignored a second time

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Governor Flecther has asked for the resignation of the liutenant Governor Steve Pence,however Pence has no plans of leaving and has not endorsed the Governor for re-election next year however Pence will not be his running mate. The last one not to heed Flecther was Darrell Brock,Kentucky Republican Party chairman,party leaders did not act on that request and Brock still has his job. Read more..
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Coal Severance Tax

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Excerpts from a commentary by; Senator Ray Jones of District-31
This tax was created in the legislature,and it's important to remember that the General Assembly can change the way funds are distributed if it so chooses. But that never stopped Governors from trying to impose their will on the system,as evidenced recently by Governor Ernie Flecther's inapproiate vetoes of coal severance projects across the state.
The tax was first enacted by the legislature in 1972,and all of the funds five percent levied on every ton of coal mined in Kentucky went into the states General Fund to be used for projects statewide. In those days,Governors exerted far more influence over the General Assembly than they do today.
The statewide distribution of the tax made the citizens of coal-mining counties in Eastern and Western Kentucky scratch their heads. After all,coal severance revenue is literally earned on the backs of local miners. Furthermore,it's local people who pay the price of living with the coal industry,for example the toll it takes on the environment or the roads. We all realize how dangerous the mining industry is.
In 1992,under the leadership of former Governor Brereton Jones and Lieutenant Governor Paul Patton,20 years after the tax was first enacted,the General Assembly passed a law that required Frankfurt to gradually increase the amount of coal severance tax revenues it sends back to coal counties. By 1996 the law called for 50%,which seems fair.
However it wasn't until 2004 that we sort of reached that 50%. But that happened despite Governor Flecther,who has repeatedly tried to raid the 50% in local funds and transfer a larger portion to the state's General Fund for state wide needs.
Now Governor Flecther has found a new way to keep Frankfurt in control of local coal severance tax funds. He vetoed the local coal severance projects local legislators wrote into the budget.
Now instead of working with local legislators,county judge-executives will have to apply to some Frankfurt bureaucrat for coal severance dollars. City officials will have to go to County officials,who will then go to Frankfurt bureaucrats---cities have two hoops to jump through. That's a particularly silly requirement in Pikeville,where there are two active coal mines within the city limits.
I don't know what kind of yardstick these Frankfurt bureaucrats will use to measure the importance of projects,although administration officials have indicated a focus on economic development projects. Why,then,did the Governor veto several significant economic projects the legislature put into the budget for Pike,including $1 million for the Marion Branch Industrial Park and $1.5 million for a research and development institute at Pikeville Medical Center?
Futhermore,I am quite concerned about how fair the Governor will be in the distribution of coal severance funds. Flecther left in the budget $3.4 million in projects funded with coal severance dollars for Butler County,a county that produced no coal last year,but one that is represented by Flecther's fellow Republicans in both the House and Senate.
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It's simple: coal counties pay the price of living with mining,coal counties should benefit from coal mining taxes. That's local citizen's who should benefit,not Governor Flecther's re-election campaign.